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  1. Corel has finally officially released Update 1 on 7/20/2017 for Coreldraw Graphics Suite 2017. This is a MUCH needed update and improves stability and operation. Release Notes On What's Fixed: http://www.coreldraw.com/en/pages/patches/cdgs/2017/update1/ Direct Download (76.9 MB): http://www.coreldraw.com/en/pages/patches/cdgs/2017/
  2. PixelPusher

    Copam 2500 & windows 10 ?

    I am only on Windows 7 (by choice) but I think you should try and update the FTDI driver. They support all kinds of OS versions including Win 10. You can get the latest drivers from here: https://www.ftdichip.com/FTDrivers.htm and specifically the Virtual Com Port drivers (VCP) v2.12.28 ( 2017-08-30 ) from https://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm Bookmark that site. That's the real deal with always the latest working drivers. Oh, and a tip, look in the comments section in that table and download the executable. It's a text link and very easy to miss. Absolute worst case is you can probably use Oracle VirtualBox to setup a VM environment for Windows 7 as a guest running in a Windows 10 host configuration. But I haven't actually done this myself, just read about it. I didn't want to go through the hassle of Windows 10 and so I stayed on Windows 7. My stuff just works... You may need to contact Vinylmaster and get some help from them too (whoops missed that you already tried this in your initial reply - I'm doing too many things at once). It could be they need to update their software too. Who knows.
  3. PixelPusher

    Full version Signblazer Download (all cutters)

    I love bumping old threads...information is still very relevant and valuable (since the same questions keep popping up) so...bump, bump, bump! Bookmark and visit: http://www.uscuttersupport.com/downloads/Software/SignBlazer/ It lists the PDF manual (40 MB), signblazer_elements_trial.exe (34.8 MB) and signblazer_setup.exe (35.1 MB) If you've already read this thread from beginning to end you'll have a good idea which version is which.
  4. A heads up. SignCut Pro 2.0 Final has been released. It is now out of beta officially. You can download a three week trial from http://www.signcutpro.com the old 1.96.7 version website can still be accessed from this URL: http://pro1.signcutpro.com/ The Windows version is a 94.4 MB download. The Mac version is 21.4 MB in size so that's kind of interesting how much smaller the installer is... Note: Their new website is horrendously slow now and one of those Wordpress templated, heavily Javascripted, vertical scrolling forever monstrosities with giant fonts and massive web graphics (as seems to be the rage by every web script kiddy) so be prepared to have things crawl to a snails pace.
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    SignCut Pro 2.0 Final Released June 17/2017

    Thank you Mz Skeeter for that informative screenshot. At least that's a start for pricing. However, I can't fathom getting charged for cutter width! Are they kidding? WOW! Vinylmaster (pick your version) looks better and better all the time...
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    This link has some windows 8, 8.1 and 10 information that may be helpful to installing the driver. https://support.uscutter.com/support/solutions/articles/14000030240-mh-mk2-driver-download This is the main support page for the MH: http://www.uscuttersupport.com/mh-series-vinyl-cutter-setup.html
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    I saw a parts on Aliexpress (at least for a CP2500). I got my second pinch roller there a year ago or so. Might want to do a search. Aliexpress is reputable, I've bought lots of stuff from there over the years. I see there is no motherboard now, but they did have some. They do have a power supply... Here's the link I searched out. https://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?catId=0&initiative_id=SB_20170727122054&SearchText=copam Perhaps contact these guys: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Original-Motherboard-With-Serial-or-USB-Port-for-All-Copam-Vinyl-Cutters-CP2500-3500-3050-4050/107033_32401526384.html
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    SignCut Pro 2.0 Final Released June 17/2017

    So it's been a month now since they officially launched SignCut Pro 2.0 final (since June 16, 2017). Their new SC2 website STILL doesn't have prices up, a shopping cart, or mention that the dongle edition of 1.9x DOES NOT SUPPORT SignCut 2.0 (saw this blurb buried on the SC1 website). So I think that means the SC 1.9x dongle holders are out of luck with 2.0. Not that I have a SC dongle or anything, but still, if I had one, I'd be mad since it says "lifetime" (lifetime meaning only for 1.96.7 it seems...LOL!) All in all their new website is such a mess that I can't see how they're getting any sales on 2.0 except on repeat customers whose licenses have expired. I can't believe this company has taken such a nosedive after launching their new product. There is no sales information on the 2.0 website. If anyone can find a price, let me know because I've been through every page and link on it and found nothing of value... They also do not have an export plugin for Coreldraw 2017 and SignCut 1.9.7 yet...Probably won't either and instead push 2.0.
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    NEWBY HERE Please help

    One thing to keep in mind when using these trace tools is to keep your node count down as much as possible. Trace programs introduce a whole soup of extra nodes. Not only will the large amount of nodes increase file size, it will slow down your cut jobs too time wise. You will end up having to manually clean them up or else you can get stacked nodes over top of one another which can lead to unexpected double cuts. This is a factor when sending out artwork for CNC cutting of letters for example. Double cuts on a CNC will most likely destroy the substrate at that particular area and lead to an expensive re-cut. Trust me, I know this from experience...clean up your artwork after using any trace tools and use as little amount of nodes as possible for curves. Trace programs are a great starting point (and I like them), but go through your traced artwork very carefully afterwards...
  10. PixelPusher

    CorelDraw 2017

    I'm using 2017. I quite like it. I do use a drawing tablet and it works fantastic with 2017. In fact, I use my tablet way more now to the point my mouse drawing skills are getting rusty. There was a serious bug in early 2017 release for selecting and editing text from pre 2017 CDR's to the point what when zoomed in on the text, your selection highlight made it impossible to know what text you were selecting to edit. Some text would simply vanish too. There is a 2017 ( update patch floating around on the Internet that solves this problem however and greatly improves speed on opening the programs. Why Corel hasn't officially released this update (and I'm NOT referring to the Hotfix 1 update either) on their own English North American support page for 2017 is disappointing however...the update was distributed on an official foreign Coreldraw web page however so that's how I know about it. With the 19.1 update 2017 is working very well and stable for me now. Before this update 1 "service pack" I would NOT recommend it at all though...
  11. PixelPusher

    Coreldraw 2017

    I posted this elsewhere but Cutting Master 4 plugin has been released (since June 2017) http://www.graphtecamerica.com/cutting-master-4-download-windows It supports Coreldraw 2017.
  12. PixelPusher

    Problem cutting with CorelDraw 2017

    Cutting Master 4 plugin which supports Coreldraw 2017 is out now. http://www.graphtecamerica.com/cutting-master-4-download-windows By the way, in my opinion, this is one of the major drawbacks of staying on the "latest version" treadmill that's pushed hard by Adobe and Corel. Your workflow essentially stops until your cutter vendors get around to updating their plugins. For this reason alone, I don't upgrade to the latest version on any computer that drives physical hardware UNTIL a functioning plugin is released. Though you can install more than one version of Coreldraw and have them work side by side, it's a pain when saving versions that are compatible. Adobe Illustrator CC2017, CC2015.3, CC2014, CS4-CS6, CC Corel CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017, X8, X7, X6, X5, X4
  13. PixelPusher

    Dead Computer

    If your hard drive isn't dead, you can put it in a USB enclosure and use it in your new computer. You can often buy used computers for next to nothing too and then put that drive in too. If you have a friend close by, you can see if you can connect your hard drive to their machine to see if it powers up. If it powers on, chances are good it will still work. The computer is always replaceable, it's the data on the hard drive that's not easily replaceable unless you image your computer using software like Macrium Reflect (there is a free edition that works just fine) or Acronis True Image. There is even an open source version of a hard drive imaging software called CloneZilla http://clonezilla.org/ Having an external hard drive is essential for disaster recovery...maybe it's a good time to buy an enclosure and use this drive as data backup drive (image library). These imaging suites can even restore a working machine to dissimilar hardware. Restoration takes minutes instead of days the old fashion way... Anyhow, it may just be easier to contact the vendor for another key but there is always other solutions if you want to dig further. If you want to research YouTube on how these various imaging software suites work, it will greatly enlighten you.
  14. Hopefully this becomes a sticky but the latest FTDI (Future Technology Devices International Ltd.) VCP (Virtual COM Port) drivers for both the COPAM and IOLINE line of cutters (it's possible more cutters use the FTDI drivers too and if so, then these will work for those cutters also) available on Windows, Mac and Linux (More operating systems available on their site. All versions including 32-bit and 64-bit) can be downloaded at http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm Be sure to look at the far right Comments Section of the table to find the link named "Available as a SETUP EXECUTABLE" to download to have the easiest way to install the drivers. There are installation guides for all OS's too. Note: FTDI VCP drivers work for all Copam and Ioline Smartrac series of cutters. These drivers are constantly updated. Check back occasionally to refresh your drivers.
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    SignCut Pro 2.0 Final Released June 17/2017

    Found some information that says as a 1.x user upgrading to 2.0 will be fine. https://signcut.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/19000054068-i-m-a-former-customer-and-i-want-to-use-signcut-again-what-should-i-do- " When SignCut Pro 2 has been released no new SignCut Pro 1 license numbers will be created. To SignCut up for SignCut Pro 2 please visit our official website. " So it looks like they are pushing 2.0 to everyone from here on out.
  16. A heads up, SignGo 1.20 has been updated finally as of June 17, 2017. The cutter devices list has been updated too. Change Logs Page on Website (Details changes to builds): http://signgo.com/index.php/downloads/4-free-30-day-trial/5-signgo-pro-v1-20-zip/changelogs SignGo Pro 1.20 FD (Flash Drive / Dongle Edition ONLY) Download URL Note: SignGo doesn't publish this URL any longer on their website for some reason, which is extremely frustrating to legitimate dongle owners (like me) so BOOKMARK THIS UPDATE LINK! Otherwise, if you don't have a dongle edition, you can use their latest 30 day trial build to update your existing regular license installation. Version: 1.20 Date: 2017-06-17 Saturday 10:36:00 - Amended Vinyl Express Cutters to include blade offset support - Added Roland GR Series - Tweaked Creation PCUT CS series (added @ to reset string and changed start strings) - Added Vinyl Express R Series II - Added Redsail RS360C/450C/500C - Added GCC Jaguar 5 Series - Added Mutoh ValueCut Series - Added Roland GS Series - Added Calortrans CT60 - Added Goldcut JK Series Upgrade Instructions PDF Look below for a PDF I created that details the download and update procedure complete with screenshots and all relevant information to help you upgrade and get going again. Save this PDF file in your archives as it's super important! In fact, if you have the FD version just copy it over to your Flash Drive itself - it's got 8GB of free space on it after all. SignGo Upgrade and Download Links.pdf
  17. PixelPusher

    SignCut Pro 2.0 Final Released June 17/2017

    That's a very good question that I can not answer as I haven't tried things out yet as my sub ran out and I've not renewed though I might if I decide to do so after the trial expires (once I get around to installing it and testing it). The information on their website is very sparse with concern to 2.0 in general and none whatsoever with regards to upgrading from 1.96.7 to 2.0. My inclination is that it will work fine if you have a current 1.96.7 subscription but that's just a guess. I can't imagine Whisqu killing all their current 1.x customer base with the update. My suggestion is for someone to try it but only after backing up their computer first. I would suggest Macrium Reflect Free edition https://www.macrium.com/reflectfree or another imaging software (Acronis True Image, etc). That way you can restore to a working computer state in case things don't work out as expected. These days I don't install or upgrade very much (outside of web browsers, plugins and extensions) without doing a computer image first. FYI, on the 1.x website, the renewal options for subscriptions in the store are also drastically reduced from what they offered originally. It would also be my suggestion to download this initial release and archive it. Even if you don't plan on updating for a while. Experience says initial software releases will be updated as soon as bugs are worked out but sometimes you want the original releases and/or older releases. Once things are updated, the old releases become rare. Anyhow, I think things will flesh out over time here as it was just launched or as soon as customers update and share information.
  18. PixelPusher

    Need help with putting a vinyl layer on a magnet

    Lots of good info here so I'll add some that's applicable to pretty much all substrates (and application in general). One thing I've noticed in my rounds is that a lot of people don't use double-sided adhesive tape (the red plastic backing type from 3M, can't remember the exact name of the product but it's about 1/4" wide) to first stick to the table and then to a substrate (parking sign blank, magnet, shape-cut substrate for 3D layered signs, etc...) to keep things from moving around, then, using the hinge method to apply either cut vinyl or digitally printed vinyl to the substrate (in this case a magnet). Wet application definitely helps but it's not necessary if you know what you're doing and confident in your green frog taped vertical hinge on the vinyl. Using a fan on the magnet afterwards once the application fluid is felt squeeged out helps dry things faster. The trick to squeegying is to always make smile shapes (u-shapes) and never frowns (upside down u-shape). Start from the middle of your vinyl and do a half smile (u-shape) to the right, then do the left side u-shape half smile turning the felt squeegee so NON FELT SHARP SIDE is always facing away from you and NOT on the vinyl. It's tricky to describe but there is a bit of a hand dance going on. Practice first...I don't know why it is but that's the rule I was taught after screwing up LOTS and it's never failed me since. Like instant expert level applications...the slower you go, the more perfect your outcome will be. Oh and for wet apps, the sun can help too to remove excess moisture and it can also assist getting out tiny bubbles that you don't want to needle pop. Sometimes, you may be able to use a heat gun too to help remove some blemishes or trapped material (hair, debris, etc) that you strategically and surgically cut out of a design (helps lamination film especially). You have to be very careful with a heat gun (because it can stretch and melt the vinyl quickly) but it can improve and smooth things to about a 25-30% visual improvement. Sometimes that's all it takes to go from a redo/reprint/relam to passable. Though double-sided 3M tape is a bit expensive, it's essential in my opinion. I justify it like this...what's the cost of a few 6" strips of tape versus reprint time/effort, ink costs, transfer tape costs, your wage (or an employees), the time it takes to remove the old screwed-up vinyl, cleaning everything to ensure old adhesive is off (using rapid remover and Windex to then cut the oily citrus left behind), the cost of more paper towel or blue shop towels...don't forget bumping back all other jobs further in your "to do que" ya, it gets very expensive very quickly. Try the 3M double sided tape...it will never fail you. Just don't let it sit stuck to your substrate for very long (like over an hour or so) as it sets to the point of being extremely difficult to remove. Overnight is way way too long...
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    Opening EPS or SVG

    Try scaling the SVG in Coreldraw manually to 133.3% SVG by itself is a web standard and doesn't really have any real world scale reference, it uses pixels per inch as a reference since it's a screen resolution. You can open the SVG in a text editor (notepad.exe) and examine it's structure. There may be some information inside that may be useful for you to figure out the scale that the file will render in, since you know the real expected size, you can begin to figure out a scale value to multiply by. Anyhow, the default resolutions of the authoring programs are different. 96ppi/90ppi/72ppi... Try this scaling method and see if dimensions are similar if not exact. I am not sure if this will work exactly because the source information used a different program than Coreldraw.
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    LED lights on cutter

    I think your idea is awesome! Thank you for sharing it with us
  21. PixelPusher

    LED lights on cutter

    FINALLY got all my lights/remote/batteries/connectors. Haven't attached them yet but I will eventually. Took 35 days to ship from China through eBay. I still haven't got a bunch of other purchases I made through eBay during the Christmas break but I'm glad these at least showed up. Probably won't get a lot of the other purchases either and have filed for refunds on several items...but that's another horror story. DO NOT EVER BUY FROM CHINA DURING THEIR NEW YEARS! I did not factor that in when buying initially...big mistake. Anyhow, the lights are eyeball searing bright! Proper bright white color. The power bar is kind of big and bulky (but very light - if not cheaply made). The remote takes a single CR2025 lithium type battery which I had to order separately from eBay too (got a deal on 5 Maxell's for $4 shipped from another province but that only took 4 days to arrive). I have a roll of super adhesive 3M tape already I will use to secure them to the cutters since I see others are having some difficulty with the stock adhesive tape. I'll just skip the hassle and use the 3M stuff right off the start. There are no instructions on how everything goes together or works together except for the remote. The remote does all kinds of fancy light tricks but I'm just interested in good old On/Off and the brightness settings. The lights themselves do have a kind of weird electronic smell to them initially. It could be that they were improperly cooled since I left them coiled up on the roll when I was testing them. I hope that will dissipate eventually when adhered to my cutters. The lights, by default, started to flash in a rhythmic sequence when I first plugged them in. You need the remote to change the sequence to not flash. I didn't have a battery for the remote initially so I couldn't adjust anything until it was functioning. After I got that worked out, the lights turned off and on in a normal fashion using the remote. No more flashing. It wasn't rocket science to figure out how it all went together but still, it would have been nice to find a cheap photocopy printout on how it all connects and how to trim things to fit without screwing anything up. I may do up a quick instruction thread here for the forum thread when I get a moment for others to refer to. Anyhow, I'm pleased things have arrived and I can now install them. I still think this is a brilliant idea. I'm VERY surprised USCutters doesn't adopt/borrow (steal) this idea...It is a definite value add to a standard cutter.
  22. PixelPusher

    Catch Basket - What fabric to use?

    I used a 60% poly and 40% cotton "shower curtain". It's not a plastic type but rather than a finely woven material. It works great. Can get it in multiple colors and from pretty much anywhere they sell shower curtain stuff - Walmart would most likely even have it. I wanted the blend to be 60%-40% to be the best way to cut the static. Seems to work and it was inexpensive. Oh and if the shipping to Canada from USCutters wasn't so brutal, I'd probably would have bought a kit from them. It would be cheaper to drive over the border, get frisked and man-handled by border agents, stay the night in a hotel and drive back (including food and gas) by the time all was said and done. However it was easier just to build it myself DIY style and save the hassles/harassment at the border.
  23. PixelPusher

    Coreldraw x6 & Roland gx-400

    Personally, I think you'll like Vinylmaster myself...but that being said...here are some important Windows 10 drivers for your GX-400. http://download.rolanddg.jp/en/cutting.html#gx34500 That's Roland's Japan website (where they make the cutters in the first place). Bookmark that site.. According to the Roland UK site and this topic: http://www.rolandforum.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=8944 if you update the drivers to the Windows 10 compatible ones, you should be able to get Cutstudio to work. But that is, if you wanted Cutstudio in the first place since you've gone the Vinylmaster route, you might not want it. Anyhow, good knowledge to note in your records for future. PS, glad that other person with a similar name was not you. I'm sorry I jumped to conclusions. Welcome aboard here and please stick around FYI, ran this through Google Translate since it's in Japanese but you might be in luck for Cutstudio for a small fee (3000 yen converts to $27 USD): https://translate.google.ca/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.rolanddg.co.jp%2Fsupport%2Findex.html&edit-text=&act=url Click on the middle column of table at the bottom of the page, the one with the 3 CD/DVD like images (2 directly below the FAQ). Then, click on the Reissue the software included with the cutting product You'll find a procedure to obtain the software.
  24. PixelPusher

    best tutorial on inkscape ive found!

    So it turns out my library does have access to the entire Lynda.com library! SOOOOO AWESOME! I did end up doing the Inkscape Essential Training by Mike Rankin and it's fantastic! HIGHLY RECOMMEND this title. He's easy to follow and understand. His cadence is perfect. Just a great series to watch. Took 5 hours and worth every second. He covers a LOT of ground in 5 hours. Lynda offers a free 7 day trial if you can't get access through your library. Do it, you won't be sorry. Now that being said, I am very sad that Inkscape doesn't have CMYK printing capabilities...it felt like a kick to the stomach finding this out. Mike has a video on this in the series and talks about it in depth but it's not until the end of the title...grrrrr!
  25. PixelPusher

    Cutting from coraldraw 12

    I've deleted my reply as I was incorrect in my assumptions - my apologies!