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  1. jaybyrd

    Ioline cutters

    Anybody have any experience with this brand of machine? I see a lot of them come up for sale and have never heard anything about them
  2. jaybyrd

    Hard Drive recovery

    All right here is the problem I have a 3.5 sata drive that just stopped no warning. This was an external drive and I have it out of the case and have tried direct connecting it but the pc doesn't register that it's there. So my question is there anybody on here with the skills to go deeper to recover my data. If you can do this pm me and let's talk prices. This is very important to me so if you are qualified let's tslk.
  3. jaybyrd

    water repellent?

    I did some hats a couple years ago. It was a weird waxyish coating but it pressed and stuck. Had me concerned but never had a customer complaint so I can only assume it stuck on there, BUT hats are cheaper to mess up than Carhartt's if there is a problem.
  4. jaybyrd

    Lost but now found

    I'm back !!! Anybody miss me lol
  5. jaybyrd

    Lost but now found

    Was in North, SC. Need to update that thanks for reminding me. Now in Lawrenceburg Tn
  6. jaybyrd

    Lost but now found

    I found the end of the earth but I held on
  7. jaybyrd

    Lost but now found

    At least it's not just another career politician lining their pockets. He's got far more experience at lining his pockets
  8. jaybyrd

    Lost but now found

    I am aware. Glad my vote was counted.
  9. jaybyrd

    Lost but now found

    Moved to the land without internet. Just got it turned on today finally after months and months
  10. Can anybody point me to some directions for contour cutting with the LP2 and scalp3. I looked for a while and didn't find what I was looking for. Need something step by step from start to finish. Thanks in advance, Jay
  11. jaybyrd

    Brodek and Rhodes closing

    I believe that is called free enterprise. I have swallowed up a few small shops and they are doing things the same just at a larger scale.
  12. jaybyrd

    VinylMaster Cut Question

    Yeah I keep forgetting I bought mine before uscutter got involved with them. Whole other situation there,
  13. jaybyrd

    VinylMaster Cut Question

    I can't speak for cut version but xpt gave me a separate download to design and save on as many pcs as needed but only cut and print on 1 pc.
  14. jaybyrd

    vinyl peeling

    I've done hundreds if not thousands of windshield banners with 651. The only times I've ever had issues is when the glass has something like rain x on it or wasn't properly cleaned. There was one exception with a windshield that had one area that no matter what we cleaned it with the vinyl would not adhere to that particular section and we ended up designing around it but 1 out of thousands isn't too bad.
  15. jaybyrd

    Graphtec help needed

    I can screen in a 10x10. It's cramped but I have done it before.
  16. jaybyrd

    Graphtec help needed

    6600 square ft down to 256 square ft is like going back to working the flea markets.
  17. jaybyrd

    Graphtec help needed

    Not sure where it would fit. I'm doing a mockup now to see if I can get everything operational in a 16x16 space. Going to have to be creative.
  18. jaybyrd

    new spam tactic

    Got 1 but you already whacked him by the time I saw it.
  19. jaybyrd

    Graphtec help needed

    Dumped my 30" on the new owners lol.
  20. I've manually contour cut with starter 10 so I can vouch that it will work however I found the process a bit slow.
  21. Under text, font plugins, font detective. Not sure if it is included with every version of vm or not but worth taking a look.
  22. jaybyrd

    womens tank top question

    Umm I don't think anybody wants to see me in a tank top, not even me lol.
  23. jaybyrd

    womens tank top question

    Tanks vary so much in design that we usually just mock one up to see where it looks right and go from there.