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  1. APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR DECAL 1. Clean window or desired smooth surface to remove dirt, grime... (70% ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL) Do not use Windex or other similar ammonia-based product, as it leaves a trace behind that is not suitable for decal applications 2. Remove and discard decal backing material (white paper) ---- peel away carefully, making sure the decal stays on the clear "transfer tape" 3. With the backing paper completely removed from the decal & transfer tape, gently place the decal with the sticky transfer tape onto the surface of the glass (or other desired smooth substrate) in the position you want the decal to be and rub it down lightly with your hand --- be careful, once it's down, it's down ! 4. Take a credit card and firmly wipe over the surface of the transfer tape to affix the decal onto the glass or substrate. The decal adhesive is activated by strong pressure. 5. Finally, peel away the transfer tape gently, at a 45-degree angle. The decal will adhere to the surface, but make sure that the decal remains stuck onto the glass and doesn't come back up ---- sometimes you have to 'coax' it from letting go of the transfer tape. 6. Your decal installation is complete. If there are bubbles present under the decal that cannot be removed by working them to the edge, a small needle or pin can be used to puncture the bubble and remove the trapped air
  2. These types of internal "Windows" (operating system) issues are generally beyond this forum's scope of capabilities --- we can't troubleshoot too well from behind our keyboards. What you'll need to do is have a local computer tech sit alongside with you right there and play around with the Device Manager and Ports and Coms. Buona fortuna.
  3. slice&dice

    2002 camaro hood decal

    Hi everyone. Looking on google for a 2002 Camaro Hood Scoop SS Manta Ray decal yielded the following best result
  4. slice&dice

    Roland BN20A media use questions

    Yeah, maybe he meant something like THIS ----> (Just kidding around with kainthc.s., this ain't a political statement)
  5. slice&dice

    Roland BN-20A End of Roll Error

    I hate it when that happens. Everything is going along Roses, and then BAM! Ya get a thorn. If I was to just guess, it seems like an optical sensor went kaput.
  6. slice&dice

    Need the name of this....

    A 'spooky' (or 'horror') font indeed, from Absonstype Studio. If you can, make a $15 payment to them for creating the font, it's always a good idea to support font artists (even though you can easily obtain it on other sites for free, giving cash directly to the design studio is well-appreciated).
  7. slice&dice

    Graphtec CE7000

    Hello, Please rephrase your question. Are you attempting to "contour cut" a printed graphic? (image) You're using registration marks? Software?
  8. slice&dice

    MH871 - MK2 driver model for Windows 10 USCutter

    What is missing from the USCUTTER downloads page seems to be the CDM20828 driver installer. (FTDI)
  9. slice&dice

    MH871 - MK2 driver model for Windows 10 USCutter

    INF files are used by the Windows operating system, as well as application installers. They are used during installation of device drivers. Due to their risk of infection by viruses, they should not be opened manually, especially if they come from an unknown source.
  10. slice&dice

    It's Softball Season

    Good stuff. When you're done with that new company sign (the one you had to clean off the old lettering), let's take a look-see. Also, on the above logo, I count 4 colors/layers only, not 7. (Red, Black, Yellow, White) --- what are the other 3 ?
  11. OK, Doug, glad you checked back in with that new info. We always like to see resolution, especially when our comments prove to be useful. Your placing the white vinyl down first as an underlayment is the best proposition, especially since any vinyl that has been on a surface for that long will invariably leave a 'shadow' when taken off (left behind from the outdoors exposure to UV light). I just did a sign for a mechanic's garage and had to flip the acrylic substrate over because of that effect. The back was crisp and clean, while the face had the old lettering outlines still 'etched'
  12. In any case, here's two ideas for working with adhesive residue removal, as well as scraping off vinyl decals. 1. GooGone -- (citrus) (my work caddy wouldn't be complete without it) 2. These things are awesome, perfect for avoiding the scratches that razor blades will cause. (especially for getting letters off vehicle doors).
  13. Yeah, I have a suggestion. Get new signage.
  14. Alex, in general, we advise against trying to 'fix' something that ain't broke to begin with. That includes updating operating systems and/or software which functions just fine as it is. Some of us still are running old laptop computers with WinXP, and a cut/design program (SBE) that is now abandonware, and ported through DB9 legacy cables (RS232 serial connection). Having said that, if you revert to the SignMaster v3, does the cutter respond properly?
  15. That software is produced/distributed by Future Corp. and it might be worthwhile for you to contact them directly.