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  1. Molan_Labe

    New guy from NY

    welcome from the Bayou
  2. Molan_Labe

    My Vehicle

    Thanks hhsg, In due time you will get it done. Just due a little at a time.
  3. Molan_Labe


    I second that.
  4. Molan_Labe

    What a day

    Not me Dakota, I just have a bad back. I'm still able to work though, Yeah your probably thinking of Primal.
  5. Molan_Labe

    What a day

    Thanks Primal
  6. Molan_Labe

    What a day

    Today was a good day, Welding on two 400# a piece tooling to go for off shore drilling.
  7. Molan_Labe


    thank you bro
  8. Molan_Labe

    Mug Shots

    lol topper
  9. Molan_Labe

    Mug Shots

    Thanks again
  10. Molan_Labe

    Mug Shots

    Hey Dakota can you delete the mugshot one I made yesterday or combined the two? Thanks in advance Molan
  11. Molan_Labe

    Mug Shots

    Wow that's great keep up the good work. Believe it or not I got hurt on a job in 2001 and was getting steroid shots in my back, I put on so much weight was up to 298#. Well that picture of me on here was last October. I lost all that weight, back down to the weight I wanted 200#
  12. Molan_Labe

    Mug Shots

    The other photo one is pinned, I just seen it.
  13. Molan_Labe

    Mug Shots

    I couldn't agree more....
  14. Molan_Labe

    Mug Shots

    LOL, that's just cruel.
  15. Molan_Labe

    Mug Shots

    Thanks dakotagrafx, I guess I'll show my mugshot then lol