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    Cap heat press

    Word... No fails yet...! All 11 colors in the 12 pack starter pack and the clear all work.... And all layer with each other.... But ya I hear ya
  2. Dawg City

    Cap heat press

    So I just started working with heat presses a month ago.. Both shirt press and cap press.... Love the cap press and custom one of a kind stuff has been going off..! So being green I found something kinda wild out... As I'm looking for Oracle vinyl to replace the oracle vinyl I'm running out of I realize that Oracle doesn't make heat press vinyl and that I've been using 651 outdoor vinyl and it works great for half the price,..! Carbon fiber works great on it too... Felt silly when I realized it then was like frack it, works great and Savin me a lot of loot... Wouldn't put it on shirts but Caps yes....
  3. Hoping to chat with some folks about vinyl choices for caps in particular but in general as well