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    Power Tag??

    Yes, UL is a US thing. I had the misfortune in a former life of having to deal with the UL as well as DOT regulations. Insurance companies and the NFPA can get very picky if a product is not UL certified. Even the European version of the UL stamp, the CE stamp, does not satisfy them. While the UL 'blessing' isn't required, it makes it much more difficult for a company to sell their products in the US without it. That's why the UL is so rich.
  2. tjnamitw

    Power Tag??

    Thanks, Dakota! I looked everywhere (well, I guess NOT) and couldn't find it! I see labels on everything electrical in my house and it's ALL made in China so there should be labels. Maybe not UL, but ...........
  3. I just got my Titan 3 15" today and can't wait to get started! HOWEVER, I will want to use it in my truck on-site and I'm VERY surprised to see NO tag showing it's UL listed, what voltage it uses and what the current used is. Isn't this required by law??? Of course, I can put my KiloWatt meter on it but why is there no tag??? It doesn't even say where it was manufactured. Very strange to see no labeling.