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  1. ManFromMobay

    Computer not detecting LaserPoint 3

    I forgot to mention that I also did that after using the card to set the depth, did a few tests before loading it. I've seen so many people saying they messed up their cutting strip, I was beyond paranoid doing my first cut
  2. Hey guys! What businesses/groups would you suggest that I try to reach out to in order to grab bigger orders. Got my Laser Point 3 and I want to put it to work. Most of my marketing currently is being done via social media, Instagram mainly. I've made listings in Facebook Marketplace, I've reached out to a lot of businesses in the past but I've mainly been grabbing clients that only need like 1 decal done or just a few to be installed at their store. I've tried reaching out to local car clubs but without success, seems like they already have their decal guy. Any suggested strategies? Anything helps. I'm still very new to industry (only 6 months deep) and learning ALOT.
  3. ManFromMobay

    Computer not detecting LaserPoint 3

    All I did was everything Mz Skeeter suggested. Installed the Laser Point II driver, even though I have the LPIII it still worked. After restart, went to device manager and found the Port #, went into VM and manually chose that com port and it worked!
  4. ManFromMobay

    Computer not detecting LaserPoint 3

    So... I'm guilty lol I did use the credit card method, only because the manual suggested it. I also used the recommended force and speed from the manual, 300 speed and 70 for force
  5. ManFromMobay

    Computer not detecting LaserPoint 3

    Problem solved! Cutter is working perfect, first cut was successful. Surprised that I got the blade depth and pressure right on the first try.
  6. ManFromMobay

    Computer not detecting LaserPoint 3

    I didn't! I just did though, I've been away from my office for the last 2 days, headed there today to get caught up on some order. I'll let you know the outcome.
  7. Got my cutter yesterday, assembled it today and connected it to my laptop at first via USB, went to Vinyl Spooler in VM to setup the connection. After hitting detect and it goes to step 1 and I turn off the cutter it automatically goes to step 2, after turning it back on VM doesn't detect it. Tried it in different USB ports on the laptop, same issue. Plugged it in my desktop, same issue. Any suggestions? Am I doing something wrong? Tried it with 2 different cables, checking to see if it was maybe that.
  8. ManFromMobay

    New from NV

    Hello all! I've been working with vinyl for roughly 6 months now using a Cameo 3. Purchased a Laser Point 3 last week, can't wait for it to get here. Downloaded Vinyl Master's Demo version just to mess around and become familiar with it. Excited to be more active in the forums, been learning a lot from you guys here!
  9. ManFromMobay

    what would you do? layered help

  10. ManFromMobay

    Who is your GOTO for Shirts

    My go to is Jiffy Shirts, next up is Bulk Apparel
  11. ManFromMobay

    Would this be possible?

    You can! I did an order once where the transfer mask peeled small specks of black out of my design, I just cut htv for the black lettering and pressed it on there,