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  1. It is not the cutter that needs registered. It is the cutting software that needs registered and activated. Did your friend say it was Vinyl Master software that came with it? And what computer operating system are you installing it to? Vinyl Master is only for Windows, just incase you have a Mac. (As asked above) which cutter brand/model?
  2. No discrepancy. The $982 is for CUT V1-V4, to XPT. V5. Choose XPT V1-V4 to XPT 5. (far right). You are paying for almost all of XPT 5, upgrading from bare bones CUT for $982. Each version has a different price for upgrade. Click on the versions, they are each different. Page default is on CUT.
  3. What I saw was under PRICING. For XPT V1-V-4, TO XPT 5 Upgrade Was $497.50.. That is not full price for XPT. V5 ($995.00). Then you must put your PSN number in to get the discount. I didn't have any problem finding this info on their website right away. You can Google for the website very easily.
  4. Pricing info is available on VinylMaster website. including upgrades.

    cutting down a roll of vinyl already cuts and sells striping to 9" w x 50 yards long. (Any width). In calendered, cast, others. Smart500 is General Formulations, Same as Shrinerite and other house brands. They also have Avery Cast. or Smart1000 cast made by General Formulations. Would be very hard to get a clean cut at home. I have used for many years. Out of Chicago area. $46. plus shipping for 9" W x 50 yds. Calendered, Avery cast comes masked or non masked. Of course higher priced, for cast.
  6. Best bet, contact Graphtec tech support. Most folks here are Windows users. I know a Mac user, but he is on a Summa vinyl cutter. Only a handful answer questions. Don't know of anyone on Cutting Master 5.Or illustrator 2023. A lot of us are on old systems. No need to upgrade. I am still on Windows XP, with my Graphtec. Others are also or Windows 7. Some people still use Signblazer software, (for Windows) which has not been updated in several years. Many users are on value cutters, not Graphtecs. There is a handful of Graphtec users that answer questions. (With Windows). I know of 1 Mac user on a CE6000. Your software is too new for this crowd. Plus being a Mac.


    The forum changes over the years, links quit working. Why not introduce yourself and mention what you are looking for. You have which vinyl cutter, on which operating system, connected how? What are you looking for?

    14" MH-365 Cutter

    We always suggest not using the USB, as it has a cheap Chinese chipset, Not TRUE USB like higher end cutters. We suggest using the (Tripp-lite Keyspan adapter)that is the brand name and null modem cable with the MH vinyl cutters, Much better data flow and connection. The MH cutter, is about the most inexpensive vinyl cutter out there. We also suggest new buyers purchase at least the SC2, Much better vinyl cutter. More memory, less static problems, better tracking, better connection.

    Changing layout cut sequence

    I removed my reply

    MH365 plots a wonky path

    I had to look up what Ubuntu 20 is. I don't know of anyone using it here. There is only just a couple handfuls of people that answer questions. Most all of us members who have been on here for years, use design and cutting softwares compatible for our vinyl cutters. And most use Windows operating system.. I don't know of anyone using INK CUT. If this cutter was bought from US cutter, then it is only for Windows,(says that on the ad.) and cutting software came with it , for windows. Some people do get it to run on a Mac sometimes, but with Bootcamp and similar for a Mac. Your cutter is not a printer and does not set up like a printer. Nor is it plug and play. . It is a vinyl cutter/plotter. You must download the FTDI driver, run and install it. Then windows will assign it a com port. 1-4, Then you go into your cutting software set up ,choose your vinyl cutter , and choose the same com port number. They must match. Pretty easy, Most value cutters all set up the same way. What is the reason for using Ubuntu 20 and Inkcut. ? These are the only threads over many years that UBUNTU is ever mentioned and that was many years ago, maybe something there can help. 20

    Driver needed for the Graphtec CE6000-60

    Did you ever check to see if you had Graphtec Pro Studio? (It is made by Flexi Software) That would be the software to go with. No need to buy more cables. Graphtec Pro Studio already works on Windows 11.Plus it has updates to it. It is an over $1000 design and cutting software. You could just export your SB files as an .eps and import into Graphtec Pro Studio and cut. I just use bare bones Flexi Starter from 2010, to cut with on my Graphtecs , and have a higher Flexi product to design with. I also Have Graphtec Pro Studio that I can design with.

    Driver needed for the Graphtec CE6000-60

    The Windows 10 computer, could be used with a Tripp-lite Keyspan Adapter, with a null modem cable to your cutter. It must be null modem. I think that is 25 pin RS232C. That is what my Graphtecs are. The USB end of Tripp-lite goes into your USB on computer, Then the null modem cable connects to the Tripp-lite Keyspan Adapter, then to your vinyl cutter. The Tripp-lite has it's own driver to install and shows up in the cutter set up. Tripp-lite Keyspan Adapter is the brand name, and only one that is guaranteed to work with a vinyl cutter. It has to be between com # 1-4 Example below. Find the best price.

    Driver needed for the Graphtec CE6000-60

    I have no problem being on the internet with Windows XP or Windows 7, And that support stopped years ago. I still cut with an XP laptop on my Graphtec FC7000-75. No problems. XP is still very stable, which is why many of us stay back on XP. So stay on the Windows 8, if it s working for you.

    Driver needed for the Graphtec CE6000-60

    I have the same version of Signblazer 6.0 installed on a Windows 7 laptop and Windows 10. USB output on set up is only showing up in the software on Windows 7. Not on Windows 10.
  15. Well, try it. Isn't .eps on the drop down list? The only place that you can use those v.doc files is Vinyl Master. .Eps files can be used in a lot of different cutting soft wares. You shouldn't limit your files to one file format. If you needed to post a file, or try a v.doc on other software, you won't be able to do it. There, a lot of of us, that do not have Vinyl Master software, and we couldn't help you with it. But most of us can import .eps files with our different cutting soft wares.
  16. Does your vinylmaster software, have file>export .eps? Eps files can be used in many more soft wares.

    Driver needed for the Graphtec CE6000-60

    Did you download the Graphtec Driver from Graphtec website first? Restart your computer? Didn't your Graphtec come with Graphtec Pro Studio? Which is a version of FlexiSignPro Over a $1000 software, which is more updated than Signblazer will be. I don't use Signblazer. I use Flexi software with my Graphtecs. A lot of the members who upgraded to a Graphtec, stated they used Graphtec 50 or Copam for their cutter set up.

    Driver needed for the Graphtec CE6000-60

    I think some were using the Graphtec 50 or the Copam driver for their cutter set up. Cutter must be on command HP-GL language.

    A New Venture

    Yes, getting the blade depth and force correct is the most important thing to do first. it makes a world of difference for great, no problem cutting.

    Change contour color

    what I saw on a youtube video, was after opening the contour cutting page, (the page that comes up ) Lower right of page. has a place to uncheck and change the contour cut color. This video was for XPT.

    A New Venture

    Yes, lower the pressure, but keep in mind, if the blade depth is set correctly, no matter how much pressure you use, it should never cut thru the vinyl wax paper backing.. it is not possible, when the blade exposed is less than 2-3 mil. (the thickness of the vinyl) That only means you have too much blade exposed out the blade holder. That blade should be so far in the blade holder, that you think it would not even cut at all. Then you use the force to cut with. Get some good Oracal vinyl.

    A New Venture

    Feeling the blade is not how you set it. You cannot accurately feel 2-3 mil thickness. You take the blade holder out of the machine and firmly run the blade across the scrap vinyl you will be cutting, The blade extended should just barely make a mark in the wax paper backing, If correct, the blade will not cut thru. The blade holder should be down to the vinyl. Just enough gap between blade holder and vinyl so as not to rub on the vinyl.. Then you use the force to cut with. There are no set in stone settings for vinyl cutters. You must fine tune each cutter, as they are all different. Even the same model. Value cutters will take longer to fine tune.

    A New Venture

    If you are cutting thru the wax paper backing then you have too much blade extended out of the blade holder. If the cutter was not cutting thru on the test cuts, then add more force. The correct combo is less blade more force. If the blade is set correctly, it is not possible to cut thru the wax paper backing. No matter how much force you use.

    A New Venture

    Welcome from Indiana. First thing you need to get right first is the blade depth. It is very important. Ignore anything you may read about using a credit card or post it notes. They are wrong and too much bladed exposed out of the blade holder. Also, start cutting slow until you learn your cutter. To start with, you should set your blade depth correctly, by taking the blade holder out of the machine, and firmly cut across a piece of scrap vinyl, you will be cutting. You should only be cutting the vinyl and barely a mark on wax paper backing, Adjust blade to get there, Then put the blade holder back in machine, and use the force of the machine to get there, same results, only cutting the vinyl and barely a mark in wax paper backing. You should barely see and feel the blade tip out of the blade holder. Regular sign vinyl is only 2-3 mil thick. You only cut with the very tip of the blade. When you think the blade is so far in the blade holder, that you think it would not even cut, that is probably correct.
  25. Vinyl lifting is not force, it is too much blade exposed out of the blade holder. We really mean it, when we say, the blade should be so far in the blade holder that you think it would not cut at all. Then you use force. Best to cut slow until you learn your cutter.