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    Here is the latest piece that I just finished after almost 10 Hours. It is 24 x 36 x 3/8 glass. Heavy as heck to work with in the cabinet. The man is going to install this in the wall with led lights around it that he can change colors and use a remote. When he first called he wanted ducks but this was what he ended with. Sorry for the bad picture
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    Jay sometimes you just have to make the time. I have very little time also with trying to help take care of my 92 yr old mother in law. I have had to give up the vinyl side of doing the lettering, I only do some work for my old customers now. I mainly do the glass just to maintain my sanity. I can to out to the shop and when I start on a piece I can forget about the other problems for a while. I can not work any more because of physical problems so it makes me feel like I am still able to do something. Alot of the pieces that I do are not for a customer. Most I will just give to friends. Who knows may be there will be a piece headed your way
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    I too would like to see it following install, Cal
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    Nice as always. I complained I didn't have room to blast but now I have tons of room and zero time. Just can't win.
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    I'm only part time but it happens to me as well. I have so much I'd like to do for myself but when I have the time for it I hit the creative wall. I can get a phone call with a request and an idea and my wheels start turning almost instantly. The next day I'll have two versions to choose from. Not sure if it's the money or desire to please the client or what but it does seem to come easier when it's for a client. My wife is probably right when she says it's because I am my own worst critic. I'm sure that goes for most of us.
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    Thought I would show some of the cutting boards I did for customers
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    Yeah your cutter does not function like a printer. You must use a secondary program for cutting. Sure cuts a lot will work and there are other options but they cost money.
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    Double check here and made sure you followed all of the instructions. http://www.uscuttersupport.com/uscutter-titan-setup.php You don't state what cutting software you are using, but if your using Sure Cuts A Lot, here is the website and tutorial info for it http://craftedge.com/
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    I will try my best to put down the steps as I remember them for the #3 result. #1. Create both text and design. #2. Copy and paste both text and design so you have 2 of each. #3. Create a box (from the shapes library) around 1 text, center both the box and text to the page and merge. #4. Now center 1 design to the page (which should be centered over the text box) and pic front minus back, set that aside. #5. Center the other text to the page, then center the other design to the page. #6. pick front minus back. #7. your design should fit in to the void in the text. I hope I have explained this so it is understandable. Donn
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    I keep 15" in the 50 yard rolls, and 10 yard rolls of the 24" in the basic colors. Special order what I don't have in 10 yard rolls...normally have what everyone wants
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    Wanted ducks and ended with a fish? That's a hell of a change. Looks great. Would love to see it after he installs it in the wall.
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    nope - my spelling and grammar hasn't improved - but I correct free
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    The computer screen is the example. If you want a prototype that will be a triple charge.
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    Yea thats true. I find it a little slow but I know they will have updates weekly. I like the new layout.
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    +1 on what WG said mark-s
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    Sounds pretty specific and unique. I'd say you about >0.01% chance someone is going to have this design. That leads to the next question, are you thinking you'd kind of like other good people to waste their time with this so you don't have to? (your words not mine) There are several people on the forum who crank out a lot of free stuff but IMO if someone is capable of doing it themselves and has a pretty good idea what they want and is going to be making money off said project that they should at the very least offer to pony up some coin for the work. It's a little different for a total newbie that really has no clue yet or to throw out ideas when someone has an artistic mental block. I'm not trying to flame you or offend you in any way but please don't take advantage of good peoples free time just because you don't want to waste your own.
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    i have a nice 24x36 one i got off craiglist for $100 it was 150 miles from my house tho but it was worth the $20 in gas in my mom's ford focus to go get it heheh
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    Check your local sign supply stores. Do a search online for your area..
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    <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="THEJTINS" data-cid="378183" data-time="1416917415"><p> express2100 nailed it. you from around here?</p></blockquote> Nope I'm just extremely intelligent ............ the three second Google search gave it away. Nice work by the way!
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    Threw this one together... WingedSixShooters_03b.svg WingedSixShooters_03b.eps
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    That looks really cool, would probably make a great christmas present for someone who likes to cook or be the vegtable cutter.
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    I did this with an iron for my niece and its still kicking....but I would not do it for a customer. My luck it'll peel off in short time.
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    Looks good, I am assuming you did a mirror of the graphic and put it on the bottom of the board? where did you find these boards at? looks like something I could do for some Christmas presents.
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    i started off with a two MH 721's i totally understand now, that i have a graphtec ce6000-60
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    Another grandma pleaser candle jumpers.eps