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    Late night work sessions?

    up til 1am the last few nights screen printing transfers the pressing tshirts, then at work at 7am burning the candle at both ends until this thing takes off

    need help!!!.

    thanks for the replies im going to give it another try... i hate asking for help " pride issue" i really do need to fix this myself , give a man a fish or "teach a man to fish"

    need help!!!.

    Well guys and gals , im one of the guys on here who see people posting they need help with a image and think" man cant they ever try to do it themselves !!! " well just goes to show you to stay humble i have a image i just cant clean up and any help would be great!!! im not real great with graphics but i have been getting by but now i need the skills of a ninja lol

    Latest Order & A Question

    I have over 150,000 images of clip art a bought as a package form a guy... so if you guys figure a good way to file them please let me know lol
  5. thanks for the advice , as far as the margins the customer called in the sign measurements and gave me the dim. i know i know big mistake ? lol i have learned my lesson and will always take in account there may be a boarder... just like a carpenter measure twice cut once ... i did this for a friend of mine who is a pastor i had him just buy the vinyl and i donated my time. but wanted to be able to quote one for next time thanks so much for the replys
  6. i just finished up doing 4 signs for a customer and was wanting to know what was a decent price for these .. the top ones is 6'x6x and the bottom ones are 4'x8' they are front and back and they pulled the signs down so i did them on the ground not in the air. im in the midwest if that makes a difference in pricing. and all the artwork and scaling was provided thanks in advance. here is a before and after **the top one is the after side note: these are my first signs

    SC Cutter stopping to soon?

    pressure should only be about 19-20 , your speed is fine for what you're cutting right now, but will change on the size of projects you cut

    SC Cutter 34"

    this is a great machine, there are a lot nicer machine out there, but for just starting out thats what i used also.. but as always purchase what you can afford at the time, if you can afford to buy better then do so .. i use my sc801 for tshirts decals and just finished a jumbo 4'x8' sign as well with no complaints, however i have just purchased a copam used and it works wonders and is a lot more quieter than the sc801.. good luck hope this helps, and by the way just as a note: buy oracal vinyl rather than green star! the only thing i use green star on is short usage signs and i use the white for window decals .. as for tshirts sisser easyweed is the best money can buy.. dont be tempted to buy cheap heat transfer vinyl you will regret it... good luck and welcome to the world on vinyl this forum is your best source for and problems you may encounter , the people here are very helpful

    Couple 3 layers for my bike.

    how hard is it to apply layered decals, seen some where some one said its best to layer as you install, im asking because i have to do one this week and would like to layer it before i install

    Today wasn't good day for my family.

    Praying for you and your parents!!! i teach a Bible study home group tonight and we will be lifting up your family before the mighty God this evening

    Teeny Tiny!

    and slow the machine way down

    32 foot trailer stripes!!

    very nice work

    2 color decals

    i was charging $10 for 2 color decals of just names 3.5" x 11" and that was to my friends

    Greenstar Intermediate- Which blue??

    i would go with the sapphire myself, i just got my color chart and while you're at it , you might want to spend a little and get the oracal color chat , its well worth the money leaves all the guess work out , im doing my first fleet job and was able to show the customer the vinyl sample and let them decide ... hope this helps
  15. just had the same problem with a sc cutter there is a swith on the bcak of the machine on both ends and a metal tab on the cutter head that hits the switch to tell it that its at the end, the tab maybe bent just look at the back of your cutter