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  1. jrstan54

    Barrel Racing Horse & Rider

    Thanks for the graphic!
  2. jrstan54

    Guns and Coffee

  3. jrstan54


    thanks- I grabbed a copy
  4. jrstan54

    Please help to id font

    Thank you all so much for the help AND the humor- I love a good laugh!!
  5. jrstan54

    Please help to id font

    WILDGOOSE- That's funny!
  6. jrstan54

    Please help to id font

    OOPS! I didn't realize the pic didn't attach. Got it on there now! Thanks!!
  7. jrstan54

    Please help to id font

    Good morning , everyone- Can anyone help identify this font? I have gone through several things online trying to id and have had no luck. Thanks so much! Java
  8. jrstan54

    Graduation graphics needed

    Thanks for the great graphics!
  9. jrstan54

    Motorhome re-do

    That looks great! I wouldn't have wanted to stripe that long vehicle, though!
  10. jrstan54

    convert picture to eps

    I don't want to put them on the forum as they are pics of my daughter and her friends, but if you think you might be able to convert the file, I will message them to you. Thanks!
  11. jrstan54

    convert picture to eps

    I have a couple of pics that I would be willing to pay someone to vectorize for me. I will need to be able to etch glassware from the eps files created.
  12. jrstan54

    film reel

    Snagged those- Thanks!
  13. jrstan54

    6 shooter gun ??? I need a old cowboy gun for a banner...

    Thank you for the pistols!
  14. jrstan54

    Horse Head

    Thanks for the horse heads!
  15. jrstan54

    baby handprints

    snagged the hand/footprints! Thanks!!