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Found 21 results

  1. I have been using my graphtec ce6000 for a few years and needed to add a gs24 to go with my bn-20 to speed up the print and cut operations. My ce6000 is setup in scal5 and works wonderfully. Before anyone says keep using the graphtec I don’t have the room for all my equipment and one has to go. I have added the gs24 but it’s cutting so slowly I just don’t know what’s wrong? does anyone have the settings for adding a gs24 to scal5 pro please? I have 100’s of files saved in the scal format and really really don’t want to have to convert everything to a new format. Many thanks.
  2. I have more than a year old Roland BN20. Last week after setting up the sheet the printer head goes across the sheet and fails to recognize the roller pincher position and gives the error and the light blinks continuously and the machine beeps The pinch roller position is incorrect Sheet setup failed After you have eliminated the cause of the error.setup the sheet again. I checked with a 9 inch roll too it still just goes right past the wheel and shows the error I checked whether the wheel is in the smooth part of the roller but it was setup correctly, I even brought over a technician and even he said there should be no reason for the error. I even reinstalled and installed the drivers and software, so could it be a problem of the hardware. if so which part should I replace? PS:- I live in the Maldives where there is no Roland service/repair centres.
  3. Li'l Popeye

    Hello from Europe

    Hi, It's me; John! From Netherlands. I'm not a professional signmaker, just a hobbyist, I wouldn't even call myself a signmaker. About me: Born in 1976, occupation: welder/mechanic. I have had a Roland CX-24, with flexisign 7.5 pro software, working with a Compaq laptop running Windows XP since 2007. Purchased to make our own decals for our pulling tractor. Fast forward to 2021....Because I couldn't get it to work with a new PC with windows 10 and no serial port, I have sold the complete Roland setup for €500,- and bought a new cutter for €250,-. The new cutter is a Vevor KI-720 A. It came with Signmaster software and USB connection cable. It looks very similar to MH cutters, and my guess is that they might be fabricated at the same company or at least in the same country. Anyway; while searching for any info about these cutters I came across this forum, so here I am. I also purchased a cheap heat press recently for €80,-. The Vevor cutter is working perfectly, now. I did have some problems, but solved them. Some problems have been fixed because I found the same issues that people were having with their MH cutter here on this site. I will make some new posts about the problems, issues, spare parts and breakage I have had already, as it might help someone. Groeten en houdoe! (it's Dutch...)
  4. Hi, I have an older vinyl cutter that I got from a friend and am trying to get to work. I can not get a test cut to work on the cutter which is the step i need to do before i even try to connect it to any software. The manual says if it happens I should do this The PEN MODE LED and POWER/ERROR LED blink simultaneously This flashes if the location of the pinch rollers is not correct (that is, if the pinch rollers are not positioned above the grit rollers). If DIP switch SW-9 on the CM-24 is set to ON (piece material) and material with a vertical length of 100 mm (3-15/16") or less has been loaded, or if SW-9 is set to ON and there is no material over the front and rear paper sensors. You can cancel the error by pressing the SETUP key. Refer to "3-5 Loading the Material" to load the material correctly 12:00 i have the SW-9 switch on and my piece of vinyl is 24'' long it is also positioned over the leftmost grit roller correctly according to the pictures in the manual. I watched a lot of youtube videos on this and it seems like I am doing everything right. I attached a video of me doing it in case it helps. 20200808_111053.mp4
  5. Hello, all. My name is Rick and I am new to vinyl cutting. My wife has a Cricut and it seems like I took over it because of my sudden fascination in the vinyl cutting/business. I now plan to get [way] more serious and want to invest in a more advanced cutter. I am a serious believer in "buying once" instead of purchasing mediocre machines that will just lead me to purchasing "the one I need". With that said, I have been looking in to Roland and Graphtec, which appear to be leaders in the industry. I was sold on Roland first because, well, its ROLAND, but then I saw many YouTube videos on Graphtec and loved the on-board screen and looked very easy to configure. I should mention that I am in IT and pretty savvy when it comes to computers and menus, but I am all for ease of use. I recently went to a local supplier and they were recommending the Roland (GS-24) because software was easier to use, and the machine itself had American measurements, unlike Graphtec (CE6000-60 Plus) which uses metric measurements in their system. Not sure how true that is and if that is really an issue, but I made a mental note, nonetheless. NOTE: The local shop had the Roland on sale for right under $1600 (with stand), and the Graphtec was right under $1800. Maybe they were just trying to push Rolands out due to the sale they had going. So my questions are below. Please answer all or any of them. Anything helps a newbie like me and will be greatly appreciated: 1.) Which cutting/design software is more intuitive and also has more advanced features between Roland and Graphtec? 2.) Is there a third-party cutting/design software that is being used by people in the industry, instead of the factory-supplied, that will work on both machines? I am not talking about Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator. 3.) Is the metric measurement on the Graphtec really something to be concerned about? 4.) GRAND QUESTION: Which is a better cutter overall (i.e., able to cut more intricate details, on-board screen is easier to use, more reliable)? I realize that my last question is very vague. If anyone knows of any pros/cons on both, please let me know. Thanks in advance for your help! I'm eager to see your comments. -Rick
  6. Help! 1) ultra flex-lite cloud and Roland camm-1 gx300 are not communicating properly. Files sent cut in different direction than shown on panel. 2) already selected orientation/rotate icon several different times to change the orientation sent.....but didn't help 3) changed x y orientation on cutter from 0 degrees to 90 but still no go. 4) equipment has been set back to default but now it doesn't want to cut at all. 5) material is loaded properly, 6) could there be a software issue or driver problem?
  7. Hey guys, I was hoping to gather some insight and get some advice on exactly what I should look for before purchasing a used solvent printer. I first got into the sign making industry to create my own custom signage for my food concession business. I started with and still have only a cutter but I have since got into making signage for others as well as myself. Recently, I started working for a company that specializes in vehicle wraps for the concession industry as an installer and have seen the many advantages of having a digital printer. I have decided that I would like to purchase a printer for myself and have searched high and low on Craigslist for a used machine that will fit my budget. A few days ago I found a Roland SC500 54" printer/cutter for sale for under $350 and I have contacted the seller and arranged to meet up tomorrow morning. I wondering if anybody out there could give me some information on what I should look for before buying one of these machines used. What I already know about this printer is that it has sat for a few years and it will probably need new printheads, it has been converted to Eco solvent, it has heaters, in its current state it is capable of cutting, and I know that it is big, old, and slow. I did a Google search for the printheads and (please correct me if I'm wrong) found that it requires (2) DX2 printheads that aren't made anymore but seem to still be available online from a few suppliers. I have found the printheads for as low as $250 so even if they both need to be replaced, I will still be under $1000 total. What concerns me most are the other components that I am, at this point still somewhat unfamiliar with, like the pump(s), dampers, and capping station. Is there a good way to check if these other parts will also need to be replaced without the ability to print a status report? Is there anything else that anyone can think of that I should check out? Let's say that the previous owner used the printer and then, without any cleaning or flushing, let it sit for a few years, what parts would need to be replaced in order to get it up and running again? I've purchased a lot of used equipment and have come across quite a few things that weren't worth what it would cost to repair. From what I have read, even if that is the case with this printer, parting it out on eBay should get me my money back. What do you guys think? Is this a good deal? I have watched YouTube videos and read dozens of articles trying to answer the questions I've asked and I seem to remember coming across something somewhere that mentioned I should secure the heads or the carriage prior to transporting a printer. If I decide to buy this machine, it will ride in the back of my truck for about 30 miles on smooth road to my shop. Is there anything I need to do as a precautionary measure before transporting it? Thanks guys!
  8. Hi there, Well, I love the Roland GS-24 that I got from US Cutter. Fantastic, pro-quality cutter after so many years of working with a budget cutter. The trouble is, I am not much of a fan of Roland Cut Studio and have gone back to Illustrator with the Cut Studio plugin extension. I'm having a problem dialing in the crop marks as placed using the plugin from Illustrator. Couple questions: 1. Does anyone have settings for a Roland GS-24 for the crop mark (measurements) that work for a letter-sized piece of vinyl? That's 8.5x11". If you have a known-good setting, I could theoretically plug these numbers in and it should work. I want to maximize the space I can use to get as many decals per page as possible. 2. My cutter is reading the crop marks on the bottom left and right, but when it goes to read the top left it gives me a registration mark error and stops. Does this mean that the registration mark is either too high on the paper or too close to the rollers, perhaps? I'm trying to maximize usable area so I'm still trying to work out where the registration marks should go exactly. Any help is appreciated so I can use Illustrator. The biggest problem with Cut Studio is that it cannot properly read a transparent PNG, meaning that there's gobs of wasted space in the layout between stickers because the borders of the rectangular image will tend to interfere with neighboring images. With a transparent PNG in Illustrator, I can really maximize the area, even with layouts that have a staggered arrangement (not rectilinear). Thanks!
  9. i have flexi 10 and when i try cutting my sign, instead of cutting vertically, it cuts horizontally on the material which doesn't fit. I have a 24 inch roll, but the image is 30 x 21. instead of cutting 21 horizontally and 30 vertically, it does the opposite, which doesnt fit on the roll so it stops. I wasted a lot of material because of this. Any suggestion on how to fix this? Thanks
  10. JennD

    Hi from NY

    Hello Everyone! I am new to vinyl cutting & printing. I have over 10 years experience with wide format Sublimation printing. We currently have four Mimaki JV 300 64" Sublimation printers and a, new to us, Roland SP 540V VersaCamm. We are just starting to tinker with the Roland and the lovely solvent inks. The Roland is a cutting machine but it's slow compared to where we like to be ... which is or course fast! I'm glad to be here and will be very interested in learning from all of your shared knowledge as well as contributing any of my Sublimation information.
  11. Laurisa

    Roland GX-24 Cutting Issues

    Hi All, A little new to the world of cutters and vinyls still. I bought my Roland cutter second hand from a family member. Eventually, it came time to change the blade. Some of my dinosaur clip-art was showing need of dental work. Small things didn't cut well, and the dots on 'i's began to peel up. I watched some tutorials, then braved up to changing my blade with one of the Roland Cemented Carbide blades that came with the machine. It is a 45 degree I am fairly sure. I moved the blade force down to the recommended 60gf for the Premium vinyl from Stahls and moved the pen force down to zero. Performed a few test cuts and the new blade performed beautifully. Ah, the wonders of a fresh blade, I thought, excited to fill new orders. A couple of days later I came back to cut vinyl. Everything was peeling up. The cuts were dash cut. Letters were coming up. I adjusted the gf and pen force and did more test cuts until it appeared it all had improved. Next vinyl run, just as awful. Then I realized my cutting strip had a few gouges in it from a couple of times my vinyl had come off the tracks. I turned it around after placing an order for another one. Check my blade's edge, exposure, rotation, etc. etc. upped the pen force to +2 and after a few more test cuts, found ABSOLUTELY NO improvement. I am pulling my hair out now. I am getting uncut corners in the insides of Ns, Ms, Ws, etc. Letters are still peeling up to the point I wonder if my vinyl is just a bad batch with no stick.... For help, my cutter's specs are: 20cm/s 70gr 0.25mm Thank you for your help,
  12. ooodalay

    New and looking for feedback

    I would love some feedback from those who are EXPERIENCED!! Starting a new business & want to add in Vinyl/ heat press options to my work but have NEVER worked with it (minus pre-made decals). My husband slowly put away money to surprise me for Christmas to get a cutter & start, but he received most of his information from SIGNWAREHOUSE. I have been researching the last few weeks and found that I like speaking with US CUTTERS a lot better than the other companies. Not too impressed with sign warehouse, or the information they gave my husband....but they gave him an amazing deal on product. I am looking at the Roland GX-24 OR Titan 3-28" - But I don't know a lot! Trying to also compare the GraphTek but unsure of which one to go with on theirs. I like the idea of the optical eye (but is this a HUGE deal?) I like the idea of having options for thicker material being used in the future, (but how needed is this?) I need some thing easy on technology end, durable, and that I can incorporate into my business (work a lot with wood, glass, ceramic, vintage items) Looking at going to craft shows, etc... and possibly transporting this, so I didn't want anything too hefty. Budget is $2000 for everything. Need suggestions of starting tools and software that people LOVE! I like to create and have set clipart. Titan 3 comes with RAZORCUT and would like to know if others have used this and what do they think compared to other software. I appreciate ALL thoughts and comments in advance...its truly invaluable to me and I will take every suggestion and process it through! THANK YOU!! -Alie
  13. I'm trying to make our vinyl backdrops as flat as possible. I'm using profile "Vinyl 2" and have the ink consumption set at 100-125. It's the flattest finish I've gotten so far. Wondering if anyone knows a better profile with better settings for a Roland Versa Art RE-640 ?
  14. Hi everyone... Sooo yesterday I bought a new Roland 60° blade for reflective vinyl cutting. First of all, I had only used 45 deg blades before; second of all, this new blade comes with some kind of retaining ring WHICH the girl from the store told me NOT TO REMOVE. Here is a picture I found online of the same blade: ZEC-U3100 Note: I have an MH721 The OTHER thing is that, no matter how I adjust the blade offset, it just keeps making awful cuts, incomplete and rippled in some parts. I've tried changing pressure, speed and everything else and it doesn't work; nevertheless, my old 45 deg blade works just fine! Now look... I kinda figured out that the blade isn't rotating 100% freely inside the blade holder, it kinda 'rubs' the housing's little hole where the tip comes out. I think that drilling a SLIGHTLY bigger hole in the housing could solve the problem, but I don't know if it might affect something else. I also tried removing the retaining ring and there were the same results. PLEASE HELP I don't really think this is normal and that blade cost me around 40 dollars here in Mexico and I can't return it to the store.
  15. Shab

    Which one is best

    Of the three brands, which is considered best? USCutter, Graphtec, Roland Which is easiest to work with? Which has free software? Which can accept Adobe Illustrator files?
  16. MMPFrankston

    Problem with Roland Versacamm vs540

    Hello Im having a problem with my VS540. When I send a job from Versaworks it will roll out all the vinyl needed for the print/cut job, then roll it back in to the base point and then start printing and cutting. This has only started in the past 2 weeks so its obviously something somene has changed in the settings. Its not causing any print or cut problems it is just anoying( especially on the larger runs). Has anyone encountered this before and if so how do you stop it? Thanks in advance! Steven
  17. Hi there! I work at a screen printing shop and we have a Roland VersaCAMM SP-300v. What I'm wondering is can this printer print on clear transparency rolls (I'm not sure if they have a specific name)? We need to be able to print separations that are large format. Anyone out there with any information or experience in this regard? I've attached a picture of what we're basically looking for.. we get someone else to print these, but they have a newer Roland. Thanks!
  18. Hi All, Hope someone may be able to advise. I'm looking for a vinyl cutter that will also cut CARD, ideally 350gsm weight and above. Looked everywhere but cannot get clarification on this. Have seen YouTube video showing GCC Expert or Puma cutting card, but no info as to what weight the card was. I understand that a carrier sheet will be required and the pinch roller pressure good to keep traction of the material. Has anyone ever cut card on their cutter..? Any suggestion/advice welcomed. Thanks, Matt.
  19. i just buy a sp-300 printer cutter and i did not get a cd or driver whit-it i got it from a secondhand seller it whose a nice deal so i goth it but now i fond that there is no driver i contact the seller but he don't want to help me the printer did a« nice print test so i don't think there is a problem whit it but now i need i driver so the question is... do i have to by a driver? is ether free compatible driver? plz help me out
  20. This might also shed some light on these 2 vinyl cutters I had in mind to help others decide on which cutter might be for them. I have my eyes on the GRAPHTEC CE5000-60 and the Roland GX-24. From specs and such they both do the same thing but at the end I have few concerns. The key points that I like about the Graphtec vs. Roland are: For about 1,700 bucks not only do I get the stand but I get free shipping. It works very well with Corel and or Illustrator or other software like Flexi. The key points that I like about the Roland are: Name brand, been around and huge community online. Be able to find parts or able to fix it/etc. Support and Warranty? Well they both do the same stuff, with the exception of price. The concerns I have are. Can I cut vinyl with enough down-force to do the type of vinyl that it is used for Sandblasting. I will most likely be using multiple vinyls for 2-3 color t-shirt printing so accurate cuts is a must. Can I cut Magnet Vinyl (car magnet) Magnet vinyl for cars? Replacement parts are Graphtec parts as easy to find as Roland, and I’m guessing Graphtec parts are cheaper. I read something about Contouring that Roland was way better vs. Graphtec, true or untrue. What I read is Graphtec does contouring just as good. Roland uses quality bearings on metal parts (metal on metal) and Graphtec bearings on plastic (causing problems down the road) Hope that I am not asking too much of a vinyl cutter, but it would be ideal to be versed all around and put it to good use in various areas nut just vinyl decals, but t-shirts, sandblasting glass, mirrors, or even plastic.
  21. The cutter is about 1 month old purchased from USCutter. The cutter has been cutting vinyl about 3 hours per day 7 days per week since purcahse, settings are 120 force, 20 speed. The last week or so the cutter has been running 6 hours per day and this is where the problem occurs. After about 4 or 5 hours of cutting the suction fan turns off while cutting is in progress and the machine takes a 3-4 second brake and then continues cutting after the fan starts up again. This happens every 2 or so minutes and gets progressivly worse. Reseting the machine does not help and the problem only goes away when the machine is left off for the night, turning the machine off for 1 or 2 hours helps a little but does not get rid of the problem. I have a Copam that has been cutting 6 hours a day for 6 months straight and hasnt had problems so Im supprised the Roland is having an issue. The Roland is much faster at 20 speed than the copam is on 60 speed so the Roland is working harder and cutting much more. I just need to know if this is normal from memory getting filled up or some kind of machine software problem vs a physical problem. I can't have the Roland break down on me unexpectadly. Any one experience this or have any suggestions?