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    sorry but really!! you are asking someone to waste their time making a decal that my 11 year old daughter can make in like 5 min. do yourself a favor sell all you equipment and get a real job. it is people like you that are killing this business. "i bought a cutter and now i am a design shop". you can't even make an oval with the oval tool oh wait that is the circle tool then you stre... never mind you will be out of business soon. i have to admit i started out knowing nothing and now i own a shop with a 54" printer and a graptec fc 7000 cutter and on entire screen printing setup. in about 4 years. but i never asked how to make an oval.
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    Here are a couple of new projects I have been working on for Christmas, they are all ornamental bauble designs. I have made some cards with them and cut some from vinyl for decorating mugs. There are two files with 3 designs each, 3 floral and one with bells, holy and fir cone. I have put them on my new site www.craftyvectors.com
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    will the cutter do a test cut from the machine? Does the com port number match in Signblazer and your devise manager? Work your way thru here.. If that don't help, contact tech support. http://start.uscutter.com/
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    Hmmm , you think Markk077 lives in a van down by the river ? I do see some simularities in the positive " motivation " offered though
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    This instantly reminded me of the famous character popularized by Chris Farley (Matt Foley) -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XaoM0FyLmGY
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    Well got it hooked up on the serial port and working..YAY lol.
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    Im the same, I try to help when I can, and learn when Im taught. I just look at people like him as not having the social etiquette to know how to interact with other people the proper way.
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    I am like you Rodger I always try to help where I can and try not to be disrespectful to anyone .
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    Rodger I think the difference of ignorance in Mark077 case would be arrogance by his reply. Dan
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    I go by the KISS philosophy if you can't easily read it in a couple seconds it is not working !! Simple fonts simple graphics and colors that do not blend into each other or the car/truck it is on you have a short time to read lettering on a passing car . Dan
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    well here is your blade. Remember the part number, and search it BQ-11P http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005Q6H38A/ref=asc_df_B005Q6H38A2278259?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&tag=dealt5193-20&linkCode=asn&creative=395093&creativeASIN=B005Q6H38A Looks like here is your cutter from one of the stores I posted http://www.lionop.com/nt-cutters-and-blades/self-retracting-mini-safety-knife-mini-utility-knife-q100p.asp
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    I have a Dell Inspiron 7010 thats a pretty good machine overall. Today my sound isnt working.. hmmmm odd I think. I come to find out that there is what is called a sense switch pin inside the headphone jack that is suppose to tell if the headphones are plugged in or not. Well, if I plug and unplug my headphones 10-20 times with a jiggle I might get the internal speakers to work. Then, I come to find out the GD audio jack is part of the motherboard. So if I want to fix this thing, I would have to drop $135 for a new MB. REALLY? There are seperate compononents (speakers, usb ports, power jack, etc) that are so easily swapped out for $5-10 bucks. Why did Dell decide that the audio needs to be soldered to the GD MB... grrrrrrrr... I think the stoner spokesman guy that used to say "Dude your getting a Dell" shouldve said "Dude Dell is going to screw you hard." /rant
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    Haha, yeah cars are fun! Some of our other toys: http://razzi.me/a/14514 We have a charged 350z doin about 515 to the wheels, now thats a fun street car haha
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    John, no offense intended, but you remind me of the Lord of the Rings Wizard. Do you have magical powers?
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    [/img] This is me & my wife. We own www.luznatural.net in NY cheers!
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    Grace , I know what you mean , but don't feel alone . Me & everybody I know has as much or more than they can stand .. or more . Just when you thnk you are at wits end , some more gets added . You are right about John & I agree completely with you about how nice a person John is . I felt great when he called me friend in a pm . Rodger