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  1. If university funding works anything like ours, they have to spend within a set time limit or loose it.
  2. I've never looked for the SC2 driver before but from what I could find it looks like it's built into Vinyl Master. https://support.uscutter.com/hc/en-us/articles/360037961271-How-to-Install-your-Cutter-Driver-through-VinylMaster
  3. Yes, a heat press is a separate unit. You cut HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) with your cutter then use the heat press put it onto the shirt. As for ease of operation, I think all 3 will have about the same learning curve to use the cutter. There are several design programs as well that people can create their design in, then bring the file into the makerspace and import it into the cut software that runs the machine. Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw are the two big ones. VinylMaster from USCutter is pretty good as well and the cut version of it comes with the Titan. There are 4 levels of Vinyl Master with different design abilities. And perhaps one of the best options for your situation is Inkscape. It's an open source free program meaning anyone can download it and use at home. They could came into the makerspace and get a crash course in using the software then go home and play with it more and create their designs.
  4. Depends on what you're wanting to do with it. If you're wanting to be able to cut paper and other stock similar to what the cameo does you might want to stick with the cameo, maybe get a newer one or two. If just vinyl, either of the cutters you mentioned would be great. The USCutter Titan series would also be a good option and a bit cheaper. You could get two titans, or a titan and a couple of cameo's and still be under budget. Adding a heat press to the mix could be nice as well. You've got the cutter, making shirts is not a big step and I can see that being pretty popular at a school.
  5. I'm assuming you're using USB? When you plug it into the computer, does the computer register that something was plugged in? If not, have you tried different cables and ports? If you have I would guess the USB on the cutter is dead. I'd suggest using the trying the serial option.
  6. darcshadow

    Best (thinnest?) HTV Vinyl for Layering

    Siser Easyweed Stretch is probably your best bet.
  7. darcshadow

    What to get? (Heat Press Setup)

    That is the one I have. The heat pillow is a must have in my opinion. Buttons, collars, seams, so many things on shirts that make them not smooth, the heat pillow takes care of all of it.
  8. darcshadow

    What to get? (Heat Press Setup)

    Sounds like a press is all you need. Various online forums will say you can do it with an iron, and while technically true, you really shouldn't. I have a swing press which was a touch more expensive than a clam shell. Seems like everyone that has a clam shell at some point has burnt themselves, swing away also allows you to easily place the design and clearly see what you're doing.
  9. darcshadow


    Keep in mind, from a design stand point it looks neat, however, from a vinyl stand point, distressed fonts are a pain in the ass and best to be avoided.
  10. You'll have to contact Vinyl Master support directly and see what they can do for you.
  11. What do you mean it's not. Follow Slices link, click buy now, and bam! Option to upgrade. It's going to cost you $500, don't know why you would think it'd be free. You're not doing a simple patch/update, you're going to a whole never version. Rarely does a software company give you a new version for free.
  12. What is the reason you're wanting it centered? Typically people just cut relative to the origin then piece together the design as necessary. This way, typically, cuts down on the amount of wasted vinyl.
  13. Using a MH cutter? I had this start happening when I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 11. I haven't tried restarting the program, I just turn the cutter on and off after every cut. Bit annoying, but probably not a bad idea to do with MHs anyway, they can go wonky pretty easily.
  14. darcshadow


    Unless you have a backup someplace I believe you're out of luck.
  15. darcshadow

    MH365 plots a wonky path

    The USB interface on the MHs is nothing more than a generic USB to serial chip so depending on the driver Ubuntu is using, that could be the source of the problem.
  16. darcshadow

    psn code

    This is a users forum with occasional visits from company reps. Assuming you have a legitimate and legal copy of the software you're best bet is contact VinylMaster directly.
  17. darcshadow

    Driver needed for the Graphtec CE6000-60

    One advantage of software not being supported anymore, they stop messing with it. Support just means they keep poking at it and "fixing" it. In most cases I'd prefer my software not be supported. ha! The only reason I ever upgrade OS is if something I really want to use is not supported on old OSs, and even then, it's usually kicking and screaming before I'll make the switch. I love new tech, but hate change. Poses a real conundrum.
  18. darcshadow

    Driver needed for the Graphtec CE6000-60

    ah! sorry. I think you have a problem with SB then, not your driver. SB should show your USB ports no matter what device drivers you have. Does the new laptop have "normal" usb ports? Several new computer only have USB-C, or USB-3. USB3 connectors look like traditional USB ports but are blue inside, or have and SS near them. SB might be old enough that it doesn't recognize USB3, I've not tried it on a newer machine. There are several on here that still use SB, maybe one of them can chime in if it works with USB3 ports or not. Might try uninstalling and reinstalling SB. In the mean time, what you could do, install the graphtec software and use it to cut with. You can still do your design and layout in SB, then just export it as an EPS file and open that into the graphtec software. I have not used said software, but from what I understand you should find it's much more capable than SB and works quite well.
  19. darcshadow

    Driver needed for the Graphtec CE6000-60

    You have 3 USB ports showing on the first screen, plug your cutter into one and select it. The Blazer thing you're looking at Blazer.COM1, on the other computer a serial port.
  20. What is the file extension of the files you're trying to open? If the icon is different from what you're expecting you've probably saved them in a different file format. How did you save them?
  21. darcshadow

    Sign master software

    We are just a bunch of users, you're going to have to contact Sign Master's help desk.
  22. darcshadow

    A New Venture

    I'd suggest slowing it down if you're having issues with details. I have a MH and typically only run around 150-200 mm/s. My pressure is usually around 150 as well.
  23. darcshadow


    Haven't not heard of that, but my first step would be to verify you have the latest drivers for the video card. If you do, then I'd try reinstalling Photoshop.
  24. darcshadow

    Font & Softwares ...

    Interesting, seems like something is wrong someplace. What does the font look like in other programs?
  25. darcshadow


    What software are you using, and have you registered it? Several cutting software tools will cut an X through a design if the software is not registered.