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  1. Keystone Kustom Decals

    help me find the font

    looking for a font name for the number only
  2. Keystone Kustom Decals

    SCALP help!

    ok yall, I figured it out, thanks....but was not happy with the outcome as much as I thought I would be haha I am looking for a logo design using the keystone and incorporating the 4 seasons....anyone have any suggestions??
  3. Keystone Kustom Decals

    SCALP help!

    Need help with image Essentially, I am looking to have the white images cutout inside of the keystone.. Any one able to help??
  4. Keystone Kustom Decals

    Western PA vinyl

    Red Wrecker on the bottom is one I am reffering to...I cut the "Wade Tallong Towing and DOT, MC numbers" as one. I would have kept them together and placed it on the door and the "Like Us On' on the utility bed... Definitely to each his own though! Everyone has their own taste
  5. Keystone Kustom Decals

    Western PA vinyl

    Local off road group "X Rated Off Road"
  6. Keystone Kustom Decals

    Western PA vinyl

    Heres some semis and hotshot trucks..
  7. Keystone Kustom Decals

    Western PA vinyl

    I will use this post to show some work that I do. Any and all feedback is welcome. I have ALOT of learning still. I'll start with some tow trucks I've done. I have one that I am awaiting pics from the customer installing and I have another awaiting warmer weather to be installed.. *placement on red wrecker done by I would have done it way different..
  8. Keystone Kustom Decals

    Image help

    Is anyone able to help me get this image to a more one color cuttable image? Would mainly like to keep the "Warrior" himself, and the shield...any and all helpnis greatly appreciated. I use SCAL4Pro if that makes a difference..
  9. Keystone Kustom Decals

    American Flag Cornhole Boards

    What vinyl did you use as stencil? How did you get it to adhere to wood to prevent any bleeding? Really dig these
  10. Keystone Kustom Decals

    Another font identity?!

    anyone able to help identify this font?? Tried doing my own internet search with blank results
  11. Keystone Kustom Decals

    Help Identifying a Font!!

    Hey all! Newb here looking for some help identifying a font! Attached picture of said font.... Thanks in advance for any help!!
  12. Keystone Kustom Decals

    My largest multi layer piece

    It will be going on a tow truck Primal
  13. Keystone Kustom Decals

    My largest multi layer piece

    ok this was my largest multi layer vinyl piece so far. it was by now means easy. i used 3 registration squares on top to line up the layers. this piece came to be about 36"x18" does anyone have any tips for layering larger pieces? i also have never installed and large pieces like this, any advice for installation?? any and all help is appreciated!!
  14. I just did a 2'x4' white banner, 20"x40" of pink vinyl, single sided, priced at $30. Does that seem low? I just got a quote request for 10 yard signs, double sided, 2 color layered and 10 tshirts, full back 2 color (smaller 2nd color layer) and pocket logo on front. What's a good price for this? I figured almost $11 per sign in just material...seems high to me to charge $15 per sign...but maybe I'm just cheap. Help a new out!! Lol