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    Seal vinyl

    I tried a few different sprays but it doesn't seal it and some of them made the vinyl edges curl up
  2. Ceddy

    Seal vinyl

    http://etsy.me/1rIQijh This is the link to one of the listings.
  3. Ceddy

    Seal vinyl

    Yes it's as hard as the dish, can't make marks on it with my nail. There's no marks to even see where something was applied, but you can tell there's a clear coat of some sort on top of the vinyl.
  4. Ceddy

    Seal vinyl

    Yes she said it's vinyl. I'm am literally out of ideas!
  5. Ceddy

    Seal vinyl

    I am trying to seal a vinyl cutout to a dish. I saw online a person painted something on top so that the vinyl wouldn't peel off and I can't seem to find what product I need to use. I want to be able to cutout monograms etc and put them on some vintage dishes I have. I have used Blair spray, liquitex and several other sprays as well as heat and none of them make the vinyl not peel up. The one I have was given to me as a gift from the etsy business, but all she would tell me was that she didn't use a spray. HELP!!! Does anyone know what product I need to use. The dish I have you can't see brush strokes or even tell where something was put ontop of the vinyl, it just has no edges where it can be peeled off.