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Found 9 results

  1. I've always wanted to have a custom shirt shop and I would love some input from anyone that works specifically with vinyl. I'm literally starting from scratch. I need to get a solid vinyl cutter w/ software compatible with my Mac. Reliable and precise and I'm willing to invest as I know you get what you pay for. Also, the reason I was going to focus on vinyl heat transfers only is because I don't want to worry about ink fading. Any ideas, suggestions or comments are appreaciated. I was looking at purchasing the Titan 3 but then again, I've just begun doing research on heat presses and vinyl. Warranty, repair fees and maintentance are things I still have to look into as well. Glad to be a part of this forum, thanks again! Side Note: I'm a new dad and my son turned 1 year old this year and I'm the only one working since my wife recently lost her job. Being able to earn that extra income for my family is what is driving me to make this buisness a success.... - Rick
  2. Hello, looking for this answer but other than the help file I have not found any information on my question. In the Automark Cutting Module, there is an option at the bottom left to check for "Auto Start". Giving the ability to start the contour cut from the cutter by hitting the speed key on the cutter. However when I check the box a message comes up "polling cutter, press speed button to start", I set up my cut to the correct point and hit speed up or speed down arrows and nothing happens. Is my current cutter not compatible with this option? Me being me, I have tried EVERY button on the cutter just to make sure I didn't miss something. Cutter: Titan3 w/Arms software: VinylMaster Pro v4.2 thanks, Damon
  3. Hello I have a titan 3 vinyl cutter, i printed some text on a HP Latex 365 i did the contour cut option, everything printed well with registration marks. When i put it in my cutter and give the command to start it does not red the markings just passes on top and on the screen it says marks not detected, even if it detects the line one time when it goes for the second registration it misses it. Can someone tell me what i can do?
  4. Has anyone ever had a problem where their Titan 3 stopped cutting? Turn the power off, and then turn it back on and the cutter carriage just slams into the side of the cutter and you have to turn it off? Thanks, Al
  5. I have VinylMaster Cut. Titan 3 cutter. Trying to use contour cutting. But the cut is way off. I have tried time and time again to "calibrate" so that it cuts correctly. How do I set this up so it cuts correctly?? I am sick and tired of the lack of support for both this cutter AND VinylMaster Cut. Can anyone help?? Guide me to get this calibrated?? Arrgghhh!
  6. I just got my Titan 3 15" today and can't wait to get started! HOWEVER, I will want to use it in my truck on-site and I'm VERY surprised to see NO tag showing it's UL listed, what voltage it uses and what the current used is. Isn't this required by law??? Of course, I can put my KiloWatt meter on it but why is there no tag??? It doesn't even say where it was manufactured. Very strange to see no labeling.
  7. Hello, I am having extreme problems registering a contour cut on Printable Glitter Heat Transfer Material on out Titan3 ARMS Plotter. It seems that the plotter will not recognize the printed registration marks possibly because of the reflective qualities of the material. It passes the registration marks up and starts looking along the edge of the material or refuses look go find them at all. Has anyone had this problem? I have found a work around but it involves a lengthy process of adhering white calendar vinyl onto the glitter material and then printing, then cutting. Too much time. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance. Charlie
  8. I have recently purchased the 53" Titan 3 to primarily cut sandblast mask. I have used multiple 60 degree blades and tried various speed and force settings. I am wondering if I just do not have the proper combination. We have used lasers in the past to cut our vinyl but have decided to try the cutter route. We know multiple other companies that use and have always used cutters only to cut their mask. They have much more expensive cutters, but was really hoping, based on what I've read, this cutter would work for us. The images attached were cut at 350 force, 150 speed, with a 60 degree blade. the depth is perfect, just a very sloppy cut. Any and all help wold be appreciated.
  9. I am sorry if the answer to this thread is somewhere else. I could not find it. I had a Titan 2 and Sure cuts alot pro 3. I sold it along with the software and bought a Titan 3 which came with Razorcut. I have a ton of Scut3 files I can not use with my new software. Does anyone have an easy way to convert these files to be usable with my new software? Thanks!