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  1. Yeah I haven’t seen this on older models either. I read on the manual that it was meant for use with thicker medias. Here’s a screenshot of the menu settings and the tool height. It really does help with the buckling and besides the taping a cleaning swab to the head this seems to be the only solution for me to this issue.
  2. Hi Guys! I have a question about my graphtec plotter. I have a CE7000-60 which is a couple months old maybe 2-3. I have had no issues so far with it and its been cutting flawlessly. I cut die cut stickers with the perf channel on it and everything comes out amazing. I been having a recent issue though where I print something and laminate it, once I do that I load it on the cutter to read the registration marks. It will start to cut everything good but when the head moves from one side to the other to start a new row it will scratch the top part of the laminate. It’s pretty noticeable when the light shines on the laminate,. I know why it happens, my material tends to buckle in the center causing the blade to lightly score the prints when it moves from side to side. My question is I have adjusted the tool height on the “Tool” settings to “High”, is there any long term problems that may develop to the head if I leave this as default? After setting it to high it doesn’t scratch the material anymore. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t cause damage to the head tool from leaving it on high. Hopefully you guys can shine some light on me ! Thank you in advance!!!