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  1. I appreciate everyone's help very much!!! I will figure something out, probably just choose a different font. Thanks again!
  2. That's what I can't figure out, why all the extra space
  3. cropped the pics, hope this helps!!!
  4. I appreciate everyone taking the time try and help me so much!! It took this client two weeks to choose this font for her sign. It's a new one that I've obviously not had to cut this big before. And now I can't get it to fit.
  5. The black line between h and e in"the" ismy cursor. instead of it being only about 12 inches like the script is, it's 22 inches. so it won't fit on my 24" vinyl/cutter
  6. I'm sorry , I don't know how to screenshot just the one screen. The bottom two text lines are showing as outlines now.
  7. Here is what I get when I try to cut it
  8. Ok i clicked on wireframe, here is what i see when i click on the font
  9. this is the font with the extra space above and below it