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  1. HoneyDecals

    JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) Style Vetors

    Yeah. You can sell them in carshows and make quick bucks :-)
  2. HoneyDecals

    Anime Body Car Wrap

    Actually this car is for made for auto show. 3 days event only. We installed this for 3 hours. Yes. I will post when it's done...
  3. HoneyDecals

    Anime Body Car Wrap

    What can you say about this? This is the first layer of our work... Sponsor companies are next.
  4. HoneyDecals

    I'm new here

    Yes. And I love to learn more about cutting (specially car decals) and vector illustration techniques...
  5. HoneyDecals

    I'm new here

    Thank you guys..
  6. HoneyDecals

    Best clip art package

    Most vectors on ebay are auto traced. Or they are compiling free silhouettes online and selling it for a $10-20.
  7. HoneyDecals

    Another Vehicle

    Clean and good..
  8. HoneyDecals

    I'm new here

    Good day. I am new here. I have Roland CX-500 plotter (hope I am accepted here in forums) . I use coreldraw x4 and doing car decals, full wraps and signage... Thanks.