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  1. I have a graphtec CE6000 and everytime i send a job to it today my speed and force settings change to 1. When I manually go in to change them to say speed 15, it stays at 1. I did a factory reset and nothing. EDIT: Using SCALP....paid version
  2. Monkey

    Corrugated blanks

    Awesome thanks. Thats 1 of the things about UScutter i like. Memphis right down the road so shipments are fast. but they even messed the order i ended up placing up some......arg
  3. Monkey

    Corrugated blanks

    Thanks Dakota, yeah i went ahead and just ordered the 24x18 and will find the 24x36 elsewhere. they used to sell both styles but dont anymore. my local supplier went out of business now so back to all online orders.
  4. Monkey

    Corrugated blanks

    Probably a super dumb question but im drawing a blank here. Trying to place order with some corrugated sign blanks 36x24. I want the flutes being 36" long so if I cut in half for 18x24 signs the flutes will be going up and down on 24" wide side. here is what the listing says Flutes run the direction of the second dimension - for example, the flutes run the 24" direction on a 36" x 24". They used to have the image showing the direction of the flutes so never had to think about it and customer service closed
  5. Monkey

    SCALP 4.074 just screwed me

    Talked to USCutter support today since craftedge wont respond and they remoted in and said all my settings were right so no idea why it wold be cutting half size. 11" image cuts exactly 5.5".
  6. in 7 years of using SCALP all ive ever had was outlines.
  7. Got on today to cut some orders and notified of update. I update as usual and now it reversed my feed end, changed speed and pressure to 0 so have to figure that out again....but the real problem is its cuts exactly half size. 11" design cuts at 5.5". Of course cant call craftedge and have to do the dumb email support which can take up to 1-2 days and if nothing by day 3.....send another. Anyone have this happen to them with these un-needed updates? Cause worked just fine before
  8. Monkey

    PolyPro cutting mat

    yeah my green 1 had print both sides but these clear ones dont. its even in the reviews so i knew that before i ordered. seems with 2 totally different services there would be a right side and a wrong side. 1 side is gloss smooth and other is rough matte
  9. Monkey

    PolyPro cutting mat

    would be if there was any only the smallest size comes with print on it.
  10. Monkey

    PolyPro cutting mat

    On these clear Poly Pro Cutting mats which side do you cut on? the smooth or the matte side?
  11. I have a horrible time with rapitac on glass. On metal its great but I have yet to get a successful install on glass with it. Im going to give rapidtac 2 a try
  12. Monkey

    Screen Printing

    Gotcha. I love simple seps lol. I noticed the registration marks is how I knew. I bought his "Everything Corel" bundle a long time ago and havent regretted a penny of it.
  13. Monkey

    Screen Printing

    using simple seps for your separations? What ink are you using getting single pass white like that on black? All my white is print flash print to get a good cover on black.
  14. Monkey

    Gildan Shirts Color swatch for ai

    can that be saves as an ai? tried importing into corel but nogo, not supported
  15. Monkey

    SC. long straight cuts

    memory will be the big issue with long cuts on the SC