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    Ok thank u guys
  2. bigdaddy1975


    Is signblaze free to down load
  3. bigdaddy1975


    <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="joker" data-cid="306868" data-time="1365717282"><p> You dont cut from inkscape. Inkscape is a design program that is free. You will need to download and install Signblazer or something else</p></blockquote>
  4. bigdaddy1975


    hey guys i just downloaded inkscape. how do i install my cutter to cut from inkscape. thank you
  5. bigdaddy1975

    US Cutter Gets it Right FedEx Gets it Wrong

    did you put the cutter together yet
  6. bigdaddy1975

    need some help

  7. bigdaddy1975

    need some help

    for instance if i do two colors how would you bid it
  8. bigdaddy1975

    need some help

    is that your formula....
  9. bigdaddy1975

    need some help

    what ya waiting on whip that sucker out and start cutting....
  10. bigdaddy1975

    need some help

    i am new to the vinyl cutting world. i have a guy lookig for a quote on some stickers. any ideas 1. 6 inches high by 62 inches long 2. 4 inches x 24 3. 6 inches x 62 4. 4 inches x 24 5. 6inches x 40 6. 3inches x 36 one color. possibly two color maybe a yellow with white outline.... thanks guys
  11. bigdaddy1975

    sign cutting program

    hello there everyone i am interested in getting the us cutter TC series vinyl cutter... does anyone know if the sign cutting program SIGNGO works with it. according to another company that sells the same machine signgo works with it. also does anyone use there machine to cut the heat transfer vinyl. if so, how well does it work. i am looking for an alternitive to screen printing.... thanks big daddy xtremegraphix951
  12. bigdaddy1975

    TC 31" Cutter

    Let me know how u like the TC cutter when u get it. I am thinking about getting one
  13. bigdaddy1975

    US cutter TC SERIES

    i was wondering if anybody has the TC SERIES 31". If so how do the like it. i am looking at the SC SERIES and the TC SERIES. i currently have a 24" cutter from Master signs (DESAY GRAFICS) it's a master 24" XY 300P. Its loud and doesn't track well at times. I bought it cause it was cheap and wanted to make some decals here and there and for couple of race cars that myself and some friends have. now i am starting to get some business lots of race car sponsorship logos and numbers. i need a little bigger machine. any advise will help. thank you guys. marc