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Found 26 results

  1. smitay

    new to vinyl everything.

    I'm a new to it all DIY'r that quite honestly needs a bit of direction on what to buy to get into custom wrapping? I'd like to start out with small things:, shirts, stickers, corn hole boards, small landscape trailers and possibly move onward and upward. For instance which type vinyl machine or even program will be best for 3 or 4 layering or colors in a design? Thanks for the help or any advice. I appreciate it.
  2. Hi, I'm quite new to the whole making shirts and garments business and I've been using koala dark heat transfer paper and the first time I use it I get loads of little black dots on my design I'll leave a picture below. Can someone let me know why this has happened please. Thanks
  3. Abandoned & Auctioned Storage lockers - gotta love 'em. A friend of mine obtained a locker recently and it contained a hat press, which he let me have for the low-low deal of $80. And then, astonishingly, on craigslist some fellow had a case of hats for sale (60 for $70). So, I'm now about to try hat making, while all I need is some HTV vinyl.
  4. julian keller

    Heat Press pillows

    I like doing things with what I have on hand that might be a cheaper viable option. I am currently soldering together a Laser alignment setup and should be done in a few days after I finish all my other stuff(IT NEVER ENDS!). So on to this quest. I have some, what feels like high density pink foam that I think is anti-static, that I would like to use for a few DIY pillows. I have seen people using the green high density foam and checked it out. Well this pink foam is more dense that than but not too much more and i was thinking it might work better. Has anyone used this before?
  5. Recently I purchased a 15 x 15 clamshell heat press model FLHP 3802 , I believe it's working fine where time and temperature are concerned however we printed us few shirts with siser easy weed stretch vinyl after the first washing the vinyl started to peel off the shirts, the pressure mechanism of the press does not seem to hold the pressure any longer has anybody had the problem with vinyl peeling off their shirts or does anyone have this press and have encountered problems with the pressure mechanism any help or information about the problem would be helpful and very much appreciated thanks Personally I think I should be in the market for a new press. Which brings up a question what kind of presses are you guys using and what's the best kind of heat press and please keep in mind, I am a poor guy on Social Security and I only do this as a hobby and can't afford a $2000 press
  6. Hello, all. Couple of questions: What brands should I stay away from?: What brands should I look in to: BEST BRANDS: Hotrinox.... MID-LEVEL: ? LOW-END: ? Also, what features MUST I have? Which features are gimmicky? Thank you all in advance for your answers.
  7. Guest

    no honor

    Why must I AND 9 others suffer for Seller's mistake? We Clicked .. BUY IT NOW! So Disappointed Options blackmagicat Adventurer 10-05-2017 05:59:58 PM The seller backed out of a buy it now sent me a refund. But ruined my birthday. They should proof read their own add before posting. This company said they were holding a mass sale for 70% off purchase & they were selling them out at $59.99 buy it now. How do you write all that and make 10 sales & claim it's a mistake? As you can see on the add they sold 9 MORE of these. That means 9 other people got their plans destroyed by this seller. My birthday money my mom gave me is held up 9 days I have no access to it. Me and my band mates were going to use the money for a printpress to make shirts and give them away at a free show we are putting on for the survivors of the Las vegas Massacre. Well we're still doing the show but there will be no give away cause the money is all tied up now. I can't even try to do something good without it getting messed up somehow. It just sucks! Add Tags... 41 Views Message 1 of 2 0 Helpful Quick ReplyReply 1 REPLY Options blackmagicat Re: Why must I AND 9 others suffer for Seller's mistake? We Clicked .. BUY IT NOW! So Disappointed in reply to blackmagicat 10-05-2017 07:05:51 PM So this is the reply I just received from seller : signsupplycloseout Hello, We cancelled your order because the price was not correct. There was a glitch in our system that has just been resolved. We are sorry for the incident. We hope you will understand. Thanks. USCutter REALLY!!! A glitch in YOUR system? How is that the buyers fault? Honor your sales! When a buyer clicks BUY IT NOW we can't just say uh oh I made a mistake I don't have enough money to make that transaction. The money comes straight out of our account and we'd probably be banned if we did.
  8. I have the us cutter 9x12 swing arm heat press that came in a bundle with the cameo 3. I am having a lot of problems setting the temp. I'm so confused bc I have no idea what PV & SV stand for. Is the pv number my temp or the sv number. When I set the temp the only number that changes is the sv but the pv has the Fahrenheit symbol next to it and it continues to get higher and higher after I set it. I'm ruining shirts & wasting htv. The instructions are no help
  9. Got my new 15x15 clamshell heat press this week. Gonna use it for the first time today. I can't find much info on it. My only question is the thick black pad that's in it. What's that for? It was stuck to the top platen originally, but I noticed it fell off. Is it supposed to be on the top? I'm thinking it was just stuck there and it's supposed to be on the bottom and that's what you set the shirt on. I just want to be sure. Thanks
  10. I am applying small embroidered American flags to the back of a hat. The problem is the mesh part of the hat next to the flag being applied is melting. Is there a heat resistant material that I can place over the part that is melting to protect it? Sewing them on is time consuming and tedious. See attached image. Thanks, Jack
  11. andygeekboy

    Newbie Question

    Hi All, Newbie question here. I've bought some siser easyweed to play around with, I don't have a heat press so would it be possible to improvise with a regular iron? Thanks
  12. michellew58

    Question Heat press startup

    Received my 15 X 15 clamshell. Before using for the first time, should I heat it up first? Read on social media that one should do a burn off before bringing it in the house. If yes, what temp and time? Thanks!
  13. KDM_Freak


    So I'm ready to purchase my heat press and really excited did my research pretty well (so I feel) but I still can't decide on a press. I'm not really willing to drop big bucks like I did when I started vinyl (even though I did make my money back, took a little bit) I saw a lot of make sure this and that and I believe this press has all I need and it looks like they give bonus items which is a nice little extra to get it started. I'm concerned that this one don't get hot enough at 500 degrees but I see it does have the knob for pressure .. Also is this site good I feel like us cutter would be the only trusted site out there for equipment. Please all feedback is welcome & even post up some other presses you would recommend Thanks again lady's & gents -Mike
  14. mlganey

    Which Cap Press to get?

    Help! I'm a firm believer "You get what you pay for" is the Hotronix Cap Heat Press the number #1 option? I just purchased a fusion not too long ago, so would rather not spend $800 for a cap press right now...but is there any other brands/models that you'd recommend? Thanks!
  15. Hi I'm new from Western NY. I have a small business where I need to add something more to the shop. I was thinking of making personalized mugs where someone can bring in a picture and add that image to a mug. I was also thinking of doing plaques,and plates. I also have seen wine glasses with some sort of decal added such as for weddings: names and dates. I just don't know what I would need equipment wise to do these. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated! I don't have a big budget to work with so if it's several different set ups, which should I go with first to get started? Which would be cheapest to start off with and on a beginner level?
  16. CreativePlethora

    New to heat presses. Please help.

    Hello All, I'm in the market for a heat press and I've been researching a lot on here and other sites for the past few months trying to narrow down my choices. I will be starting out doing t-shirts as a hobby using a vinyl cutter and my own designs but I hope to add sublimated products in the future. I've read that SunIE has entry-level presses that seem to work well. I've narrowed it down to these two.. I know many people start with a 15"x15", but I would like to do designs that cover more than the top half of an adult shirt which is why I'm considering the 16"x20". Are these two good options as a first press? Or should I consider something different? I would like to stay under $400 for the press itself. Thanks in advance for any and all opinions P.S.- I'm sure the Hotronix Fusion is great but it's not in the budget and currently there are no used presses from bigger name brands available on my local CL site.
  17. ShowMeCleaning

    Heat Press 5 in 1

    Anyone have or know anything about the 5 in 1 heat from uscutter??
  18. I know one thing was not set right when I printed it, the high speed was on. What other adjustments need to be tweaked for best results? Epson 7510/CISS/Cobra Ink The botton pic is how it came out and was washed once, looked the same before washing.
  19. I am in the middle of a shirt order and the vinyl doesn't want to peel away from the plastic. I've never had this happen before. I have tried increasing the temperature and time but it doesn't seem to matter. The only way I can get it to release is by pressing very hard with the weeding tools and carefully peeling away. I am using the Siser EasyWeed in white.
  20. Hello Everyone! I have decided to exit the shirts side of the business. I had done shirts for 5+ years and it is the part that I liked the least (not really sure why!!) so I have finally decided to sell it to pay off a student loan (recently went through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University at my church). I am located in Indianapolis, IN. I would rather not split up any of this but I would be willing to separate the cutter. If you are interested, please send me a message at c(underscore) This is a snapshot of what I have for sale. Please contact me for specifics: 232 Gildan 50/50 shirts - White, Ash, Black, Red, Navy Over 115 Feet of 15" Siser Easy Weed Heat Press Material - Black, Green, Navy, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow Creation PCut 24" Cutter/Plotter with Stand Sunie 15" x 15" Heat Press
  21. kelliann

    20th year

    From the album: Random Projects

  22. cmaxey

    Shrinkage problems HELP!

    Having some issues with my Geo Knight 25s Heat Press. I'm sublimating lycra blend fabric panels, and have two different heat presses to work with. The 25s is shrinking the fabric excessively, and causing the color to come out very saturated and darker than when pressed on the other machine. We've tried pressing anywhere from 300 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, at anywhere from 25 seconds to 1 minute. Any help would be much appreciated, as i am up against a deadline and cant find the answer anywhere. Please Help!!
  23. Here is a little video I did with a time lapse of weeding a project for a shirt.
  24. weeatboi

    heat press

    Hello everybody, I'm getting everything together to start doing vinyl printing and wanted to know can you use any type of heat press or are there ones specific for vinyl printing??? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  25. I am curious- I am ready to buy this week and I am a newbie but have been reading for a while. I would like to buy either the copam 24in or the zencut 24in. (zencut color is ugly- geez). I have a mac pro 8core with mac Flexistarter 8.5 v2 on my home computer (bought from uscutter last summer- got some vinyl as well) and I intend to cut vinyl so I can make signs. This will be my main cutter for a while as I grow - I do want to make this into a full time business at some point. {In regards to above and below: Not sure how contour cutting comes into play here - but maybe someone could guide me. } I also want to make designs that can go onto t shirts and hoodies. I need a heat press as well (want swing away) and 120 power. Be nice if I got one that in the future can work with hats - don't think I would do mugs, buttons anytime soon. Thanks in advance.