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    Graphtec 8600 vs 9000

    Canada , Montreal
  2. mihaidimitras

    Graphtec 8600 vs 9000

    MZ SKEETER Yes thanks for your help.
  3. mihaidimitras

    Graphtec 8600 vs 9000

    Yes you are right perf cut that is what i meant but int the description for the FC 9000 : CONTOUR & DIE CUT Separate tool positions for contour and die cutting ensures the longevity of your blades and cutting strip when creating decals and graphics that are effortlessly popped out of sheet and roll media.
  4. mihaidimitras

    Graphtec 8600 vs 9000

    Small incision cuts all around the media witch allows to easily poop out the wanted decal with the backing on.
  5. mihaidimitras

    Graphtec 8600 vs 9000

    This is why i want to buy a different cutter, everybody recommends FC8600 and says it's meant for this kind of jobs. The Titan 3 is a great machine but for regular vinyls. Does not works perfectly for thicker ones like HIP or diamond grade not so much in my practice. And i think the advantage of the Graphtech is the die cutting what Titan does not have .
  6. mihaidimitras

    Graphtec 8600 vs 9000

    yes i did try multiple passes and the blade holder starts to get clogged with dust like particles from the sheet . It struggles especially when cutting words.
  7. Hello guys I'm trying to decide what to buy and will need your help on this( Graphtec 8600 vs 9000) . We already have a Titan 3 cutter in house that works perfectly for vinyls but to cut thicker materials is a problem. HIP 3930 is the main material( all prismatic and reflective materials) , i need a machine capable to cut this material in big quantities . I have no experience in using this machines maybe some of you who works with this machines every day could give me some pro and cons for this machines and which one is better in long run. Thanks in advance .
  8. Hello I have a titan 3 vinyl cutter, i printed some text on a HP Latex 365 i did the contour cut option, everything printed well with registration marks. When i put it in my cutter and give the command to start it does not red the markings just passes on top and on the screen it says marks not detected, even if it detects the line one time when it goes for the second registration it misses it. Can someone tell me what i can do?
  9. mihaidimitras

    68" titan3 not scaning for registration marks

    hi i have the same problem i have a HP Latex 365 for printing and a Titan 3 cutter, so it printed the image i need to cut on a 3m 3931 reflective sheeting with registration marks. Everything printed perfectly, but when i feed it into the cutter to read the markings it does not see them. Please help . Thanks
  10. mihaidimitras

    help cutting reflective vinyl with the titan 3

    Hi i have the same Titan 3 and the same material 3m 3931 for me the setting that works is pressure 650- 675 and a 60 deg blade. Instead using a lot of material just use a piece and the test button until you get a perfect cut and the depth that you need and go from there . The second option would be to cut twice( 2 passes on the same path) .