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  1. aguilar

    Vinyl Express Q Series

    Found this video
  2. aguilar

    Craft Robo Info

    Thanks Banner John !
  3. aguilar

    what is Novram Init ?

    Follow these steps to reset your Graphtec cutter to Factory Defaults. 1 Press and hold the UP arrow while powering on the cutter. 2 Release the arrow after a few seconds or when the cutter displays : 3 Press 1 for Default Settings 4 Press 1 for Set Default 5 Press 1 to Continue and the cutter will go back to factory defaults. The cutter will display the following screen for a few seconds, indicating that it has been reset to factory default settings. 6 Once the display returns to the Default Setting screen make the following changes: • Select #3 and set the Command to HP-GL. Press Enter to save the setting. • Select #4 and set the Length Unit to Inches. Press Enter to save the setting. After completing those steps turn the cutter off. Wait a second or two then power the cutter on as normal.
  4. aguilar

    Printable vinyl

    is this a good vinyl ? GreenStar 3mil Aqueous Adhesive Backed White Matte Vinyl does anyone have a picture to see the finish product ?
  5. new link thanks to all for your support and help to get more space !
  6. aguilar

    Swapmeet find

    is it the same ?
  7. aguilar

    Omega Tempo 600 (Graphtec?)

    will Cutting Master work with the gerber tempo 600?
  8. I still need the files for dropBox signup.

    1. Vectorman45


      I need your email to get you the credit!!!

    2. Vectorman45


      DropBox asked for your email so they can apply credit!

    3. Vectorman45


      I'm looking for somebody who has the super bundle and others from signtorch! willing to trade.

      and the software designEdge by plasmaCam not the 3.11 version