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  1. knucklehead

    Shipping Large Decals/Stickers

    The triangle Priority boxes/tubes, from the United States Postal Service. You can get an 8 foot long graphic in them, no problem. The cardboard rolls your vinyl comes on, makes a good shipping container, too.
  2. knucklehead


    I printed a guy some stuff a couple years ago, and went over to see the process, in real life. It's pretty more involved than what they show on UTube, and such. To do it right, you almost need a paint booth, to base, and clear. They're as bigga steps, as the actual dipping. Cool process though.
  3. knucklehead

    Pot Call Anyone

  4. knucklehead

    2 color decal runs
  5. knucklehead


    Best septic truck ever...
  6. Hey i'm new here but, did you ever hear from the guy trying to get help from dropBox and he would send you the email for a whole bunch of cut files? I would like the files to so any help would be greatful. Send to greatly appreciated

  7. knucklehead

    55 Chevy

    55 chevy.eps
  8. knucklehead

    Lilly Pulitzer vinyl

    Go to Google Images, punch in Lilly Pulitzer Vinyl, there's a lot of places selling it. A lot on Etsy. May, or may not, be licensed?
  9. knucklehead

    Epson p800 Ultrachrome HD ink

    You could, IF, you could get the shirt to go through the printer. That's all a 20k DTG printer is, with addition of being able to print a white base.
  10. knucklehead

    What is a Vinyl Sticker and what is a Vinyl decal?

    Those are the cheaper versions, of 'premium vinyl graphics'.
  11. knucklehead

    Cheapest way to Cut question

    Back in the days, before 200 dollar vinyl cutters, we used to use single edge razor blades/ X-Atco knifes, to cut paint mask, and stuff. Pretty cheap.
  12. knucklehead

    Car or Motorcycle Vinyls - fading?

  13. knucklehead

    Laptop power

    Thanks. I didn't think I was getting away just buying a new cord.