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  1. PatrickR

    Need a little prayer of hope from my friends

    Prayers sent...
  2. PatrickR

    My first two projects

    Very nice!
  3. PatrickR

    A very special shirt I made.

    It's a life changing ordeal for sure. It seems like yesterday we brought our daughter home. She graduates high school in less than two months. Take lots of pictures along the way and enjoy the experience. Congrats!
  4. Awesome- downloaded- THANKS!
  5. PatrickR

    race cars

    Nice- I particularly like the last one.
  6. PatrickR

    Font help needed

    No luck here...
  7. PatrickR

    First Attempt at Blasting Glass

    Thanks, folks I blasted a jar last evening using some off-brand vinyl. It worked well, but the vinyl was noticeably thinner when I finished. This really is addicting...
  8. I volunteer as a high school archery coach and it was time for senior night. We needed something to present to our graduating archers. I found these 7.75" glass trivets at the dollar store (for $1) and decided to give them a try as a plaque. I used 8 mil sandblast vinyl cut on my Graphtec and placed the stencil on the textured side of the glass. Blast media was 80 grit aluminum oxide from Tractor Supply shot at 60psi.
  9. PatrickR


    Try this...
  10. PatrickR

    clip art and tracing

    Graphtec Studio is all I use with my CE-6000. The problem you're trying to solve is an easy fix. When you choose the Trace tool, you'll see you have 3 options in the Apply Trace Method window. You should be choosing the Trace Outer Edge option. When you get the trace that you want, select the object and do a Save to Library to keep it for future use. I have a library full of tracings that I've done with this program.
  11. PatrickR

    Need A Little Help Please

    You're welcome
  12. PatrickR

    Need A Little Help Please

    Try: Florencesans SC Comp Bold Scroll down the page a bit to find it.200 CharactersTTF
  13. First, press the decal to the transfer paper with a some force to help adhesion. Then lay the decal face-down and peel the transfer paper back flat against itself.
  14. PatrickR

    Font Help

    No luck with my search of Find My Font...