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  1. busterbay

    Current manufacture of Greenstar CV1 vinyl

    I did, the answer was unclear that is why I posted here. My recent 50yd roll of white came with a white backer... not user friendly at all. I've been getting blue back for the past 5+ years
  2. Who is the current manufacture of Greenstar CV1 vinyl ? I know at one time it was China, the it was General Formulations, it appears it has changed again. I want to make sure the colors match before I stock up for the season.
  3. busterbay

    Titan & Titan 2 Parts

    ** follow-up *** UScutter CS responded the next day.. and yes the keypads are the same on the titans
  4. busterbay

    Titan & Titan 2 Parts

    Yes, but no answer. but I did look on the Saga website ( the maker of the Titan) and it indicates that all they keypads are the same so I got my answer.
  5. Does anyone know or can they confirm if the Titan 1 control panel will work on the Titan 2 ? I pinched my display cable(s) while changing the mother board & belt. So only part of my display works as with only half the controls.. But UScutter doesn't have any in stock for the titan2.
  6. I've had the old SC "1" in the past and it never contour cut correctly. So since I have owned a few Titan II's. I'm in the need of a dedicated machine just to contour cut. So My question is the folks that own an SC2 what are your thoughts on the machine ? Do you find it accurate for contour cutting ?
  7. busterbay

    Strange anomaly recently

    In my case yes it's trying to cut a thick line or the fill and the line. I don't think that is the ops issue though.
  8. busterbay

    Strange anomaly recently

    Also make sure you didn't accidently turn multi cut on in the cut settings. Make sure it's set to off.
  9. busterbay

    Strange anomaly recently

    I use Corel and SCALP I often will get double lines from corel or if I forget to change the line to none when in design mode when making my SVG. What I do in SCALP to correct this is union the object, It works like a charm. I've attached a screen print.
  10. busterbay

    Font request

    Sorry, I'm not exactly sure. I found it on my local drives. I'm guessing It came with a software install, it has a cryptic name it starts with @DF at the beginning then looks to be several foreign letters . I don't know if it is copyrighted so I won't upload it.
  11. busterbay

    Font request

    Thanks, I found a similar font I just add in the swirls as needed. I made a decal for our laundry room.
  12. busterbay

    Font request

    I've seen it several times and it all looks similar so that leads me to believe it is a font.
  13. busterbay

    Font request

    Anyone know what font this is ?
  14. busterbay

    Window Tint Cut Files

    This isn't free http://www.firstcutfilm.com/paint-protection-kits.html they have a sample page it may be enough to get you started
  15. busterbay

    What happened to all-silhouettes.com ?

    I did some digging the website owner if from Russia, Dreamhost hosted all-silhouettes. Godaddy one of the other ones. The owner had a few other sites they are all non operational. https://website.informer.com/Stanislav+Novoydarskiy.html A couple of the other sites associated with the owner present or past that are operational appear to have hacks/ crack info on them. If I were to guess since the silhouettes & other vector sites they had didn't contain spyware that I ever detected, I'd assume they were hacked and shut down by the provider. I have a few sites hosted at Dreamhost and a rouge plugin allowed access to one of my sites. Dreamhost was quick to isolate it and shut it down. Or they were not making any money and closed things up. Just a couple of guess since I don't read Russian.