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Found 7 results

  1. I’m having trouble deciding which reusable stencil material I should purchase. I’m airbrushing stainless steel tumblers. I have a Brother Design N Cut cutting machine. I have tried low tack 4mil vinyl but it’s only good for single use. I’m looking for a stronger material that I can peel and stick, remove and RE-USE!! In other words, be able to return the stencil to it’s backing and use it again, later! Also, what teansfer material would be ideal:teansfer PAPER, or transfer TAPE? Or, something different? Your advice is greatly aporeciated!!
  2. Hi! I am currently looking to purchase a cutter which can cut mylar stencils for sign making. From the research I have done so far, I have not found or have a great understanding of what is the proper machine to purchase. Can someone help direct me? Is US Cutter where I should be looking for a cutter of this sort? Thanks and much appreciated!
  3. ashraetz

    Hello need help!

    Hi there...I am new to US Cutter, just received the US Titan 2 two weeks ago...I am a sign PAINTER and bought this machine to cut mylar material to make word painting stencils. So with this being said, I am having a really hard time doing this. I have figured how to manually bridge letters BUT wow,,,,is there a program out there that would be compatible with the titan that would automatically bridge letters? SCALP does not, and it is just not friendly to use for the designs I need to make. I paint custom signs for people so I need to manipulate words and do like chalkboard type fonts and signs...I am so frustrated right now with this. Also is there a type of cutting mat I can get for my mylar or anyone know of where I can get adhesive mylar that doesn't peal off sticky? I am having a very difficult time!
  4. Dear US Cutter community, I am a fine artist making rather detailed airbrush paintings on canvas. I prime the canvas super smooth so it's like paper -- and use PH neutral artist tape to create my own stenciling. Lately I have been wanting to do detail I can't achieve with tape alone -- so I'm looking into getting a table-top US Cutter Titan 3 to do fine detail stencil work. The main concern I have is the material -- I would like to be able to cut out of something that has a PH neutral/low tack adhesive that won't affect the surface of my work. Something that won't be too stick and potentially pull up some paint already on the canvas, or leave a subtle glue residue behind. I would really appreciate hearing your thoughts on this -- if you want to see samples of my work to get a sense of what it's like you can look at my website -- I am also attaching a photo to this thread of something I am looking to achieve with the Titan 3/custom stenciling. I produced this part of the painting by cutting a stencil with a laser cutter -- and some thin (1/16" thick) plexiglass. It works OK for me but honestly -- the depth of the plexi gets in the way of the paint application, so I really need to use something flat. Thanks so much, I really appreciate your time. Best, Avery
  5. Hi, my name is Gabe and I am getting into electro etching. What I am looking for is a good source to get small, detailed stencils made. Since I do not have a vinyl cutter myself I figured this may be a good place to find someone who could help me out. I understand that what I am wanting may be too small/detailed for most/all cutters. If so then I would want to see what is possible to cut at the sizes I need. Some examples of what I am looking for are symbols like the images below. I am hoping to get them small enough to fit inside a 1 inch or so circle. Is this even possible with current cutters available? I am more than willing to pay materials/time/shipping costs.
  6. im looking to buy a low end vinyl cutter. id would be using it to make stencils for airbrushing. never bigger than 11x7. or can someone make them for me for a good price?
  7. how do you price stencils? i was askd to make a stencil for a logo design to be sprayed on the hood of a jeep. the design is a jim beam logo with 30"x22". material is oramask 810s. i normally just use the L+W/2 formula to price vinyls. so what about with stencil, do i use same formula?