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  1. slice&dice

    2 licenses but not working

    Shalom, Gili. This is an issue best solved directly with FutureCorp. with a support ticket to them.
  2. slice&dice

    titan 2 notrecognized

    Well, that was rocket surgery!
  3. Are you talking about ARC text or ARCH? Not the same thing. You can utlize SignBlazer (free) to create your Arc text. (Text that flows around a circle radius) Since the Demo version of VM will not permit cutting anyway, and you want to produce work this weekend, perhaps just output through SignBlazer and be done with it. Next week you can figure out what's happening with that text manipulation feature in VM.
  4. slice&dice

    Source for vehicle window dimensions?

    lizanne, the moderator you are replying to perhaps used the wrong term 'spamming' because he encounters people coming in here almost daily with the intention of posting nonsense and resurrecting old threads without any real need to do so. So, your question was answered? Maybe just say "thank you" and move on.... "definitely" you dont need to do that, but it would have been the proper course of action, IMHO.
  5. slice&dice

    Source for vehicle window dimensions?

    This thread is nearly a decade old. What are you seeking Lizann? Explain your needs, specifically. Perhaps someone can assist, and I can guarantee it ain't gonna be Dr12Volt -- his last visit here was in 2016.
  6. slice&dice

    Window Measurements

    Easy to obtain that information using "Templates" of most major manufacturers of cars & trucks on the road today -- You are in luck, because USCUTTER (the sponsor of these Forums) happens to offer them.
  7. slice&dice

    Finally taking the plunge

    You're welcome, hotrodz. The best thing about printing is the elimination of weeding and not needing layering multi-color jobs.
  8. Vinyl775, welcome. May I make a small suggestion? Try using a different program, just to get a feel of your cutter operating correctly, and then move beyond the basics into other options. Here is the most simple application to connect and run the MH unit -- (Choose RedSail RS720C in Cutter setup) When you have it installed and open, go to the DRAW menu, choose Library, and pick any graphic from there. Let's start with that.
  9. slice&dice

    Cutting Issues

    Grammy, here is the place to obtain the 34" cutting strip Select drop-down menu to choose the required part -- it just costs $17 -- however, keep in mind that shipping is a flat rate $12, so you are highly encouraged to add more items to your order, up to 70 pounds total, to defray that shipping cost over several products, such as vinyl, app tape, banners, coroplast blanks, tools & supplies, etc. Let us know how things go, and post any advice or information so that others may follow your solution and it may help them in the future.
  10. slice&dice

    Cutting Issues

    WHOA!!! Grammy, you do need some help! You can do a quick search for 'adjusting the blade' and more than a few posts by MzSkeeter will pop up. The pressure on those guide wheels should not be messed-with (in general), but if you are having tracking issues, the best bet is to back the knurled brass knobs all the way out so they are all matched to the top of the screws, and then give 'em all two turns down, see if that corrects your problem with the vinyl going through. (Keep in mind that your vinyl will show the pressure marks as it feeds, but when you apply the material, those 'track marks' will vanish). One more point here --- since you've had problems with the blade going through the backing, check to make sure the silicon (white) cutting strip is not gouged or torn from the needle passing over it with that much pressure. If there is serious damage to that strip, you may need to replace it.
  11. slice&dice

    Finally taking the plunge

    Hi Hotrodz, my advice is to make an organized consolidation of your workflow & utilize jobsheets (I put them into plastic sleeves as soon as a 50% deposit is paid, and that is my way of knowing the work has transformed from "quote/proposal" to a full-fledged in-progress production job). Also, a whiteboard will assist in keeping track of the stages you are at on each project. Create a 'spreadsheet' on it, with each step listed so you can view where you're at with just a glance. Here is a jobsheet I've been using for years, you can tweak it for your own needs. Job Worksheet.doc
  12. slice&dice

    How to Connect MH 871 via USB

    Danny, please start your own thread. When you do, indicate what software you are using (VinylMaster is preferred, and SignBlazer will also suffice --- RedSail driver --- but you are saying Corel with plugins, which is not really an ideal method for MH series units with their serial emulation chipset). Also, you indicate that the cutter completes a full cut, then fails, can you be more detailed in what you were doing when that occurs? When you say "6 different drivers" can you explain what this means? Finally, there is no such thing as 'printouts' when describing plotter activity.
  13. slice&dice


    Run the ground wire from a screw on the bottom of your cutter to the center screw holding on the wall plate of your electric plug outlet.
  14. If the completed ready-to-cut file can be exported as .eps, perhaps using the $50 VinylMaster program would allow that .eps to be IMPORTED and then sent through to the SC2, which is a simple matter for VM to accomplish. (Theoretically, the cracked/abandonware version of SignBlazer could also do this, but it's well-known that SBE has limitations on the importation of various current-version .eps files, due to that legacy program not being updated for many years).
  15. Does your CORE software allow exporting .eps files?