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  1. Finally got around to playing with the software. When you type out the text., the box that appears around the text is not the size of the test. It extends above and below. I'm assuming below for lower case letters and above for super script or some sort of punctuation maybe. As far as I know, the only way to get the true size is to convert the text to curves then resize it.
  2. Webpage says it's a Roland compatible blade.
  3. darcshadow

    Plotter problem

    Static would be my guess as well. And to be clear you need to ground the vinyl. Most people accomplish this by grounding the stand. USCutter also sells a grounding kit that basically draps a metal chain across the vinyl to dissipate static.
  4. How are you setting the font size? There is a setting for font height, but that doesn't mean the true height will be what you set. I forget exactly how it works, but it's a little weird. Check the measurement of the text after you type it out and see if the size is what you expect.
  5. darcshadow

    Flexi 8.5 help needed

    Cool. One comment though, I would have either weeded the center or the P and Rs or not weeded the centers of the B.
  6. darcshadow

    How to add Roland gs24 to scal5 pro?

    Look for an export rather than Save As. Also, a question how is the GS24 an upgrade over the CE6000 to your operation? Another question. You say the GS24 is moving slow. How are you sending a design to it?
  7. darcshadow

    How to add Roland gs24 to scal5 pro?

    I can't help with setting up the new cutter but I would suggest you get in the habit of saving/exporting your designs as EPS or SVG files. That way in the future if you ever do have to switch to a different program you will be able to easily load old designs. Also, don't let the number of old designs you have scare you from switching software. How often to you actually load an old design and cut it? If like most people, not often. And when you do need an old design, just load it, save it off as an EPS and you're done. No need to convert them all, just convert them as you need them.
  8. darcshadow

    Blade holder retrofit

    The function of the spring and the adjustment of depth have nothing to do with each other. Set the blade depth per Mz Skeeters instructions. Then if you're still having issues look at things on the cutter, bad cutting strip, non smooth movements of the cutter head, correctly functional solenoid. With the blade set correctly it is impossible to cut too deep.
  9. darcshadow

    Flexi 8.5 help needed

    Not just windows. The number of things that can be fixed by turning it off and back on is dumbfounding.
  10. darcshadow

    Adobe Fresco

    A buddy just told me about a relatively new app from Adobe, Adobe Fresco. It's a free vector drawing app that is suppose to work really well with tablets and styluses. A guy he follows uses the app and a screen protector call Paperlike that makes drawing on the tablet feel a lot more like drawing on paper. This guy is really pleased with it and his only real complaint is it dulls the colors a bit. Anyway, I have not used this app but we get people in here every now and then asking about using tablets and drawing pens. This might be one worth looking at if that is what you're after.
  11. darcshadow

    Using Siser Romeo with Vinylmaster LTR

    I think you're missing what slice was trying to say. It's not that other programs can't use a Siser cutter, it's just that the only software FC supports is the Leonardo Studio. Here's another example. MicroSoft will say that MS Office is only compatible with with Windows 10 and newer. However there are plenty of people out there that have gotten MS Office to run on older versions of Windows, and even various versions of Linux. There are almost always other ways to run things, just the vendor doesn't want you to use them and doesn't directly support them.
  12. darcshadow

    Flexi 8.5 help needed

    If you change which USB port on the computer you are connected to that can sometimes confuse the software. If you have a serial port, or a usb-2-serial adapter, on the computer the serial cable is the recommended way to go though. It's more reliable with the MH cutters.
  13. darcshadow

    TITAN 2 stand to table top

    Even short decals, a stand is nice and makes things easier.
  14. I would be very surprised if Cutting Master can not open or import and EPS file. If you don't see EPS as an option when you select open, look for an import option. You can design for any cutter in any design software. Just like you can print any picture with any printer, you can cut any design with any cutter. I like Inkscape for design. It's amazingly powerful for a free program. Pick your design software, make your design, save it as an eps file, IMPORT the eps file into your cutting software, click cut.
  15. Can cutting master 2 not open eps or svg files? Why are you converting to a graphtec studio then then to a cutting master file? You should be able to use what ever design program you like then save the file as an EPS or SVG file and then import that file to your cutting software.
  16. darcshadow


    Just a guess, but your drawing probably is a stroke and not a line and your cutter is cutting both lines that make up the stroke.
  17. They are two different command code languages. One was developed by HP and is used by just about every machine. The other was developed by Graphtec and is only used by Graphtec. What exactly the difference is, can't say. You'd have to dig into the actual code to understand that. My guess is the GP-GL has some custom commands in it specifically for specific machines. So long as the software is set to generate the code that the plotter is set to receive either work just fine.
  18. darcshadow

    Alternative Software or Print Drivers?

    Only other free software I've heard of for cutting in Inkcut, which started as an add-on for Inkscape. I played with Inkcut a little and didn't care for it, but it did work. You can also cut directly from Inkscape in the newer versions. It's not ideal but it did work.
  19. The type of issues you're having sound like blade depth related, but if that was they case it would happen if the image was rotated or not. Still though, double checking that the blade is set correctly would be good. If you can see the blade, you have too much blade.
  20. A 60 degree blade will help with fine detail. How detailed is the design. You could simply be near the limits of what's possible with the machine or vinyl. Good and fresh vinyl makes a big difference. The advertised shelf life of vinyl is shorter than you'd think. Although it's still usable long after the shelf life time. Just not guaranteed to same performance.
  21. I don't think you're going to find a vinyl cutting machine that can do upholstery leather. at least not easily. A high end cutter, with multiple passes, and blade adjustments might cut it, but I'm not sure how well or if it'd be worth the hassle. Sandblasting mask can be cut with most cutters, and standard vinyl can be used as a mask for most hobbyist projects. Forget DXF, it is technically a vector file, but in reality it is just a bunch of short line segments and does not play well with vinyl cutters. You'll want to use EPS, .AI, or SVG. EPS is more or less the industry standard, although SVG is slowly working it's way in.
  22. If the Cutting Plotter Controller works then the plotters is connected and functioning correctly and the problem is the software you're trying to use. You mentioned the Graphtec software but did you actually install it? The graphatech web page says use Graphtec Studio 2, Ver. 1.0.197 for the CE series. Supported os included windows 10 and 11.
  23. What exactly are you trying to do that you need it to show up in the printer & scanner window?
  24. Sounds like the software doesn't have write permissions to where ever the settings are stored. In windows you have the option to run a program as an admin. Do you have that ability on a Mac? If you can do it once as an admin, the saved changes "should" stay there for normal users.
  25. darcshadow

    Help with reflective vinyl

    And even the cheapest reflective is 3 or 4 times more expensive than normal vinyl. I have used Oralite Engineering grade, and some 3M stuff all though I don't remember the specific type. They were not bad to work with, but not the easiest either. They have a metallic layer so they dull a blade very quickly and require a bit more force to cut through. They vinyl also tends to tear easier while weeding so you have to go a bit slower and take your time. Also, reflective should NOT be put on using a wet method. What ever you charged per car for the first town, double or even triple it if using reflective.