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  1. If you still need this you can email me at info@gbdstore.net. it's the fastest way to get me
  2. If you still need this you can email me at info@gbdstore.net. it's the fastest way to get me
  3. jfought

    Need 75 T-shirts printed by 4/19/16

    Wish it was just this easy. There is about3-500 in equipment right here. Then you will have to make at least 2 or 3 screens so your design looks right on the shirts. I know you would settle for nothing less by your attitude about how easy this should be and how retarded all the screen printers are (that do this for a living). So maybe you should contact the company in the video and order the equipment and show us how easy it is. I have been printing for years and it not as easy as you think to screen print let alone this type of printing. Trust me there is a reason that most shops do not do this even the big boys
  4. jfought

    Need 75 T-shirts printed by 4/19/16

    <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="LLaurence" data-cid="416185" data-time="1459840307"><p> So 100% of the people who emailed me said that this is a difficult design (over the sholder)... I'm sorry but I found this video from ryonet about all over screen printing and how to kind of get around things tht ould make this hard for traditional screen printing stations and equipment.... <a href=' '> </a> .... Any one think they can do it? </p></blockquote>
  5. if scott cannot get this for you please hit me up
  6. jfought

    25 Hoddies

    them look awesome! really sorry for the delay in shipping
  7. jfought

    Can you price this for me please

    these will be shipped monday!! thanks for letting me help you out on this
  8. email me at info@gbdstore.net
  9. jfought

    Vinyl printing

    it could work man but like scott said melted pile of plastic
  10. jfought

    new truck sign - for the one I am selling

    if you are selling it why did you block out the number?
  11. eazy all we would have to do is crop dust the whole place with bacon grease and then by Koran law they would have to all kill themselves . save us all that money and we all get to eat bacon. it's a win win for everyone
  12. jfought

    Blank Aluminum Plates

    I make my own out of maxmetal
  13. jfought

    Wedding guest signature board

    whats all the lines in the material? design looks good!
  14. jfought

    Fixing other sign shops mess

    did it look like this on the proof? as for mounting you can only do so much. but the peeling that's just crappy work altogether
  15. jfought

    Printing needs

    if you notice his avatar that's what he does to get to his printer when gets your order!!
  16. jfought

    Need some t-shirts made...

    let me know what you need I can do them in house and drop ship them for you. you can email me at info@gbdstore.net
  17. jfought

    Wet Install....

    I cup of 90% isopropyl alcohol then fill the spray bottle to the top with water.
  18. use illustrator with the cutting master 2 plug in
  19. shoot me the details at info@gbdstore.net
  20. jfought

    todays quick install

    great job1
  21. jfought

    In need of a Store front window wrap

    I can do it i do them all the time!
  22. Call the local shop get a price quote from them and then you know what your market will bear. this is the biggest problem with people that buy cutters and use them from home. under selling them selves!! like I said before if I can get it so can you why would you want to leave all that money on the table.
  23. jfought

    Banner Pricing...

    we get $5 per sqft printed. let me know if you need them printed opens a whole new market for ya!!