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    I used Lexan (plexiglass) from Home depot. Works well and if you drill holes in the top 2 corners it can be easily hung too. With lexan you can change up the background if you were to hang it and have something different each time.
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    Harley not only owns the logo but also aggressively goes after those using the shield as it is a recognized as being part of their logo
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    I have, I use a Graphtech fc7000, 8000, and 8600 at work. I'm pretty familiar with adjusting settings for the blade depth and pressure, and adjusting speed as needed. I'm sure the LP3 will probably be a little more finicky and temperamental than these much more expensive machines, but that won't be a problem for me and I'm willing to put in the time to get it dialed in. I just want some decent tracking length, and having the contour cut option down the road will be a big benefit, and this machine offers both at a very reasonable price.
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    Depends on what you're using the stencil for and what if any complains you have using greenstar as a stencil. I use scrap viny, for stencils for media blasting and powder coating. It works well in both cases and never had a need to step up to true stencil material. I would step up from green start to oracal, just the easy in weeding is worth the extra little cost.
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    A white aluminum sign blank would work well. Sue2
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    Slice&Dice, you're right, "smooth" probably wasn't the right word to use. It has the long lines from the ribs, but the surface has no other texture so the vinyl adheres really well. From 5 feet away it you don't really notice the corrugations unless you're looking for it.
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    Uh, coroplast is not smooth. It has ridges/bumps. I would use standard polystyrene sheet or foam board faced with polystyrene.
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    Well I found a spot for all my stuff. I can store my extra blades, squeegee, Exacto knife, pick, and tape measure in the bin I screwed to the cross member and upright. Then I drilled some holes in the cross member to hold up to four carriage holders, a pen holder, and a scissors. I also mounted a tape dispenser on the other side just in case.