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  1. how do i get the section the reads im gonna let it shine read left to right but on the same circle please ?
  2. mrfibble

    What are your favorite brands of vinyl and why?

    oracal 651 and oracal frosted 8 something something something
  3. mrfibble


  4. mrfibble

    Not new but coming back

    Welcome Back
  5. mrfibble

    Cameo Cutting matterial

    nope, still taping them together
  6. mrfibble

    name or something similar please......

  7. the sketchy type letters please font squirrel didnt find it cheers
  8. mrfibble

    Not new but heres the intro

  9. mrfibble

    font help please

    Cheers I'll look for those once I get home. Does not have to be exact just close enough David
  10. mrfibble

    font help please

    Tried font squirrel but nothing close Any idea please
  11. mrfibble

    help needed with a jpg. ...

    cheers ill show her tomorrow
  12. A friends dad has this company... Can anyone tell me a easy way to convert it to just black and white. .... no shadows but keeping some detail so the Dino still looks like a Dino Make sence ?
  13. mrfibble

    gifts for a mate update

    oracal frosted glass reveresed and on the inside of a frame and up on their wall
  14. mrfibble

    Hello from San Antonio

  15. mrfibble

    New to the community