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  1. Hi all, What is best a swing away or a clamshell heat press ?
  2. bobinlasvegas

    Hat Heat Pres

    I was thinking of that cap press also but I got the Siser Cap Press It was more money $398.00 but it works and works very well. Check it out you can't go wrong with this press it also has different sized lower platens.
  3. I think it is something with the pressure I am going to see how much the parts are and replace them, but they may be as much as a new press some one told to look at a Trans Pro press it's 299.00 so i don't know what to do at this point
  4. I checked the temp. with a thermometer gun and it was a little off but not by much and the shirts were washed before pressing with just soap and water and it was pre pressed also we live in Las Vegas NV. and it is very dry here anyway. the pressure adjustment does not feel the was it did when we got the press now when you turn it to the right it will start to get tight but as you turn it right it will loosen up so I think it may be something with the pressure adj.
  5. I have this press and use Siser stretch and it comes off after the first wash . How would you tell what the problem is ? I do know the pressure knob feels looser than it did when we got the press a few months ago. when you turn it to the right for more pressure it will start to get tight if you turn it more it lets loose. US cutter was no help when I called. They were good but know not so much, I am going to stop buying from them because I can't have 200.00 tied up in junk equipment
  6. Recently I purchased a 15 x 15 clamshell heat press model FLHP 3802 , I believe it's working fine where time and temperature are concerned however we printed us few shirts with siser easy weed stretch vinyl after the first washing the vinyl started to peel off the shirts, the pressure mechanism of the press does not seem to hold the pressure any longer has anybody had the problem with vinyl peeling off their shirts or does anyone have this press and have encountered problems with the pressure mechanism any help or information about the problem would be helpful and very much appreciated thanks Personally I think I should be in the market for a new press. Which brings up a question what kind of presses are you guys using and what's the best kind of heat press and please keep in mind, I am a poor guy on Social Security and I only do this as a hobby and can't afford a $2000 press
  7. bobinlasvegas

    Cutting strip

    I just changed my cutting strip I used Scotch Double sided tape It works But what a pain. You should not have to add anything the cutting strip should be ready to install when you get it I don't think I will order from them anymore their support is no good anymore also
  8. bobinlasvegas

    HTV on ribbed cotton t-shirts

    Thanks Wildgoose
  9. Can one use htv on a ribbed cotton shirt ? I have a friend that want's me to do some for him but it don't look to me like it would work.
  10. bobinlasvegas

    Rear Window Size

    Hi Guys, Does anyone Know the size of a 1996 Chevy Impala rear window it was a police car. I have a friend here in Las Vegas that wants a window decal for her business here for her son's car. I can't measure the window because the car is in San Francisco Cal. and we are here in Las Vegas Thanks
  11. bobinlasvegas

    once in a lifetime

    You can take a selfie with him any time you just have to be male and naked