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    Seminars & Training

  2. kmcacmoore

    Seminars & Training

    I just signed up for Oracal, what other manufactueres do you recommend?
  3. kmcacmoore

    How to cut font into two colors?

    I live in Oregon =)
  4. Does anyone know how I could find local seminars and training opportunities in the Portland, OR area? I am new at vinyl sign making, t-shirts, decals. I would like to learn more trick of the trade and stay updated on the new technology in software and equipment. Thank you!
  5. I am new and trying to find out what the best software to use is I plan on using my MacBook pro. I want to be able to be mobile and want a reliable software on the go. I currently use SignBlazer on my PC but it does not support Mac. I will be using mainly vinyl and I own a UScutter Laserpoint machine. I will be doing t-shirts, banners, decal, vehicle graphics, and signs. Thank you for you input!
  6. kmcacmoore

    Training video

    Nice work!!
  7. kmcacmoore

    Layering a logo?

    Can you please tell me how you did this? I want to make sure I can do another logo if asked... Apparently I was not doing it right. Also, if I have someone send their logo in .eps format already is that best? Would I need to alter it in any way? Again, I appreciate all your help!
  8. kmcacmoore

    Layering a logo?

    Thank you both so much! I really appreciate your help!! So is I am looking into seeing if there are better programs other than Inkscape, is Corel a better software?
  9. kmcacmoore

    Layering a logo?

    Hi there, first off I want to say how helpful this forum is for someone that is very brand new and have been teaching myself from Youtube videos. SO thank you! I am having some difficulty with getting the ring around the waist of my logo (attached) separated so I can print to vinyl and removing the verbiage under him as well. The Vi guy is to be cut in green and I want to cut the two rings around his waist in white. I have followed the step to creating a eps file from Inkscape but it will not let me move the rings. You help is greatly appreciated! BBV Guy.eps
  10. kmcacmoore

    How to cut font into two colors?

    Ok so one more hang up I have is trying to separate the ring around one of my logos.. I tried to ungroup but the silver ring around the guys waist wont move.. I would also like to cut out the verbiage under him... Any suggestions/instructions? I am gonna need to pay you!! LOL
  11. kmcacmoore

    How to cut font into two colors?

    Holy Cow! That is awesome!! Thank you SO much!
  12. kmcacmoore

    How to cut font into two colors?

    Opps heres the attachment... Hillsboro Flea Market & Crafts 13x48 COLOR.SBD
  13. kmcacmoore

    How to cut font into two colors?

    O MY GOODNESS!!!! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!! So are you using the trial version of Signblazer? What was the steps did you take to do this? AND is there a way to fill in the white part with the green (see attached)? I was able to change the color scheme. You don’t even know how much I appreciate you right now! THANK YOU!
  14. kmcacmoore

    How to cut font into two colors?

    I am super new so bare with me... I need to cut the fonts into two colors, the outline needs to be in a lime green and the middle in a purple. I used SIgnblazer to get to this point but have no idea how I am going to split it up??? Hillsboro Flea Market & Crafts 13x48.SBD
  15. kmcacmoore

    Signblazer Help! - Unable to upload art

    HI there, I tried to do it that way and it is just black boxes. =(