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  1. IradaArts

    Can you use a Big Squeegee on a Large 48" x 60" pieces?

    Thanks for sharing! That makes my BS seem like one of my baby's toys . Does it work well on application on cut vinyl? Right now all of my work is simply selling vinyl artwork online. We actually don't do much wall application at all. From what I read and seen on the BS videos, the black BS's are for cut vinyl application but I'd like to know if you have found the white one's to work just as well for this purpose.
  2. IradaArts

    Can you use a Big Squeegee on a Large 48" x 60" pieces?

    Thanks for the response. The Webermade one is almost double the cost of the APPRoller. Do you think the price difference is worth it?
  3. I'm looking for an affordable solution to applying application tape over large cut vinyl pieces. I've been making text-only based cut vinyls but have been outsourcing the application layer to another company nearby. Unfortunately they can be quite slow and I would like to move that in-house. I have a 26" Big Squeegee that I tried using on a large artwork but it didn't turn out well (the center of the artwork, where the BS was centered on, was very smooth but the12" on both sides were not). From what I can see the only BS that is larger than that is the 32" but that seems like it will still be 8" short on each side for some of my artwork. Have any of you tried using a BS on such large artwork and if so has it worked? Is there another solution? I'm also considering getting the APPRoller which seems like a possible solution, but I'm just worried about using it on very long pieces. Would the height of that be enough to prevent accidental application on longer (50-100" long) decals? If not have you come up with a work around? Thanks in advance
  4. IradaArts

    Graphtec FC8000 vs. GCC RX Series

    I'm also considering a machine in this price range for a machine that cuts 132cm/52" length wise. Does anyone know the pros and cons of either of these two? I'm a bit new at this so I'm not sure exactly what I should be looking for. I saw some differences in the specs that Jay2703 mentioned but I'm not sure which differences affect me for sure. I definitely want something that is dependable, that can cut fast with precision. I'm also likely to focus on vinyl decal cutting but may expand beyond that (e.g. event display banners). Thanks!