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  1. PhatStacksMIA

    Decals on Scuba Tanks

    Wouldn't the salt water ruin it? I guess its for your brother...try it out!
  2. PhatStacksMIA

    Black Friday Deals

    Any deals on vinyl rolls?
  3. PhatStacksMIA

    Transfer tape ?

    Just found out bestblanks is 3 miles away from me ...checking them out in a few days!!! Good call Mz Skeeter!
  4. PhatStacksMIA

    Transfer tape ?

    If I would need transfer in an emergency. ....where woulx I be able to go and get some. Is there a store thay would sell this? Perhaps Michael's or some craft store?
  5. PhatStacksMIA

    Transfer tape ?

    Ok cool. I bought my cutter to do mainly htv but I've fallen in love with doing decals lol. Im fighting the urge to kill my car with them lol
  6. PhatStacksMIA

    Transfer tape ?

    Is it possible to do a 14in design with 6in transfer tape. Is it okay to overlap the tranfer tape in order to make it enough for the 14in design?
  7. PhatStacksMIA

    Presentation Question

    @sue2 - I like your idea of bringing some smaller freebies to the meeting. I dont want to seem desperate trying to sell there. If they like it, they will buy it from me regardless if I have it there or not. I have til Dec 10th to get my "presentation" right
  8. PhatStacksMIA

    Want to try the T-shirts

    I did this with an iron for my niece and its still kicking....but I would not do it for a customer. My luck it'll peel off in short time.
  9. PhatStacksMIA

    Presentation Question

    Lol you have your smallest advertiser working hard for you...I think you need to cut a check!
  10. PhatStacksMIA

    Presentation Question

    @JonnnScott - I was thinking of having some with me. Possibly might be able to sell some the day of the meeting. Maybe 1 of each design.
  11. PhatStacksMIA

    Presentation Question

    I mentioned on a previous post about my daughters school interested in purchasing some decals. They have invited me to their next ptsa (parent teacher student association) meeting. My question is....what should I do? Should I bring some decals ready to go or should I bring my laptop to show what designs I have made? How should i display them? This might be a big lead for me being they asked if I do shirts as well.
  12. PhatStacksMIA

    wet method installation

    Dry install was a lot easier in my opinion but thanks for the tip on using tack!
  13. PhatStacksMIA

    quantity ?

    Sounds good. Only reason I would even think to give a small discount is because my daughter goes to that school.....but your opinion does sound like a good ome!
  14. PhatStacksMIA

    quantity ?

    Not difficult at all to weed and only 1 color
  15. PhatStacksMIA

    wet method installation

    I tried yesterday installing a decal using the wet method for the first went horrible. The transfer tape felt as if was going to rip because it was wet, then the actually design, once applied, moved around when I was trying to squeegy it and broke apart. What are the correct steps for this?