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  1. haumana indicates: " you probably need to browse to where you actually put the downloaded file at. " however, the Guest Sal mentioned: "The downloaded file shows in downloads file (folder)" What type of graphic is this? -- windows file extension --
  2. slice&dice

    CP-2500 software help

    There's a basic reason that old links to SBE are no longer valid: That software is no longer being supported by anyone. However, for the sake of answering your question directly, you can obtain SignBlazer HERE -----> If you have specific SBE questions, please open a new thread in that category.
  3. A fascinating article that looks into the evolution of Pepsi's visual branding. For those of us who are into this kind of thing, the entire rebranding is a complicated conglomeration of corporate decision-making. The author mentions aesthetics such as "Line Width" & "Sans-Serif ALL CAPS" and quotes Mauro Porcini, chief design officer of PepsiCo, who remarked that the new design is meant to represent “great energy and confidence and boldness” Quick question -- do you like the new look?
  4. slice&dice

    Need help connecting spring on cutter head

    It looks like that spring has sprung. The attachment point is indicated with an arrow. You might need to buy a new spring.
  5. " send the plotter to them " -- that is your best answer, directly from Graphtec support.
  6. slice&dice


    $60 will get you a fresh, new licensed install of VM Cut.
  7. slice&dice

    This please

    The folks who do Graphic Design for logos aren't signmakers. They have no perspective on what is required to make a sign using cut-vinyl lettering. In their world, everything is Printed (or reproduced on websites) so Raster output is usually fine. The worst are those clients who hand me a business card and say "Make my sign look like this" Uh, no.
  8. slice&dice

    This please

    Their (sp.) website has THIS image --->
  9. slice&dice

    This please

    Try contacting the organization directly --
  10. slice&dice

    Piece film together

    The cutting blade is drag-type, and it's likely to get stuck on the seam. If you're still intent on doing this, go ahead and try a test. Also, you do know that vinyl comes in 24" rolls, right?
  11. slice&dice

    adding outside fonts to signblazer...

    Jimbo, you got a solution that was offered 15 years ago, which is a fine testament to the effectiveness of these Forums and its Search functionality. By the way, 'mobby' was one of the most-well-versed people regarding SignBlazer, as he was personally familiar with the developer (Jerry Bonham). All of that is water under the bridge, of course, but it's great to see people are still able to obtain "Help" on a program that's long since been abandoned in the marketplace.
  12. Without knowing much about Roland machines, I can tell you that this error is related to some sensor within the circuitry that's failed. Think of it like a car that displays a CheckEngineLight --- it could be caused by any number of things within the sensor loops. Until you have the vehicle computer scanned to read the code which describes specifically what is wrong, you cannot troubleshoot. Your unit is throwing a 'code' that explains what is wrong. The internal computer has discovered that a pinchroller sensor isn't sending back a clear signal, and if I were in your shoes, that machine would be disassembled and the wiring from the pinchrollers to the motherboard checked for electrical continuity. That would be the first thing to investigate, certainly. By the way, a google search for CJ500 produces a Mahindra jeep, a classic!
  13. You never answered about what Port shows in your Device Manager dialogue box. You may have to reassign it manually using the 'Properties' route. I have no idea if Microsoft engineers have altered the manner to do this in Win11, but for a decade or more, the pathway to change the Port in prior versions of Windows has been --- ControlPanel => Hardware Settings => DeviceManager => PORTS (Com & LPT) => Comunications Port => (right click) Properties => Port Settings (tab) => Advanced (button) => Com Port number (drop down) I kid you not, that's how the software engineers designed the manner to alter that COM. Good luck with it.
  14. slice&dice

    wooden letter sign pricing

    Although you did the letters from scratch, it might be useful to investigate the cost of these size letters from Woodland. That way, you'll know what the price of individual plastic letters are to the average Joe who doesn't have the capabilities to cut them out of wood with a CNC machine. When I quote a job for dimensional lettering, I'll triple the price they charge for just the letters, and then factor in the install process (affixing the template & drilling holes for the mounting studs into the wall). Placing these neatly aligned onto a wall is the main challenge, depending on how high up they're going to be. In most cases, a man-lift or bucket-truck is preferable, although I have seen it done with straight ladders, which is a PIA.
  15. slice&dice

    SC not cutting correct size

    Fygars and Pookahs and falling rocks, oh my! (DigDug reference) IIRC, in SCAL you have to do some math to figure out the right numbers to set the calibration. If you can't sort it out on your own, please contact CraftEdge support directly and see if they can provide a walk-through of the solution.