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  1. Are you intending to begin utilizing this cutter for your own purposes? Or, are you just looking to sell (storage Unit auction, this was in the room?) What width is that ? (not good pix of the machice). Do you have a laptop available to see if you can get this running?
  2. slice&dice

    Activation Code

    The SignBlazer setup link is right HERE ---->
  3. slice&dice


    Too little information about your problem. Please provide better details, so we can properly evaluate the nature of your issue here.
  4. slice&dice

    * titan 3

    I operate a 'cheapo' SC2 cutter, and the results it produces are equal to a high-cost Graphtec or Mimaki or Roland. This machine is tasked with making sign lettering, and signs come out looking great.
  5. slice&dice

    FlexiSign .FS file needs converting please ;-)

    Oh My, I seem to have referenced the O-P (gossages) who indicates Sanford Fl. USA!!! That was over 14 years ago. Rarely do I need a local sign shop to assist, but keeping good relations open is important in our field (as it should be). Just a few weeks ago, a certain job I was doing required a specific shade of Green. Didn't need much, just a smidgen. Ta-Da! The local FastSigns came through for me, they're run by a good guy.
  6. slice&dice

    FlexiSign .FS file needs converting please ;-)

    Down there in Sanford Florida, you can walk into a local Sign shop and ask for their help. Most retail signage places are implementing Flexi in their workflow.
  7. slice&dice

    Weeding Reflective

    To make it less painful, farm out the work to a printer. Especially since those tow companies need many signs, it's just not worth the aggravation to cut and weed these things. I took on one of those towing signage jobs a few years back, and vowed to never do it again.
  8. slice&dice

    MH871 Can't change speed

    Sorry to hear that your cutter is not 100% up to speed. Keep in mind there were several versions of the MH motherboard produced, make sure you get the correct one. ( US Cutter doesn't stock all of them, just the one marked 2011C ) and it's $100 including shipping.
  9. slice&dice

    MH871 Can't change speed

    " a replacement board " -- which board? The actual keypad itself? The motherboard? Circuitry on the MH is prone to static zapping through the chassis and more often than not, it's the Z-chip (blade up and down) which gets fried. I haven't heard of what you're describing, but it's likely a failure of some other component on the controller board (i.e. - MB) How much $$ are you into this thing? A used MH isn't worth very much, and if you can't live with the snail-pace of cutting, just consider popping for a SC or LP3 model and get on with your 800-speed (top speed) life.
  10. We operate in a world consisting of two types of graphics. Raster and Vector. The first is composed of Pixels, the second is made up of Nodes. (paths) Start with that knowledge, and work from there.
  11. slice&dice

    Plotter problem

    More than likely a static buildup as the vinyl runs through, is your machine/stand grounded? Do you use anti-static (dryer) sheets or spray? On carpet or solid floor? Increase the relative humidity if you can in the room.
  12. slice&dice


    ...and, back to shouting at us. Frustrated? No, just prefer to keep a troubleshooting thread on track. Since none of us can sit there next to you and manipulate the settings on your computer in person, the only way to solve issues is to follow certain tried-and-true methods to instruct what things to attempt, in order to get a cutter to spring to life. If you want to abandon that effort, your choice, and we appreciate the thanks for getting you this far. VCP should have worked, by the way. It's pretty basic driver for USB Com devices like a plotter.
  13. slice&dice


    Mr Bill, let's start fresh, go back and read this thread from the top (Feb. 10th), because we honestly have no idea what you want to achieve now. Your original posting (opening Post = OP) asked a direct question --- "What Free Software to use with a MH871?" The initial replies to that request provided exactly the information you requested. (Haumana and myself). On the 15th, you then added that the (VinylMaster) program was provided by the seller, but it didn't recognize the cutter. OK, so I told you to download and install VCP. Did you do that? (no reply was forthcoming in the meantime, until now, without any particular added information about what you've attempted, and what your setup screen looks like, as we've asked for). It's one thing to be Non Tech-savvy. It's another thing to avoid following along a thread of troubleshooting, without offering specific feedback on what's been suggested. If you want to get that cutter working, we'll try to help, but you have to help us, too.
  14. I did the minimal research to locate a diagram that describes this 'hangnail' is caused by OFFSET value not being properly adjusted. You are experiencing the third anomaly. (too much offset value).
  15. Heather, welcome aboard. You're experiencing an anomaly called a "hangnail" and it's been covered in these Forums numerous times. Register here, do a search, and look at other threads with the solution.