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  1. Macon Innovations

    Treat Wood

    Check out
  2. Macon Innovations

    Looks like a good deal?

    I use the Dollar store mugs for messing around as well....The would be really nice mugs if it weren't for the lines were it comes out of the mold....But what can you expect for a dollar....
  3. Macon Innovations


    You can not weld an image like that.....It will weld the square background as well being as it is part of the image
  4. Macon Innovations

    Runner Bibs

    Does anybody know a source for the runner bibs? The little number plate thing runners wear in a marathon..... Thanks Mike
  5. Macon Innovations

    Way off topic - Jet Hover Board

    That's Awesome
  6. Macon Innovations

    cheapest multi color shirts?

    Sublimation only transfers the ink to the shirt.....It is essentially dying the shirt.....There is nothing to crack or peel....You can't even feel a difference on the shirt in the areas of the graphics....The major downside is it doesn't work on dark colors.....The lighter the better.....With full photo quality on whites.....DTG is a different process entirely
  7. Macon Innovations

    Mug Suppliers

    I've had great luck with coastal for mugs
  8. Macon Innovations

    security guard badge

    By reading what she has written I would guess she is wanting to etch a badge on a tumbler....I have a couple files at my shop I will post in a little while
  9. Macon Innovations

    cheapest multi color shirts?

    I've also been sublimation on 50/50 shirts.....The colors are not as vivid.....But the pricing is way better.....Kind of gives it a washed out look.....
  10. Macon Innovations

    curved monitor

    I went to a 60" Sharp Aquos For a monitor.....Im ruined for life now.....This is before I moved my equipment in....
  11. Macon Innovations

    Found a glitch

    My XPT hasn't updated in over a year now
  12. Macon Innovations

    curved monitor

    Not a monitor but a friend has a curved tv and I didn't notice anything out of wack when I was watching it the other day....
  13. Macon Innovations

    Layering 4 layers and bubbles

    So are you removing the app tape after you put the layers together?
  14. Also look in wire frame mode and make sure there is nothing hidden in the design