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  1. d0m0nic

    Christmas Mugs

    I just used normal vinyl and stuck them on, I have washed them by hand a few times and they look the same, I will take the vinyl off after christmas anyway so its ideal for me!
  2. d0m0nic

    Christmas Mugs

    Here are a couple of new projects I have been working on for Christmas, they are all ornamental bauble designs. I have made some cards with them and cut some from vinyl for decorating mugs. There are two files with 3 designs each, 3 floral and one with bells, holy and fir cone. I have put them on my new site www.craftyvectors.com
  3. d0m0nic

    I made a website!

    I have been working on making my own website to sell my vector images for use with cutters. It has taken ages bu has been fun, here is the result: www.craftyvectors.com I am still workng on the style and colouring as it is based on a pre made template from Shopify and I have lots of designs to add but it is tried and tested and working well. Here are a couple of files I have in the shop:
  4. d0m0nic

    My first vinyl car design

    I don't think photoshop would be good for this, it is a vector drawing which is why it is very clean. Photoshop is pixel based and it would be hard to create this effect. You can get a free program which is similar to illustrator called Inkscape, I would recommend it and youtube has loads of good tutorials. Give it a try, with a bit of practice you could do any car you want!
  5. d0m0nic

    My first vinyl car design

    I used Illustrator and a photo off google images. I trace the outline and then make decisions as I go which areas to have black and which white, if you choose a car with curves it is a lot easier to do and the shapes are already there. Thanks for the comments!
  6. d0m0nic

    My first vinyl car design

    This is my first attempt at designing a car for use in wall vinyl, I really enjoyed it and will definatly be making more!