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    Ok whats the weirdest way and times you have drummed up business and made $$. I hate to admit it, sitting on the john, with my phone, and just made $120 in orders off facebook.
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    But, you got invaluable hands on practice and now have a good idea of what 3D printing is all about....and a better idea of what equipment you need to make this profitable. Not purely wasted time....and your money back too! Sue2
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    Can't argue with that, but on a small scale for a new business, it's much easier to use a bit of time than spend a bit of money. I haven't posted anything this month on facebook now, due to referral business growing and no available time. On a side note, I bet its close to equal time to do what I do and reach about 5-10k people, as it would take to place a paid ad. Still have to create it and upload the photo. To me, time spent doing nothing is not worth anything. For new guys, with plenty of free time, it's an easy way to build a customer base. Edit: I don't mean the OP is new; just thought some new guys might run across this thread for advertising ideas.
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    Trying to find a nice little starter machine somewhere around the $500 mark just to test the waters in my area and see if it's worth investing some real money in....I am not new too machinery by any means, I currently possess 2 3d printers , A laser cutter/engraver , and a CNC machine.....They have kept me very busy but I am kind of the only game around at the moment.....There are several sign shops in my town and they all offer vinyl....I am kind of tired of out sourcing what little vinyl I do need and it's another service I can offer to my own customers....Thank you in advance for your help and guidance..... Mike
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    Have not posted any work in awhile due to be busy with regular life and some vinyl work and switching jobs after 9 years. Did this for a lady..
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    I'll measure mine next time I go up to it. Try to stay away from the mailbox, much as possible.
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    Maybe she was thinking cartridges.
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    OK, Mike, you realize that the transfer tape rolls in the bundles are only 6" and 12" (and have a total value of around $23)? Also, you indicated this ---"As far as I'm concerned if it lasts for 6 months I would have gotten my money back out of it..." So, yeah, the LPII would do that, assuming you earn $100 a month from working with it. And likely give you much more than 6 months of good and reliable service. USCUTTER has sold thousands of those machines, and they are indeed the "proper" one for the people who own them. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vinyl-Cutter-Bundle-Sign-Cutting-Plotter-w-Sure-Cuts-A-Lot-Pro-Design-Cut-/300804523526
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    You can do what you want but the MH is the bottom and you really do get what you pay for. If your feeling like tossing away the value of the MH just throw it ($$$) my way and I'll send you a few free vinyl decals and we can call it even. LOL I too would recommend the LP2 or at the very least the SC model. You don't need a wider format than 24" vinyl for what you will be doing. The super value cutters (especially the MH) aren't going to be accurate enough to regularly do work larger than than anyway so something that will handle 24" is enough. Most vinyl you will purchase will be either 15" or 24". There are wider rolls but rarely used even amongst us regulars. Like was mentioned earlier for a few hundred extra you can have a machine that you may never even have to replace depending on what you do with it. In fact it's probably poor business to buy the bottom and then upgrade to the almost bottom so you should upgrade way up if you do it at all. I started out with a P-Cut which is no longer offered my USCutter but was similar to the LP2 they now offer. It did a surprisingly good job once dialed in. Couldn't do production runs because the memory was low and it had a tendency to wig out from static on mount-itme cuts but for here and there I did a ton of business for a couple years until I finally landed a huge job that needed many hours of cutter time so I took out a loan and upgraded. If I just did the occasional job here and there I might have kept the old one.
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    The work obviously belongs to someone else. Perhaps contact the seller for purchase of the vector? Or, create your own, similar one from scratch? Just need a few boundary measurements and a hood foto.
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    That's Awesome....My mother is a nurse
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    LOL I'm a Biomed for a hospital. I may do the same thing.
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    I am an I.T.guy for a hospital during the day so I am not ashamed to say I drum up most of my business and even draw most of my artwork on my PC at work while I'm on the clock. A lot of times I even sneak out to decal a vehicle or something...
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    Ok...found out about the platen cover issue. Now I got to start work for a few hours and study. I played with Inkscape only about 1/2 hour before I had to leave. Hmm.....lot of tutorials, thank GOD!!! Besides that, and looking up the user manual for my new computer (to cheap to give you one, you have to download it. I'm old school, I like the paper in my hand. Printed out 80 sheets of the user manual....All telling me how to change out the hardware inside the computer....yeesh....Now I have to look for the ACTUAL user manual....Probably won't need it anyway..... Well, I might disappear off this thread for a few days while I go look up stuff. Hopefully the next post will show you more progress and not more questions Don't worry, I'll still be here in mind and spirit, reading the rest of the forum
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    If you look at a company like ACP Technologies that will print sublimation transfers for you, their prices range from $4-6 per 13 x 19" sheet, depending on amount of coverage http://www.acp.com/support_transfers.htm Transfer sheets in that size are less than $0.50 per sheet (the large paper I use runs me $0.39 per page + S&H), so the big expense is how much ink you'll be putting down, and if you're using Cobra Ink sublimation ink in your printer, then your total cost per page will be under $1.00 (probably much less). A full set of replacement inks for my printer is less than $100 (and I'm using 6-color inks, so it would be even cheaper for a 4-color printer) and I know for a fact I can get a lot more than 100 13x19" pages out of a set of inks (probably more like 300+). So the big question is, what is your time worth to set up this job, hit print and sit back until it's done, then manually examine each page. Add in a little for wear and tear on your system and you've got your answer.
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    I'm with Wildgoose. I don't know what the numbers mean on the value cutters, but I run slower, and have great cuts....
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    Just an FYI. I don't know what your speed range is on your cutter. My Summa goes from 50mm/sec up to 800 and has a another turbo-cut setting that bump up the speed even more. I run mine without the turbo-cut and down at 200 most of the time. If you allow your cutter to take it's time it will produce better results and this will be even more magnified on a lower budget machine. I can't keep up with weeding what it cranks out at 200. I had a large job that I decided to run it really fast to try it out and it cut fine but throwing the vinyl back and forth that hard actually caused a few crinkles down in the catch basket that never happen at a reasonable speed. Just my $0.02.
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    this is staceys mothers day and early 25th anniversary
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    I like the graphtec craft robo pro, CE5000-40, ce6000-40- dont own one though. Edit: these arent known as craft cutters
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    Silhouette Cameo works well for this.
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