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    Oralite 5500

    Well, with that said, I'll take the 5600. It seems to beat out the 5500 in every category that matters....
  2. Unfortunately, I think it has mostly been white and matte black in the Oracal 651
  3. I have worked in many sign shops in the past and continuously for the past 10 years. I'm only having problems in my own personal shop now. All I use is Oracal 651 (and a UScutter SC25). It's all I've ever used with the exception of some 951 metallic a few times. Never had a complaint on that though. I have recently used a Roland 24" plotter (new) and haven't had any problems.... but that's a whole different type of vinyl and setup. The place is climate controlled too and all of there products come from Fellers. BASICALLY IVE NEVER HAD TO MESS WITH A PLOTTERS BLADE HEIGHT / PRESSURE SO MUCH IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!! The Roland GX-300 never had the blade adjusted at all. It just cuts and cuts and cuts.
  4. What about large decals though? Like I used to sell stripes for trucks that went down the side..... there's no way I could lift up a 48" stripe without screwing it up... I've improved my methods, blade pressure and blade height..... I think my customer's are having some installation woes. I will write up a very intriguing installation document tonight for my buyers. THANKS ALL FOR YOUR QUICK COMMENTS/POSTS! I HAVE LOOKED EVERYWHERE ON THE NET TRYING TO FIND SOME INFO, I KNEW I SHOULD HAVE CAME HERE FIRST!!
  5. That's not a bad idea. It is in my instructions, but maybe I need to make it a little more prevalent. I am a very experienced installer, and have never had issues like this. But even when I try to put on one of the decals myself, I have the backing rip or try to pull the vinyl away from the tape..... Uggghhhh.... Very frustrated.
  6. What vinyl were you using and what vinyl do you use now? I need all of my vinyl to be outdoor grade vinyl. Preferably 5-6 years+
  7. Does your vinyl sit outside in an uncontrolled environment with HIGH HUMIDITY? Arizona has almost no humidity.... very dry heat there. You know about that though.
  8. I actually spent like 2 hours calibrating the height and pressure settings....... doing test cut after test cut. When I got barely no scratching of the backing, but could still weed it up..... that was my medium. So, honestly with my SC25 from USCutter. there's no way to get it to stop cutting in to the backing>>>
  9. BrandonJ

    a few misc items

    Unless Budweiser is selling LP Tank wraps, or leasing adspace.... do you think they really give a crap? Honestly.... They probably have it posted on their Instagram page.....
  10. I am an ebay seller and also do local work for some friends, but I've been in the vinyl business for years! My vinyl of choice is Oracal 651, due to it's decent lifespan and great price. I've been experiencing some issues lately with the backing sticking terribly bad and ripping (sticking to the vinyl). I ship ALL of my orders from ebay and my customer's are having some true difficulties trying to get the backing off. This problem just caused me to get a NEGative feedback on Ebay (tarnishing my perfect 100% score) and I had to refund $100+ even though I cut, packed and shipped the decals to the customer next day. I know other people are having this problem and I just want to know what to do. I'm seriously thinking about just giving ebay up, because I can't ship everything twice and still get negative feedback and having to refund money. It's killing me time and money wise.... **I live in a humid area, with lots of heat** **The problem has only come to fruition within the past month or so (May-June)** **I also re-calibrated the height and cutting pressure on my (USCutter SC25) so that the backing isn't cut at all** Has anyone else had these problems? IF so, with what vinyls/tapes, etc. and how the heck do I prevent it and help my customers with installation when they are trying to install in a humid environment, with little to no vinyl application skills??? All help/comments are appreciated and desperately needed!!!
  11. BrandonJ

    Some signs I did last week

    You always have to know the use of a sign before you can produce it, no matter the size.
  12. BrandonJ

    new skateboarder decal and video from team MyVinylCreations

    Nice silhouette of the boarder. Niceee. Hey how much did you charge for the shirts?
  13. BrandonJ

    opinions welcome.

    What graphics program are you using? You need to check out Adobe Illustrator CS 4, 5 or 6. It's a great vector editing software and will help excel your design efforts. Also, you could probably go to and find some short tutorials that tell you how to use the software. Also, a few sites like David Airey ( ), (to practice your design skills) , and LAST BUT NOT LEAST: (Dan Antonelli - the most current and awesome sign designer that I have ever seen) Read his articles, you will love them. He is very talented.
  14. BrandonJ

    Security Sign WIth Real Bullet Holes

    That is a pretty sweet sign, but you'd have to charge a lot for making them cuz your bullets are pricey!
  15. BrandonJ

    first attempt

    Nice Shirt. is that a wig?