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  1. Go-C Graphics

    Hello everyone

    Hi Arty.
  2. Go-C Graphics


    HAHA You already thanked them back in February 19, 2014.
  3. Go-C Graphics

    How to apply a 78” vinyl decal so it’s level

    Just what I was going to say.
  4. Well, I cheated on my son's project. I can't draw so I had the plotter do it for me. 2022-08-25 21.04.11.mov 2022-08-25 20.46.15.mov 2022-08-25 20.32.22.mov
  5. Engraver mode....... Got it. I found the setting. It's under the plugin button. I knew it was around there somewhere. Thank you MZ Skeeter
  6. Using vinylmaster. Over the many years of using the plotter I thought at some point I did this. I want to use a pen or marker in my Graphtec and have it draw a picture on some kraft paper. Of course, I can get it to do the outline of the drawing just as it would cut vinyl but I'm trying to remember how to get it to fill in the area as it's shown in the vector file. For example, I can get it to draw a square but out do I get it to fill in the square to make it a solid fill box? Does anyone know where the settings for this are?
  7. Go-C Graphics

    This all looks the same, what was Updated?

    If I remember correctly over all the many many years I've been on this forum something like that always happens over labor day weekend.
  8. Personally, I prefer to remove the rivets and reinstall them over the vinyl.
  9. I linked to the moment she talks about using a plotter but the whole story and what she does with paper is amazing.
  10. Go-C Graphics

    Package not delivered

    At this point, I'd be pissed. You've reached out to UPS and Uscutter and no one wants to reply. I think too many businesses are blaming covid. Customer service can sit at home and answer the phone in their underwear so there's really no excuse. By now they should have it all figured out. I'd be calling my credit card company to dispute the charge. By now UPS is scamming you (No surprise there) and USCutter (as the seller) isn't putting in any effort to help.
  11. Go-C Graphics

    Cutting rubber sheet?

    I've cut gasket material on my laser but never on my plotter.
  12. Still have the SRT8 Chrysler and I'm hoping to take it to the track soon. The time came to buy a newer vehicle and I wanted to make sure it'll tow the 2-ton beast to the track. Looking around for a dodge ram and dodge really screwed up flooding the market with their stupid quad cab. I wasn't about to buy a truck that I didn't fit comfortably in the back. Only 1 out of 10 rams I saw in my budget was a true crew cab and there was always something wrong with it. Ford on the other hand was killing it in the crew cab arena. I found plenty of nice examples and settled on the one I wanted. 2011 Ford F-150 FX2 with the 3.5L Ecoboost with only 70K miles on the clock. Black on Black with leather. Now I can comfortably tow the car to the track and not have to worry about making it home when I break it. So far the Ecoboost is giving me 16mpg around town and only needs regular gas. That alone saves me $70-80 a month in gas savings because I no longer have to run premium.
  13. Go-C Graphics

    Remembering Mr 300

    You are an amazing human being Arty-RC. I can only hope that if the day ever comes and I'm gone someone treats my wife with the same care and respect you're showing her. Even after the years click away. Mr 300 is surely smiling down at you for thinking of his wife. This reminds me I'll have to let him know I finally bought a Ford. But I'll start another post for that.
  14. Go-C Graphics

    Go-C Graphics

    Here are a few hats I made. Real leather engraved and cut on the laser. I glued it on with E6000.
  15. Go-C Graphics

    Go-C Graphics

    There is no "Right WAY" of doing it. This is just the way I do it. The Text is cut at low power and high speed to mark the acrylic. This makes positioning the letters easier. As far as glue goes E6000 is my go to glue now. It works on everything, has alot of stickyness to hold, and dries pretty fast. I used it on this and also leather patches on hats. I'll post a picture of those later.