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  1. djque

    what font is this

    looking for the dallas cowboys font used on this hoodie
  2. djque

    Shirt Orders

    I have done shirts 1 color front and back for $7.00. did 500 for a club. 500 shirts $600 1 gallon ink $60 $3500 -$660 Profit in pocket $2840 still half the gallon of ink left grey shirts black ink 1 hit. took 3 1/2 hrs. its good to have a silkscreen printing business.
  3. djque

    Need font help

    that was it Mark thank.
  4. djque

    Need font help

    I tried but nothing. I asked the place that has it. I'll see what they say.
  5. djque

    Need font help

    looking for the 12 font. how the numbers have the cut in them.
  6. djque

    Need font help

    Looking for this font It's a a popular mx font with the swish in the letters
  7. djque

    Anybody know what font is this

    Yeah I figured that.
  8. What a steal ill give you $600 lol
  9. djque

    Anybody know what font is this

    Looking for this font
  10. I have a question. I'm trying iron a number on a under armor shirt. How do I iron it on properly without ruining the shirt even more ?

    thanks Mark Scafariello 

  11. Here is the finished design ready to go.
  12. refresh it I had to re upload it in yellow background as the black was colliding with the blue.
  13. Here is a file I just finished doing for the 4th. got a lot of request for it.
  14. djque

    Heat Press Temp for Screen Printing

    I usually do mines at 350 for 40 seconds but that's after they have been thru the conveyor dryer.
  15. djque

    Need this font

    thanks that was it