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  1. joefraga

    Cant get this right. Help please

    Didn't see that. Guess I wont be doing it now. Thanks for the help!
  2. joefraga

    Cant get this right. Help please

    Theres no copyright. I just didn't want to spend time having to figure out what fonts those are. Was hoping someone could do it quick and easy. I appreciate the help. I'll get to redrawing it. Thanks!
  3. No matter what I do this logo comes out choppy. Any other picture I vector comes out fine. Can someone help? Thanks in advance!
  4. joefraga

    Scut to SVG or similar

    I appreciate the offer. I would hate to put anyone through that. If I get hard up I may have you do a few for me. Thanks again!
  5. joefraga

    Scut to SVG or similar

    I figured as much.
  6. joefraga

    Scut to SVG or similar

    I have more than 100. Maybe closer to 200. I was hoping there may be a way so I could do them myself. Guess i'll see if I can get a trial copy.
  7. I am sorry if the answer to this thread is somewhere else. I could not find it. I had a Titan 2 and Sure cuts alot pro 3. I sold it along with the software and bought a Titan 3 which came with Razorcut. I have a ton of Scut3 files I can not use with my new software. Does anyone have an easy way to convert these files to be usable with my new software? Thanks!
  8. joefraga


    Just replaced my Titan 2 with a Titan 3. Along with it came Razor cut. However all my designs are in .SCUT format because I was using sure cuts alot pro. Anyone know if there's an easy fix so I can use my SCUTs with the new software?
  9. joefraga

    Need help with vectoring

    Wow I didn't expect you all to put up so much work. Thank you very much! IM all set. And if there were a tip jar I would definitely put some money into. Even more if the boss likes the decal.
  10. joefraga

    Need help with vectoring

    I did that. Still comes out looking like garbage. Was hoping you guys might know how to make it cleaner. Thank you.
  11. joefraga

    Need help with vectoring

    I get what you are saying OW. What I am saying is I cant get a good vector out of it and need some help.
  12. joefraga

    Need help with vectoring

    This is for that shop. One of the employees, or at least that's what he says, wants a decal to show his boss. They currently do not sell decals. I wouldn't do copyrighted material. Don't see why anyone would want a decal to a bike shop bad enough to steal it.
  13. joefraga

    Need help with vectoring

    Can someone help with this vector? I tried on inkscape but it comes up blank. Looks like its coming up blank here as well. All the customer has is a .png The logo on can also be found here.
  14. I need this image vectorized. I am willing to pay. For some reason my illustrator wont open and I don't have time to learn inkscape right now as I am on my way to my real job. Hit me up with your price and details and i'll get you the money via paypal or any other method you ay have.
  15. joefraga

    Need help with vectoring

    Wild Goose, Thank you! That was such a big help. Normally I do just go looking for the font and recreate it but figured I would try vectoring it for the practice. Again I appreciate all the help!