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    Call Superior Graphix the phone number is right there. mark-s
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    Think of it this way -- the basic technology of all cutters was developed back in the late 1950's by Hewlett Packard, and the plotting programming is still a variation on HPGL. The developer of SignBlazer (Jerry Bonham) was a programming wizard and knew how to incorporate all sorts of drivers for cutters into his little sign-making application -- all based on the HPGL standard (or DMPL). Although your cutter is "old" it still functions EXACTLY like any newer one you will purchase. The only advantage of getting a standby unit is to avoid waiting two or three days for a replacement to arrive in case yours decides to fail. Since these things are mechanically fairly simple and robust, failure is not something you would really expect (unless a motherboard craps out or something electronic of that nature). If I was in your position, I would be setting aside a bit of cash every week from all that work, in a "Fund" that can build up over time until you have an amount sufficient to go grab a Graphtec.
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    I Do Have Help Lol. So Its Kinda Hard To Forget.
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    I'm just trying to find possibilities, This Graphtec Cuttiing Controller is for your CE5000- also. LOL. That is what it says... His problem is with the arcs. Circles, ovals I have never changed any of that stuff. My cutter cuts great also. I only change speed.... force once in a while.. Mine cut great out of the box 8 years ago.
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    All I have right now is VE LXi 8 Apprentice, it works with vector graphics. Just doesn't have any warp tools, and I cant import a file and convert it to vector or vectorize it....
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    Hatter I also use 120 ao from a pressure pot at 20-30 psi as it give me more time to etch deeper without tearing up my resist. I have also found that to much pressure can mark the glass behind the mask without tearing it up so you don't notice it until you are finished and cleaning the glass that it is ruined. That is just my preference but it works for me. I also like to use at least 1/4 " glass because I can go deeper without worry of breakage. Alot of my pieces are cut as deep as cheap picture frame glass is thick. I don't pay for my glass so I have the luxury of using at least 1/4 " on everything. This piece is 3/8" etched to about 1/16. Hope the info helps Bob
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    Hatter the problem you are having is the main reason that I etch from the back. You can etch deeper and that helps catch the light but I also use the 12 volt led lights, they really catch the light and make the etching pop out. Bob
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    Ok man...I just installed Opencart yesterday..gonna pm u on some stuff I need help with.
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    I took a cardboard file box and made dividers out of coro when I did mine
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    When I get my office straightened out I'll post picture to show you I am displaying it Butch
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    Glad to see all of you guys are here.... I missed you guys.... Even the ugly ones ; )
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    <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="latitude42" data-cid="364774" data-time="1405212866"><p> Dated and time stamped is NOT copyrighted... you have to file for a copyright and receive it. Can't blame him for trying though.</p></blockquote> That is no longer true. As soon as you write it down or type it in, it automatically receives an automatic copyright and the rights holder can issue a cease and desist. You are free to challenge that order and it will be on them to prove their case. If they take you to court and try to sue for damages over willful copyright violation , they can only do so if they have officially registered the copyright.
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    Firegirl will this work for you? I do a lot of etched glass for fireman where I live Bob SHIELD (1).EPS009.EPS
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    I'm hoping it's simple. Had a nice order to do today and i can't.
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    And now what happened to Rodger? Haven't seen him here now in quite a while...
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    Welcome back Ash!
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    Welcome back.
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    Who got kicked? I Missed it
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    Welcome back!!
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    Ash! Welcome back! I just left you a not in the win8 thread. I have no idea who's still alive but I heard there was some kickin goin on for a while Now where's the rest of the folks???
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    another idea if it is metal is to remove the ao and spray the bottom with this stuff to make it more slippery - I use it under mower decks and on the snow blower chute. it makes it slick http://www.tractorsupply.com/en/store/ez-slide-graphite-based-coating-12-oz-aerosol