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  1. piscespokerbrat

    New Computer capabilities

    Make sure you get something with a SPELL CHECK, I would hate to see how angry your customers would be with that many errors!
  2. piscespokerbrat

    Laser Point II Set up Help

    Fine by me. The majority of the people are 2 faced stab you in the back types anyways!
  3. piscespokerbrat

    Laser Point II Set up Help

    Wah wah wah what a bunch of babies!
  4. piscespokerbrat

    Laser Point II Set up Help

    Your problems are exactly why everybody out there with $500 to spare shouldn't be buying a cutter. My .02.
  5. piscespokerbrat

    Newbie Looking to start a home business

    Have you thought about stuffing envelopes?
  6. piscespokerbrat

    Jumping in

    My advice, stay far far far away. Run while you can!
  7. piscespokerbrat

    heat press

    Love the newbies reviving dead threads..
  8. piscespokerbrat


    Nice, make me one!!
  9. piscespokerbrat

    Would anyone have this Graphic ?

    Wow chuckie c.. you into necrophilia?? This thread is 3 years old!!!!
  10. piscespokerbrat

    Angus Bull

  11. piscespokerbrat

    Logo needed

  12. piscespokerbrat

    Etched Flask for a Vet

    I dont suppose you would want to share how you built that? I can go off the visual, but if you had extra pics or info of the build process, that would be cool When blasting with baking soda, what would you say the grit rating is?
  13. piscespokerbrat

    Post & Panel --- Replacement for sign damaged by Sandy

    hahahahahaha - sorry!
  14. piscespokerbrat

    Etched sign

    That is cool! The only nit pick I have is the extra spaces between the area code and the rest of the number in pic 1.
  15. piscespokerbrat

    Post & Panel --- Replacement for sign damaged by Sandy

    Dumb question I suppose, but why is there a 4x4 post on one side, and a 2x4 on the other?