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  1. Just for kicks, try Signcut. That way you know whether it is Scalp. It does import .svg files as was already stated above. Export your file from SCALP as an .svg file and import into Signcut.

    Prizm Cutter Engraver Pen

    Both cutters are showing now, as well as the etching tool in stock, Says (2) Seattle
  3. That is for you to choose which software you want to use. It is a user preference. Different levels for different cutters for different operating systems. Mac or PC. Your going to have to look it up. I use Flexi software with my Graphtec. There are other soft wares that you can purchase. And some FREE. The cutter has a user manual. You need to take time and read and do research. As well as youtube videos. This is considered a skilled job for a reason. It's not a plug and play job.
  4. Everything you need is at Look up your cutter.

    Full version Signblazer Download (all cutters)

    You have to have a program to open and extract it. I just downloaded it. I have Windows 7. Look for a FREE file extraction program online.

    Prizm Cutter Engraver Pen

    There used to be 2 sizes of cutters also. But I only see 1 size now. It shows the smaller cutter in the ad. But no way to buy it.

    Prizm Cutter Engraver Pen

    Yes, I saw that also. At first when they did the intro, I thought it was just a 24" table top. UNTIL I looked at add stand. No way would I want a 24" table top cutter.

    Prizm Cutter Engraver Pen

    This? It is not in stock yet. Bottom of the page for the cutter.
  9. Your CE5000 is not listed, try one of the lower ones. Maybe they will work. Maybe not. You may have to buy software. If all you need is cutting software. And you have Windows, you can get Vinyl Master.
  10. Your welcome. I hope you can get things going.
  11. Here is a link for Signblazer. It will start downloading when you click on the link. I don't know what mess you created.
  12. Which COMMAND do you have the cutter on? It has to be on GP-GL for Cutting Master. It would be fine on Windows 10. You can even run that cutter on FREE Signblazer, If on Windows. If you try Signblazer, COMMAND has to be on HP-GL.
  13. Which cutting software? Have you set the cutter up to your software? Have you plugged the cutter into your computer and tried to cut?

    GCC to Graphtec force

    There is not set in stone force numbers, Force is determined by how you set up your blade depth to the vinyl that your using. How many different vinyl thickness are you using that you have to keep changing the force on the Graphtec? I only change the force up a bit to cut Avery chrome from Oracal 651. Force also differs as your blade wears down. I may only bump it up 1-2 . If you are using different vinyls. then doesn't the CE LITE have different conditions to set it on? Most Graphtecs have 8 conditions that can be set on the control panel for different types of jobs. Force. Speed, etc. Right on your cutter. Or write it down for your different vinyls. This is how to set your blade depth correctly. To start with, you should set your blade depth correctly, by taking the blade holder out of the machine, and firmly cut across a piece of scrap vinyl, you will be cutting. You should only be cutting the vinyl and barely a mark on wax paper backing, Adjust blade to get there, Then put the blade holder back in machine, and use the force of the machine to get there, same results, only cutting the vinyl and barely a mark in wax paper backing. You should just barely see and feel the blade tip out of the blade holder.
  15. All of my Graphtecs show up in the printers. So what is your problem? They have a real USB connection.