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    Help With This AI File

    If you change the size of the stars but want it to still fit in the 13.75x9.75 area the spacing between the stars will have to shrink. Are you ok with that? Also, the stars are not square, so if you make the a 1.254 square they will be distorted from the current design. You ok with that too? I use Inkscape so I don't know the exact commands to do this in AI but here is the process I took to create this. I took one of your stars, resized it then duplicated it 6 times to create the top row. Then I duplicated that row to create the the 5 rows. Then I selected and copied a 4x5 grid of the stars and shifted then down and to the right. Flag Stars.eps
  2. darcshadow

    MH 871 vinal shifts during print

    The problem is your first sentence. "a MH with years of use". They don't track well when they are new and adjusting the roller springs is a black art that once you mess with them it's unlikely you'll ever get them dialed back in correctly. If the problem became worse when you changed blades, do you have the blade depth set correctly and did you follow Mz Skeeter's instructions posted hundreds of times on here? If you did not, how did you set the blade depth?
  3. darcshadow

    FC8000 won't receive cut data

    Might try a different USB port. Does the computer recognize the cutter when the USB is plugged in? If it's a university computer, have they disabled USB ports for anything other than Keyboard/Mouse? That happens a lot in the corporate world, admins get carried away with locking down a system for "security". If you have another computer you could put the software on give that a try. Also, try a different software, there are several that have free trials.
  4. darcshadow

    FC8000 won't receive cut data

    What OS you running? Did an update happen and maybe you need to update the driver for your cutter now?
  5. Are you running the latest version of VM? There was a version that had issues with importing SVGs and they would get jumbled up or missing sections. SVG files are not all equal and some programs can't handle the extra information other programs store in them. Two options, that have worked for me export as an EPS then use that, or try saving the SVG file as a flat SVG file.
  6. I never tried to contour cut with a MH, in theory it should be able to do it. However the tracking on the MH was not the best so anything very large would likely not come out well. Also the MH has no alignment aids so getting things lined up would be entirely manual. 900 vs 590 is a hard pill to swallow but I think I would still recommend the Roland over a MH/Kasa.
  7. If the KASA is of similar quality as the MH721 you will be sorely disappointed after having used a Roland in the past. The MH is about as low end as you can get and still be functional. It works, and can teach you a lot about dialing in settings, but it can also be very frustrating.
  8. I have a ce6000-60 and there is zero play in the carriage head. I don't know if there is anyway to adjust it or not, never dug into that part. Good luck in the repair.
  9. darcshadow

    Sticker Sheet Help

    One comment. If you have your blade depth set correctly, changing the cut pressure will not change how deep it cuts. Same for multiple passes, if the blade is set at the correct depth it shouldn't cut through the backing no matter how many times it passes over the same point. So be aware, if design is coming out fine and and you're cutting through the backing great, but your blade depth is not set correct and if/when you run into problems with the design not coming out right, blade depth will very likely be the problem.
  10. darcshadow

    Help required with flexi sign

    The only thing I notice is the letters are all strokes and not fills. Meaning, if the cutter were to cut it, it would cut out the letter not an outline as the image looks. I've removed the strokes and made everything solid colors, this is what the cutter would cut. I've also changed the colors to make the various shapes more obvious. The ovals are a bit of a mess. drawing.svg
  11. darcshadow

    Help required with flexi sign

    Once you post the file we'll know for sure, but my guess is you don't have a vector file, you have a raster image.
  12. darcshadow

    Stops during cuts

    Cool, use it to ring from the grounding string to the ground wire on the stand. They should be electrically connected. If they do ring out then ring from the ground wire, to the 3rd round prong on the power cord. If that rings out, and assuming your house is properly grounded, then you are good as far as that goes I have no idea why static would be biting you. To "ring" something out, most DMMs have a setting that when you touch the two probes together it makes a tone, or rings. Put it on that setting and probe away. If it does not have that setting, set it to measure resistance and measure between the two points. A connection should be 0 ohms ideally. But in this case anything under say 10 ohms should be fine.
  13. darcshadow

    Stops during cuts

    What is is grounded to? Maybe you've lost your ground. Edit: I see the photos now. In theory where you have it connected should work. Ideally you would want the ground connection to be to bare metal. Do you by chance have DMM? Most people don't but I'm always surprised how often someone does.
  14. darcshadow

    Stops during cuts

    That's a very strong indication that it is static. Is the anti-static string making good connection with the vinyl and a solid ground?
  15. darcshadow


    The random start when cutting sounds like a memory corruption. Possibly not all the memory was purged when it completed the cut and when the command to start a new cut was sent there was still something from the last job in the memory and it gets confused. My guess is the command to move the cutter head back to the start, or advance after cut, is likely a single command and not a specific coordinate command. If that is the case it sounds like the cutter does not recognize that command. Different software/driver could possibly fix that. Although with the MHs it's best to reset, or even power off and back on to clear the memory and ensure you get a good cut. The version of windows you're running can have an effect as well. I was using windows 7 with no problems, upgraded to windows 11 and the cutter would behave like you're describing with the random cuts if I tried to cut two designs in a row. I just power cycled it after each cut and eventually upgraded to a used Graphtec. Night and day difference.
  16. I've never done this type of print/cut but have double checked the cutter calibration? If you design a 5" square, does it cut a 5" square?
  17. darcshadow

    Weeding Reflective

    How about you do it in reverse? Cover the entire sign in the reflective vinyl then negative weed the white.
  18. darcshadow

    Titan 3 Alignment (Contour Cut issues)

    If it was working fine before the computer crash then it's unlikely to be a problem with the cutter and more likely an adjustment in the software some place. Have you recalibrated your software, does say a 4" square truly come out at 4"?
  19. darcshadow

    MH871 Can't change speed

    That was my thinking as well. But the whole process is so much faster and easier with a higher end cutter. I was like you, and completely understand your stance. Until you experience a good cutter it's hard to comprehend how much better they can be. Engineer here as well, and I too hate throwing stuff out that I know should be a simple fix. Best of luck, just don't throw too much money at it.
  20. darcshadow

    MH871 Can't change speed

    And at $100, I'd look at a new/new to you cutter. You can find some pretty good used cutters pretty cheap. I'd read on here for years people talking about how much better higher end cutters are and I always thought how much of a difference could there really be. I'm here to say, there is a huge difference. I went to a graphtec I found used and it was night and day difference. Detail designs were no longer a fight to weed. Thicker stuff like glitter cut amazingly well. I did a design on the MH and weeding took me over an hour because of the glitter vinyl I hated working with glitter vinyl. Same design with the graphtec and I was done in like 5 min. I couldn't believe it. Don't be afraid to walk away from the MH and get something better. From what I've heard, even the SC is a big step up from the MH.
  21. You can't, photos are not made up of nodes. You can only node edit vector files. If you have a photo, you can vectorize it, and then edit the nodes. What software are you using?
  22. I don't have that cutter but I do use that software. Post the file if you can and I'll take a look at it. Are there multiple colors in the design? If you don't have the settings right, that can cause unexpected results.
  23. I've not been impressed with the Studio program for design. I use Inkscape for design and just use Studio for cutting.
  24. Finally got around to playing with the software. When you type out the text., the box that appears around the text is not the size of the test. It extends above and below. I'm assuming below for lower case letters and above for super script or some sort of punctuation maybe. As far as I know, the only way to get the true size is to convert the text to curves then resize it.
  25. Webpage says it's a Roland compatible blade.