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  1. jamiejones78

    Where can you buy Poly Paper?

    Hi Everyone! I'm trying to buy Poly Paper in bulk. I'm looking for the stuff used in photography backdrops. Does anyone know where I can buy it and other material. Any help is appreciated! Thanks, Jamie
  2. I'm trying to make our vinyl backdrops as flat as possible. I'm using profile "Vinyl 2" and have the ink consumption set at 100-125. It's the flattest finish I've gotten so far. Wondering if anyone knows a better profile with better settings for a Roland Versa Art RE-640 ?
  3. jamiejones78

    Hi! Just purchased an Roland Versa Art re-640

    Researched what type of printer and ink similar companies were using. I'm trying to figure out how to "toggle" down the ink and if using a different profile that puts down less ink will affect the shine also.
  4. jamiejones78

    Hi! Just purchased an Roland Versa Art re-640

    Thank you for responding. I appreciate the advice and help!
  5. jamiejones78

    Hi! Just purchased an Roland Versa Art re-640

    Yes, it uses solvent ink. Hmmmm…. that would be a bummer. Might be a while before we can put out glare free darker back drops then.
  6. Awesome!!! Thank you all soooo much for the help. I'll check it out and let you know. Thank you again!!!
  7. I'll do some research. We've ordered some from other companies and it appears to be almost a flat vinyl. We probably need to dial down our ink settings also.
  8. jamiejones78

    Hi! Just purchased an Roland Versa Art re-640

    That's what we purchased, but apparently not the correct one. Was wondering if anyone out there knew of a specific brand, gage and so forth. Thank you for the response though.
  9. Hi, Just purchased a Roland Versa Art RE-640. Is there any vinyl out there that won't put off a glare when printed on. We're doing photography backdrops and the vinyl can't have any glare otherwise it will show up in the photos. Thanks! Jamie
  10. Hi Everyone, We're starting a photography back drop business and are using a Roland Versaart re-640 using echo solvent ink, printing on 13 gage vinyl material. The problem we're running into, is that on our darker colored back drops there is a substantial shine and glare. We don't want there to be any glare on the back drops, because the glare shows up in the photos, and combined with the camera flash will blow out the photo. Any help would be appreciated. New to using the machine and pretty green.