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Found 155 results

  1. Hey! I am installing vinyl decals on glass mugs at craft shows, and I am wondering if anyone has any good tips and tricks. It is super hot and humid and they are getting bubbles no matter how careful I am when transferring them. I am using paper transfer tape, but I am still having trouble with the thinner decals when trying to remove the tape. Since it is so humid the decals want to stay on the transfer tape and not the mug. I am wiping the mugs down before starting. I am being sure to tell everyone not to use their mugs for 24 hours to be sure the adhesive has time to set. Thanks!
  2. Ceddy

    Seal vinyl

    I am trying to seal a vinyl cutout to a dish. I saw online a person painted something on top so that the vinyl wouldn't peel off and I can't seem to find what product I need to use. I want to be able to cutout monograms etc and put them on some vintage dishes I have. I have used Blair spray, liquitex and several other sprays as well as heat and none of them make the vinyl not peel up. The one I have was given to me as a gift from the etsy business, but all she would tell me was that she didn't use a spray. HELP!!! Does anyone know what product I need to use. The dish I have you can't see brush strokes or even tell where something was put ontop of the vinyl, it just has no edges where it can be peeled off.
  3. I'm about to share some personal information - not my comfort zone to do that on something like this, but I would love to get advice from people in this industry. I have a day job. A very good paying day job - That I am pretty much miserable at. I have switched companies several times (private to government and back) and I think it is just not the profession for me. While I do well at my job, I just am not enjoying it or the long hours plus the stress. In comes my vinyl hobby. I have had this hobby for a while, and I have considered starting it as a side business. Selling wall decals and such on Etsy. I am finding it hard to get time to even get that going since buying my new 24" cutter since I work such long hours. I have an opportunity to do some signs and such locally coming up, and it has gotten me thinking that I could add local signs to my business and maybe go all out and do it full time. Go big or go home right?? I had originally thought I would dip my toe in and try it out, but I just don't think I have the time to spare right now with my job to do so and really give it a fair shot. I have no Graphic Design background, but I do have extensive design background in AutoCad and GIS. So I have some basic knowledge of how to technically do some things (vector design/drawing etc) but the graphic design part of it is something I know I will need to work on. I am prepared to put time and effort into learning some basics on my own and if it becomes necessary take a class at a local college. Also I am looking for a business that might allow me to work from home. I want to start a family, but I also want to have 2 incomes without having my kids in daycare all the time. I grew up with self employed parents and I know it takes alot of work and long hours, but I also was never in daycare so I see the pros and cons. This kind of thing is a choice everyone has to make on their own, but I just can't see myself working the schedule I do now and having children. So my new found internet friends, I guess what I am trying to get around to asking is can you share your general opinions and experiences concerning this sort of thing? I realize business' take a while to get going, but if I were to commit full time to something like this and give it my all, I am wondering if this is realistically something I can make a decent income at. Also, is this type of sign business stable? Those are the sorts of things I would love for you to share with me. I live in a rural area, and I think I can market to the locals (Realtors, business' and clubs and such). I can offer them a local option and save them a long drive or an internet order. Thank you! Marie
  4. Marie925

    What is this sign blank?

    I need to get another blank to match this one. It is 16-inches by 16-inches. It seems to be aluminum but in layers. It looks like the front is covered in tan vinyl and then the black is placed on top of it. I don't think the tan is part of the blank - I do believe it is vinyl. Can anyone tell me exactly what this blank is and possibly where to get one?
  5. Help me out with the pricing, please. I plan to use Oracal 651 that I have for these and 4mm coroplast. They are outdoor, but to be used at only a couple of day events. 1 - 3' x 6' Vinyl Banner, one sided, one color. with 8 grommets 1 - 2' X 6' Coroplast Sign, one sided, one color with 6 grommets 2 - 2' X 2' Coroplast sign, one sided, one color with 4 grommets each Each of these will have different graphics and text. the graphics are business logos from business cards. She did give me one 8.5" X 11" sheet of the logo for the 3' X 6' banner but it is cut off on the top and bottom and still going to require me to do some manual digitizing. Not a trace and go kind of thing. I know what my materials cost me, digitizing time I am unsure of since I am new to this... Also these are one time signs as far as I can tell. Just curious what some of the experienced professionals on here would price this kind of job at (Ballpark of course) so I know if I am way off base. Thank you!! Marie
  6. KDM_Freak

    GreenStar ?

    Hey guys & girls, So today I think I finally picked a plotter for what I intend to use it for and after talking to UsCutter for over and hour I hope I'm making the right pick. Its the new Titan (not the 2) and well I'm new to this vinyl world but didn't want a basic set up, but need all the right tools so other then the machine I figured I'd go with there Bundle kit that comes with everything I need. Now with that comes greenstar and I got a very very very mixed feeling on that brand. Please someone let me know if its worth the hassle I don't want my in home business to be ruined before it even starts. My business will be for car decals, wall decals ( I am aware there are different types for indoor and outdoor) the bundle don't say what kind just greenstar here is the link: ( ) later on when I learn enough id like to do banners and signs. - Thank you in advance -Mike
  7. SJay

    Printable Vinyl

    Hi, I have a HP Z3200 wide format printer that I print on photo paper, canvas etc. I am thinking about buying a Graphtec CE6000 to cut vinyl with. I do understand that I can cut solid colors, but what vinyl can I use that is similar to a Oracal 631 that I can use my printer to print on and then us the cutter to cut it out? Thanks Steve
  8. Hi everyone! First of all thanks in advance for any advice given. I appreciate your time and effort. I am wanting to create a cool decal for my clients they can put on their vehicles with a QR Code on them. Each QR Code would be different based on the client as a member of our car club. I am going to sell these to them, so I want them to be nice and look professional and not cheesy. Something they would be proud to put on their vehicle. My first thought would be to use vinyl and just make a vinyl decal. However, after thinking further an upgrade might be some type of a chrome emblem, although I have tried hard to research this and to see how it might be possible to do some kind of a chrome (or fake chrome) emblem where each one could be made and customized. I have some budget money to spend on this (a few thousands dollars) so I don't want to do something on the cheap and would rather even spend a little more to create a quality product. So, if you had to create either a vinyl decal with a custom QR code for each one or a car emblem with a custom QR Code, and you wanted it to be a quality item, what would you do? Thanks for your help!! Craig
  9. ShowMeCleaning

    Transparent Vinyl

    I'm looking for some transparent vinyl with color. You know the kind if I'm looking outside the truck window I don't see it but if I'm looking at the truck I see it on the back window. Looking for a powder blue and white. Easy has possible to work with. Also need to know if I can cut it on my plotter? Any help would help. Thanks.
  10. dansell

    HT55 and Oracal 631

    I need some advice. I use Oracal (Orafol) 631 and HT55 transfer tape for wall decals for a couple of years now with very limited problems and those were minimal at best. I ship the decals rolled. I recently had a customer send me pictures where the paint peeled off the wall from the transfer tape. They swear that they painted 6 months ago and used regular paint, not any VOC free, low VOC or teflon type of paints. Does anyone have any idea why this would have ? I refunded their purchase price in full but I'm wondering if there is some information floating around out there that I am missing? Should I be using a different transfer tape or is there another one that you all like better than HT55? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  11. ShowMeCleaning

    Green Star VS Oracal 651 751

    Does Oracal 651 or 751 weed easier than green star?? And why does everyone like Oracal better?? I'm a newbie and finding small letter or small cuts to really be hard to weed with green star. Is it true or is it just me.
  12. I'm trying to make our vinyl backdrops as flat as possible. I'm using profile "Vinyl 2" and have the ink consumption set at 100-125. It's the flattest finish I've gotten so far. Wondering if anyone knows a better profile with better settings for a Roland Versa Art RE-640 ?
  13. nocutter

    Avery- Gmi Vinly

    Recently I found a Store here in Las Vegas (XP SIGN SUPPLIES) to buy Vinyl the only thing they have is Avery - Gmi Vinyl so I got some (5 yards) to try can't say I like it much, It is very hard to weed, because the glue strings and lifts everything around it at first it was the blade was not set right but that is not it. Not only that, after it is weeded and taped the graphics and letters will lift if left sitting on a flat table. So I am thinking maybe the vinyl is old or something but it was cheep and no shipping,but if you can't use it what good is that? I am going to try Green Star I don't how good it would be for car windows I have Oracal 651 and that works good.
  14. My Copam CP-2500 started asking for Paper Type when I turn it on. When I select "No" so It doesn't measure, the head does not move to the left. It gets stuck on start position on the right, even if I send something to cut it just move vertical and the head goes up and down. So now for some reason I have to let the cutter measure so the head can move to the left but not all the way since it measures until the pinch roller. How can I set the cutter to move freely without measuring first as before? Thanks in advance.
  15. Hey guys I am looking for a chrome and colored metallic vinyl that will conform nicely like Oracal 651 does. I am just wondering what is out there and what my options are...UScutter's chat service was unable to help me and I couldnt purchase chrome from them! thanks! ps I dont want "metallized" or an "aluminum" look.
  16. SteelCityAirman7

    Mathews, Mission, Under Armour

    NEVERMIND then...
  17. Shwkl88


    From the album: Drum Heads

  18. Shwkl88

    Elastic Hoax

    From the album: Drum Heads

  19. Bionic_

    Im Such a Newb!!

    Hey!! I'm completely new to this whole world of cutters, and I have a US Cutter Laserpoint II. I need some guidance with the SCAL Pro software (or if anyone can suggest other softwares to use with it). I've been trying to cut this "Paul Walker" quote, vinyl decal for my car, but every time i import an image and try to cut it, it's just a complete mess of overlapping cuts. Is there any way to make the image a solid image and not have all the little random cut pieces in it (if that makes any sense at all) PLEASE H E L P & Thanks!! -Reina
  20. Emsboy654

    Medic Unit

    Here are a couple pics of a Medic Unit I recently completed.
  21. Hello, I'm a newbie poster to this forum, although I've gotten some great information from it over the years. I'm hoping I can get an answer to my current problem. I've recently moved from a US cutter to a Graphtec CE5000-120 plotter. I am using the Cutting Master 2 program to interface between my Mac G4 Powerbook (yes,a very old model, but still working great) and my plotter. I have been running a few different files from logos to designs trying to get the settings right. I am trying to print a simple design for a vinyl dance floor applique. The design is 27" wide x 117" tall. I thought I had everything in the dialogue box set right, but when I send it to cut, somewhere along the way it gets turned 90 degrees and only cuts the first 27" section at a right angle to what it should be. Here is a screenshot of the dialogue box. And what it seems to be printing is the bottom section of what is in the preview pane of the following screenshot, and then it stops. Thank you for your help. What am I missing?
  22. Please help! I am brand new to this thread so please forgive me if I am putting it in the wrong spot. I have a USCutter Model SC Plotter which I run with SCAL Pro. I have done vinyl designs on it for a couple of months now, upgrading from my personal desktop machine. The problem I am having is that no matter how I set my vinyl to feed through the machine, it keeps feeding crooked as it cuts. It basically starts out straight, but it is feeding at a slant. I have tried taping a ruler to be sure I am putting the vinyl straight, using every single possible guide line, adjusting the rollers to different widths, but am stumped. How can I make this machine feed straight? Can anyone please help me as I am losing so much time constantly correcting the angle of the vinyl. Thanks so much!
  23. Hello, im just starting to use CorelDraw for designing graphics, I have ve lxi expert software that I have been using. im designing race car graphics and I can make them using a template in draw, but I want to bring the design into my software to cut the different graphics, i'll attach a picture of a simple design of a flame decal, it is a larger decal I placed where I wanted, but there is some of the design that runs off the car and is hidden due to the template. I only want to cut what shows on the car, not all the extra of the design, or if I can possibly cut a few inches extra to help when installing them. Would it be best to powerclip the flame into the outline of the car, then just export it? not sure what works best, im sure it would be easier if I were printing the design but don't have the capabilities for that yet, just cut vinyl. Thank you for any advice and help.
  24. The right side of my image will not stay clean even if its the same points as the left. This is hard to explain in text but easy to see in the pictures. When mirroring the image and uploading them at the same time the left side is perfect but the right side is bad has any one ever seen this before. perfect in illustrator, bad in SCA
  25. MotivatedNY

    Course vs. Fine etched vinyl

    What is the better looking etched vinyl in your eyes? course or fine silver etched ? Thanks