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    Yes that is the ultrasound of my son lol good eye. I added the hat and scarf since it was freezing in Chicago when I got that pic. I got in contact with a local equipment dealer that is offering a great deal on a Roland BN-20 printer/cutter. I would of course purchase a heatpress machine apart. Would that be a good start as it does give me other options if I decide to do other projects? haha I was afraid someone might say that. I'm upgrading my DJ equipment every 3 years or so when I see something fun and new I'd like to work with! Thanks for the feedback bud! If I do decide to go with that Roland printer/cutter, aside from weeding tools, rulers and vinyl and heat transfer paper, is there anything else that may be crucial to getting started? Also I should mention I have a iMac and Macbook pro and it seems the software offered with that Roland model may be windows only so I might have to get a separate laptop to run the software.
  2. I've always wanted to have a custom shirt shop and I would love some input from anyone that works specifically with vinyl. I'm literally starting from scratch. I need to get a solid vinyl cutter w/ software compatible with my Mac. Reliable and precise and I'm willing to invest as I know you get what you pay for. Also, the reason I was going to focus on vinyl heat transfers only is because I don't want to worry about ink fading. Any ideas, suggestions or comments are appreaciated. I was looking at purchasing the Titan 3 but then again, I've just begun doing research on heat presses and vinyl. Warranty, repair fees and maintentance are things I still have to look into as well. Glad to be a part of this forum, thanks again! Side Note: I'm a new dad and my son turned 1 year old this year and I'm the only one working since my wife recently lost her job. Being able to earn that extra income for my family is what is driving me to make this buisness a success.... - Rick